Request for Comments: HiveWiki

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Hivers, I would appreciate your feedback on HiveWiki, an on-chain Wiki built on #Hive. It’s an idea that’s been kicking around my head for weeks. See details in the thread below. I’m impressed with thoughtfulness of fellow Hivers, and hoping you can improve upon the idea.

Shout out to @EricWilson and @Moeknows who provided initial thoughts. For more inspiration I found this great video of Ward Cunningham, inventor of WikiWikiWeb In the video he describes how wiki pushes the edges of knowledge.

HiveWiki is a specialized Hive interface. It shows an archive of informational articles with interconnected links. It is different from blog-centric interfaces like All of the content lives in the Hive blockchain, in posts visible on other interfaces, too.

Hive users can contribute to the wiki using their editor of choice. Using the tags #hivewiki and #wikiedit makes the post eligible to appear on the wiki site. Eventually the HiveWiki site will have its own built-in editor for convenience.

Linking articles works using some magic. Links to other pages would be wrapped like [[link]]. On other front ends it will appear as extra punctuation. On HiveWiki it will replaced with a link to another article, or an invitation to create a missing article. Links are essential.

To enable multiple users to edit the same article, it is a system where the newest version wins. An editor re-posts the entire article with edits, and annotates the post to indicate what they changed, wrapping the section in {{ }} double brackets. Brand new articles are exempt.

Initially edit annotations would be loosely enforced and later on enforcement checks the diffs between revisions. Single word edits are possible but ideally less incentivized compared to meaningful edits. HiveWiki built-in editor annotates automatically & lists prior contributors.

Wiki contributors are incentivized in various ways.

  • Profile badges for being a contributor. - Wiki edit posts upvoted by the community (hopefully for high quality contributions).
  • SMT or Hive-Engine token distribution
  • Name mentioned in the footer of articles contributed to

Plagiarism and abuse are problems for this system. Editing existing pages is encouraged while copying from other sources without attribution is discouraged. Wiki submissions will be excluded for not meeting certain criteria.

HiveWiki exclusion criteria includes:

  • global blacklist API for spam networks
  • post is missing the tags mentioned above
  • post fails to correctly annotate the section of the document changed
  • other forms of abuse I haven’t thought of

Do you think a system like this would work? What would you do differently?

P.s. This was also shared Twitter in the form of a thread. Here it is:


Great idea and I love that you want yo build on Hive 😀

Request for Comments: HiveWiki

Comments? Comments are rare, precious commodity. Especially the real human comments. Both on the Steem blockchain and on the Hive blockchain. People rarely really read and comment the posts on these blockchains. People rarely care. Even about giveaways.

Do you think a system like this would work? What would you do differently?

The idea itself is good. Just like the Steem and Hive blockchains themselves. For example there could be a Wiki page about Hive dApps and tools. This is just/only one idea. There could be many Wiki interesting Wiki pages about the Hive blockchain, but the success of the Hive Wiki is depending on the users.

Thanks for your feedback! Note there is a wiki being worked on here:

Hey! I think you have some good ideas here. I would like to see a prototype of it.

Thanks for your feedback!

wiki doesnt have voting, if some kind of voting mechanism was built into it, like for example if i want to make an edit it gets placed into an eco system and users vote on the edit or down vote the edit, imo edit wars will not last long on the chain if the governance is built in, the last thing i will say is this is needed because of the edit wars on wiki, the infiltration of the CIA and FBI on wiki and the fact one guy is the editor of a large block of wiki articles, wiki is not accepted as good source anymore for journalist for this reason, I would trust HiveWiki :)

Appreciate the feedback. Thank you, @wedacoalition.

Before there will be an interface, one would have issues following the topics, I think. But the idea is worth pursuing!

Thanks ... I hadn’t thought about following topics. Great feedback!

I looked at It's basically a delegated steemwiki. Or am I wrong? There are references to STEEM and its currency everywhere. Articles describe steemite applications and ecosystem. Since there are also my articles, I will have to take a vacation and all the articles "correct" :-)

Beewiki started as a copy of the wiki. Some Hivers have started updating it. @patrickulrich has been involved there.

It's very much currently a work in progress converting from Steemwiki. That being said we hope to get the community to help make it a great resource for anyone new to Hive.

I thought so. Gradually I will review my articles and what I will refer to it Hive :-)

One more question. Is the original registration on steemwiki valid or do I need to register again?

I'm leaning towards it will take a new account. @someguy123 could confirm that part. is a copy of as of maybe a week ago, so any accounts and articles created at least a week ago or older, will already exist on

Since it was copied over, to avoid people having to re-register, and manually copy entire articles which just need rebranded for Hive, there's still a lot of references to "STEEM", "SBD" and "Steemit" etc. that need corrected.

If you didn't already have an old account then you'd need to re-register at

If I translated it correctly, a new registration will be needed. This means writing all articles again.

If you have a account you can use the same account to edit.

No need to completely write new articles, we can edit it and update it.

Thanks for your feedback. It's useful information.

Perhaps someone competent to write an article about the conditions of connection to HiveWiki :-)