Hive's First Community Hardfork is Complete! A Post Fork Perspective

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Last week, consensus witnesses came together and coordinated to activate HF 24 (Eclipse), and it has been a busy, exciting, and frustrating few days since. Let's take a look at the big successes, what work still needs to be done, and where we need to aim to improve.


The Blockchain and HiveD forked smoothly 🎉

While the approach was a little bumpy, crossing over to version 1.24.2 and higher went incredibly well and without even a stutter. The top twenty witnesses began by holding off meeting consensus to make sure that production (not testing) Hivemind nodes were ready, and that the main frontends were prepared for the switch. As a super-majority got closer and closer, one of the ready Hivemind nodes and an upgraded witness encountered a transaction that required the new version. Despite hoping for a few more minutes to prep, this challenging situation spurred witnesses to take the plunge- the fork was activated, and went off with out a hitch! It is always incredibly exciting and rewarding when blocks start successfully rolling in on a new version. Thanks to Eclipse, our blocks are now part of a chain with expansive potential... and a brand new ID, finally making Hive truly independent from the previous codebase.

Hivemind is almost entirely new, and still needs optimization 📝

After the fork, it's very likely you've noticed some slowdowns or the need to switch your nodes more frequently. We've been very lucky to have robust infrastructure for our ecosystem since the inception of Hive: most users day to day don't really think about nodes or what's actually doing all the work connecting interfaces to the blockchain. However, in the days since HF24, end users are getting very familiar with the concept of nodes and having to switch them. This is far from ideal (and from being as smooth as the fork itself), but it will settle back down as we figure out how to best provision the new Hivemind for everyone.

Right now there are a lot of tweaks and patches as we see how this fully rebuilt API works within our ecosystem, and it means that at any given time a selection of nodes may be replaying. There's no doubt this is frustrating, but given that almost the entire foundation of our API has changed, things are bouncing back fairly quickly and work will continue to get back to a seamless experience for end users.

Here are some node tips and general knowledge that will help you as we get through this period:

  • If you are seeing posts a few hours old or 'stale' information while browsing an interface, try switching the node that website is using to pull from the blockchain. For example, go into PeakD or Hive.Blog preferences and select a different node from the available list, then refresh.

  • If you're making a post, comment, or vote and get a broadcast error, the process for changing your node is the same as above if you are logged directly into an interface like PeakD or Hive.Blog. If you're a Keychain or Hivesigner user, those services are what signs and broadcasts for you, so try changing your node under preferences. Here's what the dropdown looks like for Keychain:


  • If you want to take a look at node status, there are a few helpful sites available: PeakD's benchmark tool, @ausbitbank's node tracker, and @drakos' node list.

Things that need to be fixed as quickly as possible 🛠️

One of the big frustrations and disappointments in the midst of this huge undertaking has been the airdrop issues. When HF24 was activated, liquid and HBD airdrop amounts were corrected exactly as planned. Unfortunately, the vested HP amounts were not. With so many huge things being accomplished with this hardfork, it doesn't feel great that people who have been waiting the longest still have an issue that needs to be addressed. Over the past few days, how to make this fix a top priority without requiring another hardfork and that won't take an extended period of time to complete has been heavily discussed.

The best scenario is to have the HP vested directly to these accounts in full, but there is no way do this with the funds being held by the DHF unless we do an additional fork. Since that would both take too long, too many dev resources, and make things difficult for exchanges, the community will step up to resolve the last outstanding transactions quickly and simply instead.

@Blocktrades has volunteered to organize the large amount of HIVE needed to vest the HP to the waiting accounts up front, with a funded proposal to replace the out of pocket with the original amount being held in trust in the DHF. This is a pretty amazing offer which will not cost anything to the ecosystem and creates a quick and safe way to correct the last amounts for everyone who has already been waiting too long. We won't have to take the route of preparing an additional hardfork, which is good news for security, but also for finally and quickly making things right for these users who have been so patient while things have been out of their control.

➡️ PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE PROPOSAL: Learn more about how it will work, and help get it completed.

There's a lot of still to come, but it's worth taking the time to celebrate just how big this undertaking has been.

Everyone in the Hive ecosystem has been incredible in terms of helping contribute to the hardfork effort, including end users supporting each other, community liaisons helping devs and project owners adapt, the teams who have put in an incredible amount of time and work to get this foundation done, and the witnesses who are helping to secure and decentralize Hive. In the coming weeks, it will be time to talk more about the projects being built with Hive, to figure out where we can keep improving at working cooperatively in a decentralized way, and to talk more about what's needed to generate some more momentum for everything Hive powered.

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Congrats, Hive... Happy Eclipse 🌚


I hope the remaining issues can be resolved soon. I see people on Twitter and elsewhere complaining and some may not understand about nodes. The front ends need to make their error messages user friendly and point them at solutions.

This hard fork is a demonstration of the power people working together towards a shared goal!

Beautiful, and thank you to everyone involved!

I did not see the one you highlighted, so I added PeakD team.

Its easy to miss, had to read the entire list twice to notice it.

I tried to go back and look again, but it said I already participated.

Yep we had some issues after the HF24. But now everything seems okay!


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I still see a few hiccups, but nothing show-stopping from a user perspective. I just need a little patience is all.

I know this is probably the wrong post to ask, but I am looking for some advice relating to the hard forks.

On my android devices, my Hivesigner password is usually forgotten on the browser or stops working from what I thought it was. Always seems to lock me out after the forks, or perhaps when Hivesigner updates their service as a result of the fork. I end up having to re-import the keys (manually, keystroke at a time) and generate a new password again.

Any tips to help prevent being logged out without the password being lost by the browser? There has got to be an easier, safer way to quickly get logged back in without digging up my keys again.

Thank you to the Hive team for all the hard work you've done (and continue to do) for our blockchain home. I think the proposal is an amazing solution to a frustrating problem, and I commend @blocktrades for offering it. I hope the Hive community votes to get it funded asap.

I voted in the Coindesk survey earlier today, and in addition to voting for Hive, I also added this in the section section, "Who else had a banner year in crypto, and why?" - I mention it in case anyone else wants to follow suit... 😊

The anon who gained control of the Community321 account & sent the entire wallet contents Bittrex with the memo, "These are funds stolen by the Steem witnesses using HF23 May 20th 2020 - please return them to their original owners prior to the fork. :) " This White Hat taught Justin Sun the lesson that, "Stealing is bad."

And, as always...

Many thanks for that update, I've been on steemit.hive for over four years and had no idea how to switch nodes!

Do you have any recomendation for nodes? I was on the default one and tried half a dozen before I found one that helped with one problem. But there are still other small problems remaining using this node.


Hopefully, everything will be fixed soon.
At least that explains why I got such a weird airdrop amount.
A little bit sad that only @lukestokes gave me a comment on my question here:

Thank you for all the work and maintenance i will distribute the blog in the server

Thanks a million everyone!

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