Gone but not forgotten

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Gone but not forgotten, sounds like a nice book or good title for a song. But that's what it is. I just saw that my last post was already 8 months ago, so very long. A lot will undoubtedly have happened on Hive, I have to say quite frankly that all of that has long passed me by. Without going into too much detail, I've had a busy, difficult period behind me. But I deliberately say behind me, because we are now trying to close that or at least give it a place.

Hive says I joined in January 2018, so that's been over 5 years. Not entirely fair because I have also hardly been on the platform quite a few times. But apart from that, it's the only platform where I've really spent a lot of time, having a lot, a lot of fun.

Also getting to know a number of digital friends with the same interests or with interests that fascinate me enormously. @steevc for example, music lover and (like me) musician. That immediately creates a bond that I think we have expanded considerably digitally. @meesterboom always enjoyed looking at his beer reviews. (I don't know if he still does, by the way?). And of course @bozz, also with @bozz I share many of the same interests, sports, music, norms and values :) Always fun, virtual, conversations. And don't forget @brittandjosie, a Dutch hiver who has also been here for years. I also saw that she is still active, so that's great to see. And then of course @slobberchops, with always beautiful urban photos of places that make me wonder "how does he discover them"....

Well, and then I'm back, as I said, not the first time I've been absent for a while. But I will try to get Hive back into my system :) Always a pleasure to write and read. I will start with the latter, read what has changed, old acquaintances and just to see which new contributors are around. So that wil take some time I suppose :)

And, have I experienced things myself? Sure, I think I have some nice posts to share with you, but first things first...

Start to catch up with you all !!

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Peterrrrrrr je bent er weer!
Welcome back !
We have been here and yes I also have 5 years here. Fijn dat je alles achter je hebt gelaten en ook weer hive hebt geopend tot blogs

We gaan er weer voor :) Maar tof te zien dat je er 'ook' nog steeds bent :)

I'm always happy to see people come back to Hive. I totally get that they may have other things going on.

Keep on rocking!


And rocking we wil do !!!!

As I said before glad to see you back! I'm sorry if it has been a tough season in your life that kept you away from Hive. I think we all go through those from time to time in our different ways. I saw that Nita Strauss is headlining a venue near me soon and I thought of you the other day. Just got tickets for a buddy and I to see Buddy Guy this fall. I'm really looking forward to that! How is everything going on the IT side of things?

Thanks @bozz , sometimes things don't go as planned or hoped, but things are getting better...I'll bet ;) Nita Strauss is touring with het solo-project if I'm right. She also started again a tour with the almighty Alice Cooper. I totally understand that you are really looking forward to the Buddy Guy gig. That man breath the blues.... Actually, I'm a bit jealous :) With the IT side, still very busy with work. A lot of great projects. I closed the project with the domotics in healthcare with succes. I contract at this organisation is extended at least till end this year. I'm now implementing a Mobile Device Management environment, so things are still rolling :)

Good luck with all of that! MDMs can be a problem and Apple never makes things easy. I've used Meraki and Mosyle in the past. I know some people use JAMF. Yeah, this is her solo tour. I had heard she is touring with Alice again.

Hey dude! Nice to see you back. We all take some time away now and then. Hope all is well 🙂

I need to do a beer review, it's been a while!

Hi @meesterboom , all is well (again), so great to be back. And please, do a review ;) Can't wait to have a good laugh and good beer !!!

Ej goed dat je weer terug bent. Hopelijk alles weer de goede route in!

Heeey, leuk je weer te 'spreken', het is ff geleden idd.... Gaat weer de goede kant op, dus we gaan ervoor dat zo te houden... Hoe is het met jou? Ik hoop alles goed ?


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