Around the Hive: Coming This Week

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#hiveisalive ... assets to the moon, provided by community member @thepeakstudio

It's been very exciting to see all the buzz around here in the past weeks.

Posting and engagement is increasing: people are settling in and getting back to being social. The code repositories are alive with fixes, proposed changes, and discussion. Infrastructure is being reworked and reinforced; more community witnesses and RPC nodes are coming online. Sites, services, and dApps are migrating or are being brought to life in the ecosystem! Work and play is happening everywhere, and collaboration, cooperation, and community are pillars on which progress is being made.

Right now, we're in a period of heavy preparation and careful double checking. There's a lot to do that still relates to the creation of a new chain and laying the groundwork for future advances, so focus has been directed toward API, image hosting, condenser, and base code workflow and deployment. Much of it feels like technical background mumbo jumbo and can be hard to follow since it's "behind the scenes," so this past week may have felt a bit more boring than the initial launch. All of this is truly awesome Hive news, but it can be hard to create meaningful, useful communication about some of these things in giant posts once a week or so.

To better share what's going on around the Hive, and help more people stay connected and involved with what's happening, here's a rough break down of some smaller, more concise posts that will go out this week on all sorts of topics:

  • What is Core Development? An explainer on Core Dev meetings, libraries, and a tutorial on how to get involved in discussion on the GitLab repositories where Hive code is being built
  • First Core Dev Meeting recap: a simple synopsis of what happened at the first meeting, with a reminder about the next one if you'd like to stay in the loop
  • How does a Hive hardfork work? A quick overview on the timing and deployment of hardforks to help explain the process
  • Secondary air drop proposals and voting

These easy to digest posts will mean that we can cover more ground on what's happening in the ecosystem, and help us get back to the fun stuff faster!

Once some of these posts are out of the way this week, it will be time for all of us to start exploring beyond the blockchain code itself. Core development really matters, but all of the things the blockchain powers are what truly get people excited! There are communities, services, and dApps on Hive, with more coming every day. The diversity of our userbase and their interests, skills, wants and needs are what make this project valuable, interesting, and successful. Highlighting a wide range of things built on Hive is the next step to helping the people who are already here find what drives them, but is also an important part of showing the rest of the world why they should come join the buzz.

Check back in with the @hiveio feed to keep building, playing, working... living on, and exploring Hive!


Awesome! Thanks for the update and keeping everyone in the loop. How refreshing.

There are clear spaces for developers to get involved, but what about SEO and digital marketing?

i think we need to form a group for this. I'm thinking we create a Hive Marketing community and create campaigns.

If you start something then let me know.

In my opinion, we need an accepted direction for which domain we are focusing on and then which top level pages are most important.

after doing a survey, more than 80% voted for peakd as the most used site. personally, i think marketing peakd and tutorials, and ways to attract new people using the easiest tools is the way....but if you look at the data i think steemmonsters is creating the most new accounts..

I would love to help with the SEO as I am a professional at it, and can get the results we want. So talk to me if you want my help!

If you want to help, I would suggest contacting @quochuy. He is making improvements to the website.

excellent. if we started a Hive Marketing community would you participate?

Great guys! And a shout out to @thepeakstudio for the brilliant graphic!

Go Hiveio! and Hive! I love that graphic by the way. The future is going to be Hive and the community behind it.

We are starting up a project to buy hivians posts before they even write! if anyone is interested let's talk visit us here and a future update is coming out tomorrow :)

Go, go @hiveio, I know there will be more interesting things going to happen. This is true decentralization where people engage and post by their own thoughts. We are not that long since we started but it seems lot of things were already happened.

By the way, I love that graphics though. We will explode and let everyone knows what we are.

Awesome, looking forward to learning more about the Hive future 👏
Thanks for the updates, it's great to know how things here are going!

A good update on the happenings, these truly are needed, so many people were so confused with the image server updates, I have been advertising the account and I hope your follower numbers start to grow more, At least the 756 is a little bit better than the 715 when I first looked.

Is the chat still going to take place on the 20th that was mentioned, and will it be on discord, or will I need to wait for the recording? I mean I may not be a developer, but I at least I knew what some of the happenings were last week because of that first show I listened to.

I like the PowerFU before it turns into Powerful. Made me think of Justin Sun.

good communication, will share this on twitter, and also snag that gif for use on social media as well

Thanks for all the work done. I am proud to be part of such a community.

Thanks for the update!
Looking forward to see how the ecosystem evolves.

Thanks for update

This is glorious news. Thanks for the update.I will keep my ears on the ground for the updates. I hope we can incoporate a much interactive system into hive. Lets make hive fun than too much coporate

You should totally do a '100 days of Hive' series! I hear all the cool blockchains do it :)

I think marketing and branding is important. It should be immediately obvious that a dapp runs on Hive. On peakd you have to search around for explicit mention of this. You have a cool logo that could be featured on each site. 'Built on Hive'. @exhaust work it into their logo nicely.

Let's just be better than 'the other chain'.

your updates always seem authentic.

Awesome, Lets keep do the best..

Off topic, just have a question, I got someone to sign up yesterday though an invite of mine, she got it signed up but forgot to copy the Keys when she got to keys page? she does however have the 12 Pass phrase words, is there a way of getting the Posting/Active keys using the 12 word passphrase? if so where can this be done, I have searched and cannot find a place, dont want to setup new account, unless that is the only option.

Great communication is the key, even in these difficult and different times hive is like the rocket in the visual I will distribute the blog in Discord to

Thank you guys for saving the community from dictatorship! I don't authority & always like freedom in any form whatsoever! I also like that you've made this post short & easy to digest cause I don't like reading long posts so much. Thanks for that! Thanks for the great work! I'm just a user here cause I don't know much about technology but I will definitely try to support you in every way I can!

People are slowly finding their feet and settling down, thank you for update and keeping everything running as smoothly as possible.