Hive will go the way of Steemit if no Community Manager

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You can build the most amazing product ever but there is no guarantee that anyone will ever use it. What have we learnt from Web3 so far?

The fight for the attention economy is the most important factor for success.
Building is half the story, you need to capture people first.

Hive has consistently not done this because there is not a focused effort by competent community managers who use and understand Social Media. That's why I'm honestly not that bullish on Hive.

Twitter is being bought by Elon and most of Web3 people are on Twitter first and foremost. An Elon Twitter is seen as a Free Speech platform by CT. Theres millions and millions on Crypto and NFT twitter. They aren't here and they most likely never will be because theres no community manager leading the charge. Hive right now is a bunch of left and right leaning libertarians jerking eachother off while almost no growth happens and we fade into irrelevancy. The only thing keeping it alive is the rewards and splinterlands.

Most people here don't get it or don't want to get it, hive will become a slow rugpull just like Steem if this keeps up.

Never once seen anyone in web3 talk about Hive besides me. I share hive and splinterlands stuff when it makes sense.

These are my thoughts on what's wrong and how it needs to be improved with competent social media managers and dedicated onboarders who go on podcasts and Twitter Live Spaces to talk about Hive. Being on twitter is the most important overall for Hive growth and getting friendly crypto users here, like it or not that's the facts.


This is web3.
If we want some features we have to manifest them ourselves.
If we don't like how the current controlling stake is controlling we can only buy more stake to have more say.
Running people off benefits the ones doing it, or they wouldn't be allowed to do it, imo.

Hive, the cryptocurrency, could rule them all.
It's too early to write it off, but the kneecappening by stinc certainly didn't help anything.
Nor do the lingering traces of those complicit along with stinc.

We've climbed back into the top 200, so we have that going for us.

Mcap wise sure, but nobody knows what Hive is. If Splinterlands didn't exist this chain would likely be almost dead by now.

I got back into playing Splinterlands again just for the fun, not for the money as it barely makes more than maybe 10 cents a day lol.

Yes, the management certainly looks conflicted on what they want to happen here.
If it were inevitable, as it may have been in 2016, we could just wait for it to happen, but being better tech didn't help betamax much.

We have to stop voting rewards to dumpers, imo.
The price would still be 8usd if they hadn't drove it.
The question is how much is still held by those that drove the price down to what it is.
Once we can see the top of that hill, maybe we can look at actually living up to the promises.
Our venture crapitalusts are still drinking our blood, as it were.

Very true. Which is why I was against 50 50 rewards. Whales dont get diluted now until they sell. Under 75 25 they got diluted everyday

There hasn't been too many forks that didn't disadvantage the havenots.
All laws favor the rich, or they change them.

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It's a long game, the winning play keeps going unless the witnesses fall off.
50/50, if you ask me.

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Why don't you become that social media manager?

I already have a full time job, commute 3 hours each day Mon - Fri, have 2 kids, working on my house, pets, etc.

Also, I never said I had the skillset to be that social media manager.

I am pointing out something that is needed for Hive to grow, I would be ok at helping to select someone who could fulfill that role though, as I am very involved in web3 and know many people with 10s of thousands of followers who are great community managers

Why don't you present a proposal for the community to vote on?

It wont go anywhere. Most people dont like me here.

I agree with your assessment, with the caveat that you neglect other factors that strongly deprecate Hive, and I particularly refer to the constant profiteering of certain whales through circle jerks, and the brutal censorship through flagging of users targeted by those profiteers. Curation rewards cause the content of free speech to be all but irrelevant to profiteers because it enables financialization of rewards, and oppressing and suppressing financially those that run afoul of profiteers.

"They aren't here and they most likely never will be because theres no community manager leading the charge."

While the misapplication of financial incentives remains fundamental to Hive, the lack of community management is almost irrelevant IMHO. There have been multiple parties on multiple occasions that have undertaken promotions on Twatter and elsewhere, and these promotions have been initially productive. What has always happened is that the n00bs onboarded were first basted in upvotes from dolphins, orcas, and whales. After a week or two, those upvotes went to new n00bs onboarded, and a significant percentage of the now neglected were found deplorable by the masters of the rewards pool, and flagged to capitulation.

Flags are necessary for spam protection. They are absolutely fatal to a censorship resistant community when flown on accounts for philosophical differences.


I agree there.

I almost sont want to tell ppl to come here if they are even slightly right of far leftist

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It's about time I agree with you on something, it was bound to happen <3


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