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RE: Community Discussion and Updates: Hive Airdrop Exclusion List and Code Corrections, Core Developer Meetings

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the initial airdrop exclusion list, community feedback and proposals, and that an error had been found in the distribution code

Not only criminals. Also incompetent


How's Steem going?

Equally bad as Hive. They decided to wipe coins of innocents too.

At least that's the result of only one criminal, while on hive, there are at least 20 !!

How can you wipe coins that never existed?

One criminal? Seemed plenty of "witnesses" ran the code to wipe coins and even stated in DM they were doing it on purpose as a form of blackmail to get what they want.

Not airdropping a new asset is not the same as blocking individuals from having access to the legitimate stake they purchased. These individuals were powering down and just trying to leave (besides freedom). You really think this is the same thing still my dear? I know you aren't that dumb.

That’s a beautiful self portrait, I especially like your eyes.

Says the guy commenting on the blockchain apparently created by the "incompetent".

I thought you were done talking?