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RE: So, what does it do?

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"What can hive actually do"

Since I am a content consumer more than a content creator, what hive actually does for me, is allows me to have ownership over my TIME & ATTENTION, aswell as my engagement with my peers on this platform and allows me to receive the value from that without ever having had to ask permission from anybody.

What hive actually does for me and others, is provides an alternative to centralized platforms where only the service provider and the social media "influencer" are rewarded for the value that communities bring to them, while the community is stripped of all that they contribute, which is 100% of the value.

What hive actually does, is allows someone to delegate their HP to a person who has not invested one penny into this ecosystem, and that person is then allowed to immediately start "mining" hive via content creation, curation, or engagement in comments.


I really like this reply. Very thorough!

I’d love to know what you actually do on Hive too.
Do you tip, blog, create, play?

Checkout my most recent post, it wasnt "tipping", but I used HBD to pay a splinterlands youtuber to spend 2 hours with me talking to me about game strategy, and purchasing practices. I blog off and on, and I am helping to create @skatehive's secret project.. and I do play splinterlands and exode, but not all of the games we have on here haha they all take a while to learn.

That’s some awesome use of Hive!

I’ll check out your stuff, and follow your blog!

thanks man! Also, I am starting to use hive as a savings account, because of the 10% interest.. but im learning that SPS was a way better option a few weeks ago haha! .30 cents to .80 cents lol!
same as hive though! Moon Soon!!