They didn't vote for the sockpuppes at the time of the snapshot, they were against the 0.22.2 SF but no one was excluded because of their opinion.

When Justin Sun bribed steem witnesses to join him to become a top twenty witness, @blockbrothers were the only traitors to go for it. Greedy pigs, IMO. Had no concern for steem community, just rewards for himself. A traitor in other words. And that was BEFORE the snapshot.

He thought Justin Sun was going to win so he couldn't defect to the enemy fast enough.

I will downvote any and all posts of that fucker and his puppet-master account that I see on hive. And I might even visit steem just to downvote the scumbag there too. And I would bet everything I own that the majority of hive people that know what he did, would feel the same way I do.

@blockbrothers getting a hive airdrop was a terrible injustice to the hive community.

You like him, you can have him, but to me he's a piece of garbage.

I didn't say that I liked him. I am just stating the fact that his account fit the criteria for the airdrop (according to how the code was written at the time). I am just giving an explanation, don't get emotional. Do you know who also got an aidrop?...Ned (not much but still 😱).

So some scumbags past through the cracks.

I just explained to you when I found out that he defected, and it was days BEFORE any hive fork was even suggested. I was there just after it had happened and he'd been exposed as a greedy scumbag.

I am curious, how did you find out that he had defected days before the announcement?

I was active daily in the fight against Justin Sun. I spent all my time trying to put pressure on Sun's and the exchanges' collusion; spent hours and hours on twitter attacking Justin Sun, the exchanges and his lackies. I found out like an hour or so after @blockbrothers did it. A LOT of people knew and were even saying then that he was a greedy POS for doing what he did.

They started to run Justin Sun's code the same day they made this announcement:

That post was made six days after the HF announcement. Are you sure you are not confusing the dates? Or am I missing something?

Just to be clear, I am not trying to argue or to prove a point (I am saying this because sometimes people get upset with me with the way that I attempt to present ideas's tough to convey the full meaning of a message on a keyboard)

That Ned and I've heard Justin Sun also got an airdrop ----- to me, that shows that we have corruption STILL on hive. People with power on hive have sold us all out, by giving our enemies means by which they can attack us AGAIN!

So obviously we have some really rotten people and those people are involved in running and making decisions for the hive blockchain. Looks like they took care of their big-stake witness buddy @blockbrothers, even though he had joined the enemy and they KNEW he had joined the enemy. Not a good way to start a FUTURE!

I wouldn't call it corruption, those accounts were not voting on any witnesses. Obviosly that was a big oversight from the devs that coded the hardfork.

There are obviously people who have clout (or HAD it in making the aridrop lists) in suggesting moves for hive - more clout than any of us have. That's to whom I am referring as corrupt, because giving @blockbrothers, Justin Sun and Ned a hive airdrop was TOTALLY fucking corrupt!

Also, If I recall correctly he became a Sun witness after the HF was announced so it was after the snapshot if I am correct.

EDIT: to be precise blockbrothers became a Sun witness 6 days after the announcement of the new chain from blocktrades.

I'm just replying, not in any order though.

I was there when it was discovered that @blockbrothers took the Justin Sun bribe. That was several DAYS BEFORE any hive announcement was even hinted at, and EVERYONE who had any decision-making power for hive, would have known it too - or SHOULD have, unless they overlooked it intentionally so they could help their big-stake treasonous pal.

The inference that @blockbrothers defection to Justin Sun wasn't known before the fork is just total bullshit and someone lied to you about that.

No one lied to me, I checked the data on the blockchain an it clearly shows when their witness node was voted by the dev365 account. That happened 6 days after the post from blocktrades. The list of accounts that were to be excluded had already been determined.

Myself, I would have excluded them but I guess we have to live with that mistake.

When he was voted by the dev365 doesn't mean anything. dev365 vote was his PAYOFF. He defected BEFORE that!

We have to live with that mistake and also with whatever corrupt fuckers decided to pay him, Sun and Ned so they have the funds to attack us again.

Hive could have started fresh and CLEAN... But NO.

Justin Sun has 16 HP and Ned has 12k (plus 3k HBD). I don't see how they can mount an attack with that. Even if they had steem on exchanges and got an airdrop that way (which could not be prevented unless if we wanted to make it hard for HIVE to be listed) they still would not be able to mount an attack.

Isn't a vote an opinion? No one should be excluded for exerting their right to vote.

A vote is speech.

I disagree, an opinion is a statement of what you think about a subject. A vote is an action. In this context a vote gives power to who you are voting for to determine the rules of the network.

It's the the difference between saying "I think that you should be able to hunt bears" and actually giving someone a gun that they can use to hunt a bear.

Having the right to free speech does not exclude you from the responsibility. For example, you have the right to say whatever you want about someone in a public forum but if what you say is untrue and damages their reputation you can suffer legal repercussions.

Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences.

You are free to disagree but a vote is speech. Your agreement is irrelevant to that legal topic.

PS: for the sake of clarity, I don't agree with actions by Justin & clan either.

A vote for a witness is more than just speech. It changes the witness positions. It's an action not just an expression of an opinion. The examples I gave are just analogies to ilustrate the difference between the two.