i think we need to form a group for this. I'm thinking we create a Hive Marketing community and create campaigns.

If you start something then let me know.

In my opinion, we need an accepted direction for which domain we are focusing on and then which top level pages are most important.

after doing a survey, more than 80% voted for peakd as the most used site. personally, i think marketing peakd and tutorials, and ways to attract new people using the easiest tools is the way....but if you look at the data i think steemmonsters is creating the most new accounts..

I would love to help with the SEO as I am a professional at it, and can get the results we want. So talk to me if you want my help!

If you want to help, I would suggest contacting @quochuy. He is making improvements to the website.

excellent. if we started a Hive Marketing community would you participate?