The Comet Crew Mission! ☄️

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Hi everyone!

Now it's time to talk about the deeper reasons behind why I have decided to take a stand on the Hive Blockchain. It's time to talk about the why and what of @Comet.Ranker and #CometWeek...

And by now you might also be wondering what would ever prompt someone to lay all his cards on the table and go all in on the Hive Blockchain like this?

Seriously right?!

Why would someone in their right mind decide to powerUP 20,000 Hive just to UPvote comments on Hive? And why would they just UP and give away 2,000 Hive to people who comment and comment rank anyways?

Is it really that important?

Those are all good questions I think! 😊

And I think by now you know that I am someone who thinks that Social Capital trumps Financial Capital. Both are important... buuuuut I don't think one can really compound and scale without the sincere, authentic, genuine support of the other!

I think I have done a pretty good job of explaining these values to you all...

I think I have also done a pretty good job of explaining why comments matter, why @Comet.Ranker matters, what @Comet.Ranker does, and what and how to participate in the #CometWeek Mission Objectives...

But why...?

Isn't Hive doing fine just the way it is?

Why bother to put all this effort in anyways?

I mean...

Comments are hard work right?

Connecting here on Hive takes actual real world time and brain juice!!!

It sure does doesn't it?!

So that's WHY there's got to be a deeper reason for WHY all of this matters...

And so I am going to do my best to tell you what this WHY is for me with the hopes that it will also ignite this same sense of mission within you all!

So here it goes!

@Comet.Ranker and #CometWeek are supposed to be about having fun and winning in the comments section of our content.

Very true!

And I sincerely believe that when we are winning like this in the comments we are demonstrating something that is sorely lacking on the Social2.0 platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Fitbit, YouTube, etc.

We are showing the people on those social platforms a new and better way to human... and how blockchain technology can completely change the way we connect with each other!

One of the reasons I permanently bokeUP with Facebook, for example, is because it seemed like everyone was talking... but no one was listening! It's not like that here on Hive is it! @wil.metcalfe

A Story: How We Used To Do It.

Back when I was a kid I used to live on a country road tucked away in-between the mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

At that time we paid for a phoneline but it was called a party phoneline. What that meant was everybody and I mean EVERYBODY along that road was on ONE phone line! 😅

You could pickUP the phone at any given moment and if you heard the dial tone, GREAT! You could make a phone call.

But if you heard someone talking in the receiver you quickly (if you were the good sort of neighbor!) and quietly hungUP the phone because someone else was using the line! (Yes! 1 Line for EVERYBODY!)

I remember having to wait until whoever it was was done speaking and had hungUP the phone but the problem was that you would never really know when that was either! (There was no way to know! 😳) The worst was when you went to make your call and someone else had gotten their before you to make their phone call!

You were now back at square one... again!!! 😖

There was sooooooooooo much drama around all of this but I'm sure it is something everyone mostly laughs about now! 😆


We all paid good hard earned money for this service as backwards as it sounds! 🙃

This, after all, was the only way to talk to anyone other than a face to face conversation!

And there wasn't any cell phones or internet at that time either... This was the 80's!

So now!!!

Holy! Have we ever come a looooonnng ways right!? 😱

But I thought I would mention this for context!

Back then who would have ever dreamed that we would be getting paid Internet Money to communicate value to each other!

I mean... What's the internet right!?

People back then would have laughed out loud and said that this was some sort of impossibly silly pipe dream! 😌

Get paid to communicate, engage, connect, share, and just enjoy talking to each other!?

Are you C.R.A.Z.Y!

What sort of upside down world are you talking about... right?! 🙃

Well Hell! Here we are...

Doing just that!

And YES! There are still people who think that we are the ones who have lost our minds! hahahaha! 🤣

The Mission

You see...

It takes vision and a sense of mission to change the world.

It takes vision and a sense of mission to evolve how we human.

This is the sort of vision and mission the Hive Blockchain was founded UPon!

...and so THIS is an opportunity to actually change fundamentally how we human!

And we are all actually alive (right here right now!) and on the ground floor of this innovation's development!

No small feat to be sure!!!


So let's not squander this opportunity to do GREAT THINGS!

This all boils down to our common mission.

Why we all found our way onto the Hive Blockchain!

And that was an opportunity but it was the sort of opportunity that wouldn't work if we were isolated, alone and by ourselves right?

What would make this opportunity work or not work was all about how we chose to come together around the things that mattered.

So what matters here on Hive?

Why do we all continue to spend perfectly good Bitcoin to buy Hive?

Why do we all continue to spend perfectly good time to create content and comment on this blockchain?

It's because we all believe that all roads lead to Hive that's why!

So we have got to keep on finding way's to UP our game.

AND we have got to keep finding way's to be better than all the other social2.0's out there!



Why did we decide to change how we thought about what was possible when we found this blockchain?

Do you remember?

I do...

For me anyways... it was because Hive was a place that brought people TOGETHER around what was best about people... and it was (and still is) about better ways to human!

That's why!

"TOGETHER" is the operative word here... because if we all begin with the end in mind... NOTHING is impossible!

But alone in the vastness of blockchain space... it's a pretty dark, unfriendly, and foreboding place!

Winning with Hive is still about Metcalfe's Law! (Yeah! I'm a fan... Don't know why! hahaha! 😉 😆) Metcalfe's Law determines how successful we all are going to be here on the Hive Blockchain.

And I for one... am never going to turn a blind eye when I see something that's not going to move and scale us forward! (I want to continue to compound trust on and off the Hive Blockchain.)

What is this contentious purple elephant in the room that I am eluding to?!

It's the unfriendliness of people who have forgotten why they first came to this blockchain!

And so...

The mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make Hive a warmer, friendlier, more welcoming place to both be and bring our friends, family, and famous to!

Our goal is to make and keep Hive an actual destination that's as exciting, fun, and open as it was when we all first discovered it!

The way to fight unfriendliness is with friendliness.

We want everyone to be able to progress, evolve and GROW here on Hive.

We want people to be having FUN here on Hive!

We want the people we invite to Hive to feel like they have come HOME!

We want everyone to feel like they can actually WIN here on Hive!

Because that's the sort of messaging that sends it's self!

This is called pull marketing and it is all about keeping things warm, open, and welcoming by being honest, true, genuine, authentic, sincere AND FRIENDLY!

Push marketing on the other hand...

Well let's just say it isn't nearly as effective. In fact it's unsustainable and wrought with difficulties, hardship, and trouble.

It doesn't feel like winning at all... and in time leads to all sorts of unfriendly, unwelcoming, and dysfunctional reactive outcomes that will only marginalize our efforts.

An unfriendly Hive isn't a Hive Blockchain that's having fun and winning.

So that's what the mission is!

And this is a mission that has an action plan with 2 dynamic parts to it:

1️⃣ Do EVERYTHING we can to encourage and promote friendliness on the blockchain.

2️⃣ Do EVERYTHING we can to counter and discourage (nicely of course!) unfriendliness on the blockchain.

These are the underlying reasons I decided to innovate @Coment.Ranker and go all in on #CometWeek!

So are you with me?

To a friendlier Hive Blockchain,



👇#CometWeek White Paper.👇

© 2021 Comet.Ranker Service

All Rights Reserved


OK. First, off I thought I was following you? Rectified.
I've also followed comet.ranker
Still a little confused (Information overload), but I'm sure I'll work it out.

@dickturpin, sorry. :(

You can call the LUV bot a maximum of 1 times per day. To give more each day, check LUV Levels.

hahaha! All good Peter!

The information overload was even more so before I broke #CometWeek into 10 parts and turned it into a White Paper! Take it a bit at a time and I'm sure you'll get er figured soon enough!

And any specific questions you may have ask away in the relevant section! That's what I'm here for my friend! 🙌

There is multiple studies that claim the opposite of what you do, follower culture is by far the most toxic aspect of the internet.

What you are doing is encouraging people to prioritize online social interaction in their life.

I don't even want to say that I'm encouraging it... I just want people to genuinely give the comment interaction a try... Once they do that and see how much good comes out of it... This should set the tone for a lot more good things to come here on Hive.

I want people to realize that prioritizing financial capital over social capital is what makes a social environment any sort of environment toxic.

If we all want to win and have better then we collectively have got to come to this realization and actually do better.

How we human here on Hive and how we treat our own does matter.

Thanks' for the comment Phil!

I hope you decided to join us for #CometWeek! ☄️

Actually he's asking them if they are going to be here to engage with others and communicate. To not prioritize income over the social part of a social platform. That's not to much to ask on a social platform.

It only gets toxic when people behave less civilized than they would offline. Or maybe their dicks offline and bring it online. Those folks should definitely prioritize offline social interaction.

So you would suggest defending a sensationalized interpretation of blockchain monetization is a better use of our time than criticism of said sensationalism?

Jut curious if you are defending the author or making a passive aggressive comment towards my judgment of this post

You clearly don't know me very well .. if I wanted to address your illogical crankiness toward Wil's efforts to encourage people to engage and support others .. I'd have bloody well said so.

If you saw my comments as being directed to you then apparently you put the shoe on yourself so you may as well wear it.

So what was it then? You didn't really answer my questions which makes me think it was just some passive aggressive behavior.

Do you think Wills words are sensational at all?

I will quote if you would like the specific phrases I am referring to, and that sensationalism is likely directly at earning new followers is my guess.

Your illogical crankiness got the attention it deserved but since you can't seem to understand that directness.. I'll make its simpler.

He's not sensationalizing anything ... he's trying to get people interested in commenting and engaging with others. He doesn't need to try to get followers, people will follow him on their own. You really shouldn't judge him based on your own mindset. It holds you back from actually knowing people.

This isn't personal, this is about this specific post and sensationalism geared towards what I think is gaining a following, and I think that all of our culture is the most toxic aspect of the internet.

Interaction rates are what the toxic content creators who fight over followers are most concerned about, they have daily statistics and without those active followers as they called them they cannot engage in selling themselves as a brand.

If his goal is to make a brand here on I've of himself and gained a cult following I would be opposed to that.

You know I'm in :)

Comet.Ranker is a mission to formalize what I already do naturally. Not just me - but so many of us! and now you're someone who has the foresight and the drive and the generosity to reward the efforts of people who are trying to connect genuinely!!

I love it! and I hope it spreads!

the comment section is where the magic happens. i've also said it from the start - shouted it in my udemy course - taught it in our blogging university - and never stop proclaiming it on hive hehehehe

it is WHERE the magic happens! :)

so thank you for doing this!!! I really hope it spreads like WILdfire ;) see what i did there hehehe

Tell me when and where and I'll be there! :)

oh!!! and @shadowspub will be CRACKING UP at what you wrote about the party line. cuz there was one nosy neighbor who would always be listening and people would always say goodbye to the person they were talking to... and then goodbye to her, since they knew she was there... so...

"Goodbye, Wilma"


I was cracking up and went searching for the link of the story to share with Wil and then almost forgot to share it. So @wil.metcalfe here's the Wilma story. Sorry I couldn't locate it on Hive

Thanks for the reminder Dreem

hahhahahahaha i was cracking up when I wrote it too!!!! LOLOL
that was just the funniest thing ever!

hahahahaha! Ohhhh Dreems! YOu have me laughing out loud with this comment! Your masterful at matchingUP the right words! I was actually impressed! hahaha!

Thank you for all the support and the encouragement and connection to! I'm super excited that you are joining in on the UP-and-coming fun! With everyone converging I think #CometWeek is going to be an absolute riot in the comments ☄️

I'm trying to remember but I might have talked with @shadowspub about the party line! Well! Now we all get to party like it's 1980 in the comments! Prince got it wrong! hahahaha!😆

I'm old enough to remember before the party lines we had the switchboard exchange where the local operator got to listen in on calls. Gossip central.

You have a pure and great heart, @wil.metcalfe: I'm 99% with you! 🙏

!PIZZA 🍕 !BEER 🍻 reblogged
and a huge hug! 🤗

Hi @amico! I'm so glad that you've decided to join us for all the #CometWeek Fun! I'm 99.99% sure your going to have a lot of fun in the comments in the next little while! ☄️



@wil.metcalfe! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @amico.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (2/10)

Your vision and mission is really inspiring 😊.

It made me think on the reason why I'm enjoying Hive🤔. Actually, I'm becoming a big fan of Hive🤗. I don't share a lot on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram🤷. I have lot of thoughts that I can't share to Fb and Ig because I feel like at some point, someone will judge me. But not here in Hive💖. I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts here even if sometimes it's senseless 😂.

Comments really matter 😁. It will take some time of thinking and understanding before you can actually comment on someone else's post. When someone commented on my post, I felt appreciated because he/she actually listen to my thoughts 💞.

You have a great purpose and I stand with you 😁✊.

You get it don't you @icarri! And I'm so glad that you do! I'm so glad that my mission and vision is inspiring to you! That means that this idea is catching and I hope more people just like you get excited about it!

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! Your right! A comment is proof that someone cares enough to listen and attempt to understand. A comment really say's so much about the person commenting... and it conveys a message to the person writing the post's content. It say's I care.

And I think we are going to find that blockchain in combination with the social aspects of Hive is going to be quite the winning combination! All we got to do is get over our hangUP's around our old way's of thinking and how the old forms of money used to work!

This is truly an opportunity to make history. It's a chance to rewrite how we human... and it's a chance to do this together!

Wow! Now you got me excited again!

Almost feels like the first day I discovered this blockchain! 😁

I'm truly happy that my comment means this much to you☺️. You have a bright idea and kind heart that needed to be heard by everyone. I'm rooting for the success of this mission of yours!😁

This mission will automatically be successful if people see it for themselves and adopt the mission as well! I think that a lot of people are going to get why the comments matter so much and why we need a friendlier Hive. This mission could and can be everyone’s mission and I’m hoping the #CometWeek is the catalyst to this evolution in thinking here on our blockchain! Having a healthy wholesome blockchain isn’t just about UPvotes! The best indicator is actually genuine and authentic engagement in the comments! ☄️

I really do believe that this will successful 😁

I'm definitely UP for it! Maybe we can also have a "Love A New Bee" mission where we highlight and introduce a new member to this fun :) ?

Anything we can do to get the word out there! The more Bee’s the better! With the #CometWeek White Paper completed I can now focus back on comments and getting the word out there! (Once today’s post goes LIVE that is! 😉) I’m hoping to target a lot of new Bee’s as well! #IntroduceMyself #IntroduceYourself posts deserve some love and attention!

That was my thought too :) Let's get this comet blazing!

hell's to the yeahs! Comet Fire!!! ☄️

@Cometweek is so simple yet mind blowing

Hehehe! 😝 Yeah right! I’m so glad that it’s clicking for you! 🤯

I was directed here by @dickturpin. He knows I am all for engagement and have been one of the most prolific commenters as well as rewarding comments by others. I see it as vital. I see some people who post without commenting. One said it's because he's a 'content creator', but without the social aspect he won't get far.
Have five!


You are an "Engagement" behemoth striding across the Hive landscape. 😘 #hugs

Not sure I've been called a behemoth before, but I'll take it as a compliment. We can each do something to help.


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😍 a chain of friendship!
I like you initiative, and I will look how I can also contribute to this.
Many thanks!

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Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.

I'm all about having fun in the comment section, however I'm still confused what the rocket thingy does ( by the end of the post I forgot what I read at the begging :P).