Huobi Global and Hive AMA Question Submission! April 22, 10AM EDT / 2PM UTC in Discord & Telegram with Ciara Sun

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Live chat and announcements from Huobi Global's Ciara Sun with Hive community!

Join the community in the Hive Discord to welcome Huobi's Ciara Sun in an AMA style chat session on April 22, 2020! Use this post to submit questions for tomorrow's event.

There will be lots of news to share and time for questions and comments! Some Hive users will be helping Ciara facilitate this chat and participating with a few questions you may have about Hive and our ecosystem, so please submit for both groups in the comment section here... this is where the main questions will come from.

Take the time to read through and support the ones you would most like to see asked: look to see if your question is already submitted, and reply or add a vote to it to help create an interesting and valuable AMA for everyone! Tomorrow morning, questions and comments may be submitted during the AMA as time permits.

Here's how to participate:

  • Check the comment section for questions you'd like to ask about Huobi Global and their services, about the Hive ecosystem, about decentralization, blockchain - whatever you want to know! If it's already been asked help signal boost the ones you want or add the ones you don't see.
  • Tomorrow, you will find a special AMA set of channels in the Discord. One will be for questions only, and will have the top questions from this post and the Huobi telegram already listed. Some questions will be taken there as well, if time permits. This channel will have a 30 minute cooldown, so make sure to check for anything you want ask before you post as duplicates will be removed.
  • There will be a special chat channel for everyone to participate in together that will open at the time of the AMA and will close afterwards.
  • There will be a special read only transcript channel that will collect questions and answers together so they can be read back for anyone who misses out, and that will be shared on chain in a post later on.
  • Have fun! Serious and silly questions are encouraged, but a degree of professionalism and respect is required. Large chat groups can get unruly and we want this to be a place for everyone to participate. As we move towards further decentralization, welcoming more exchanges and userbases around the world to Hive is a big part of the journey. Take this chance to learn more about the cryptosphere and get pumped for some fun announcements for both Huobi and Hive.

Join the Hive Discord by clicking on this link.

You can find Huobi's tweet about the AMA here:

Announcements and giveaways will be happening and the community will be gathering, so come join the buzz and check out the AMA event!

Get your questions submitted below, help share the news about the event, and we'll see you in the morning.

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Hi, Ciara!
As you already know, Hive is a community run project that believes in the ideals of decentralization.

I'd like to ask:
What does community mean to you?

Do you believe in the decentralized movement of Web 3?


Would you be willing to decline voting rights as a signal of good faith on the Hive blockchain?

Hi Ciara!

I would like to know wich tools uses Huobi to ensure that the tokens holded on Huobi are hard/impossible to hack?

Thank you for supporting #hive and

Looking forward to see it listed on

I already asked this on twitter but here are my questions again:

1. What are the concrete plans top 20 witness have regarding onboarding and easy account sing up?

2. Are the SMT going to be implemented in the near future like in the next hard fork? Or have at least an eta?

3. I know we are a decentralized blockchain and we dont have a board or anything like that but, is there any organization or group going to be setting up for representing the community and do some marketing for HIVE?

I already posted this on Twitter, so I'll just re-post it here.


Why did you(Huobi) take part in the #steemhostiletakeover? Will you be listing Hive? And how can we be sure as a community you'll not use customer funds again to overtake governance on #hive? #hiveisalive

She definitely won't answer that question appropriately

Lol, Kinda knew that. Worth the shot still right?

It's a chance for them to answer - and win our hearts.

Yes it's important to resist

I think she already did. Whether it was satisfactory or not, I don't know. but in any case it seems like we are moving past that now

I see how Hive can benefit the Huobi exchange.

How do you see Huobi benefits the Hive community as a whole?
What advantages besides an exchange does Huobi bring to Hive?

Thanks for the update. Will make it a date 😉

Tell us what you really think about Justin Sun, #steemhostiletakeover and Huobi’s part in it.

With the current situation of CoviD-19 not looking to get better anytime soon, the world faces an imminent financial threat. What role do you see a Web 3.0 platform like HIVE play in providing a cushion of some sorts to the people who will be hurt the most in this financial crisis? Is this a time for promoting a social media platform like HIVE for people to be productive financially, while all fiat financial activities are shut down and can this mean that HIVE ha a chance to be the gateway to first big step for cryptocurrency towards mass adoption?

Hi Ciara!

Would you like to join @hiveio for posting blogs for @huobi promotions and updates ?

First of all thanks for the communication and cooperation. I have one question that I think would greatly restore trust in Huboi: What was Huobi told when it staked tokens on Steem and effectively helped to overthrow Steem governance? I realize you will most likely choose to not answer this, but I think the truth is always better. Understanding this would likely help to restore trust in your business. Thanks again for your great communication.

Due to recent events surrounding Steem/Hive Huobi lost my business. How do you plan on winning it back?

What are you willing to do in good faith to prove to the hive community that you won't stab the community behind their backs again?

Question 1:

Hive is a purely community driven project. There is no CEO, no marketing manager. How do you feel about a project with no leadership and only community?

Question 2:
Everything in this world is censored now. Hive is built with the idea of censorship resistance. What do you feel about sustenance of censorship resistant platform?

I have to ask, are you related to Justin Sun?

There are a whole lot of Suns, and she seems way more competent haha wouldn't it be crazy though

  1. Why should anyone on Hive aware of your exchange's voting habits on the Steem blockchain trust you?

  2. What did you learn from that experience and how can you be sure another accident will not happen?

  3. Do you agree that Hive should withhold airdrops from everyone who supported the centralization of the Steem blockchain by voting for sock puppet witnesses?

  4. How do you feel that despite participating in the centralization of the Steem blockchain, you still get an airdrop, because you stopped voting for sock puppet witnesses before the cut-off?

  5. What are your opinions on the Communist party of China? Is this a desirable form of governance?

Hi Ciara!

My question are very simple

  1. What does decentralization means to you?

  2. As a exchange houbi what do you think about @blocktrades funds been frozen by Justin Sun?

  3. What do you think about hive and where do you see the future of web 3.0?

YAY! Looking forward to this chat - seems like forever since I've spent hours listening to town halls been to an AMA. 😂

This is what I just posted on Twitter - figured I'd share it here as well.

Hi! 😌

After @justinsuntron lied to exchanges (including @HuobiGlobal), customer's custodial #Steem stake was tied up for 7 weeks (w/ 6 weeks to go). Will you hold Justin accountable for his actions? If not, how will you regain your customer's trust & show their funds are SAFU?

Thanks in advance!

follow me to hive if you want freedom.gif

EDITED TO ADD: I thought of a followup question this morning & just added this on Twitter -

Also, on a much less serious note @CiaraHuobi - my youngest daughter is also Ciara but we pronounce it Keira (like Keira Knightley). Is yours the same, or do you say it like the singer (Ciara=Sierra)? I heard Twitter lost its brain in February trying to say the storm's name...😂

Hi, Hive was born to restore the decentralization principle that was destroyed on Steem.

  • What does Huobi think about decentralization and the concept of community? Will it support the principles on which Hive is based or will it counteract them?

  • What benefits will Huobi bring to Hive?

Question for Huobi

Do you view HIVE just as a potential coin for listing or a possible partner for enriching your ecosystem of decentralization?

Will there be a kind of reimbursement to Hive traders (like trading discounts etc. ) because the latest damage to the Hive traders (ex steem traders) when @HuobiGlobal was tricked to use customer funds and got involved in governance that resulted the hostile steem take over?

Any chance you will delist STEEM? What factors can compel you to delist a coin other than low volume and technical problems?

Hello Ciara! A cordial greeting from me... Many successes in this great project:)
In the old blockchain (steemit) were many users who were quite affected by the little support we had within the platform, this caused desmotivation, discontent and in turn the abandonment of it in many cases.
My questions are as follows: ¿Will @huobiglobal and @hiveblocks have any initiatives to broadly support new users in the blockchain?
¿How do you plan to incentivize new users to join the blockchain so that they feel comfortable and motivated within the platform?

I won’t throw any hardballs, I’m happy you are doing this.

How do you personally feel about decentralized social media?

Also why did you decide to do this event?

Here is my silly question
Hey Ciara!
Both you and Justin have the same surname, are you guys related ?

Here is a more serious question.
Hey Ciara!

Hive is a fork of steem with a difference that Hive is decentralized. Do you think that this decentralization will work in favor of Hive and will see it achieve more glory than steem did in the past?

My questions

What new things you will bring in hive which can bring a lot of benifits to the community ?
Are you on steem before this?
If yes why you join hive what things you like in the hive community.

Hi, Ciara.

Mis preguntas

Do you think it is appropriate and beneficial for the chain to reward voters for their votes?

What are your views on the Chinese Communist Party? What would you change?

Will SMT be implemented in the near future as in the next hard fork?
or some similar method?

What do you think the hive will benefit from or should I say what will be the importance to the hive community?

How feasible is it to trust?

  1. Huobi is one of the most important and reliable exchanges for users. Blockchain is an innovative technology but still has many obstacles from lobbies. How does Huobi intend to facilitate the spread of cryptocurrencies and their use in the world?

  2. Hive is a decentralized social platform and decentralization is a feature of the blockchain. Huobi should support these projects rather than other centralized ones. Why hasn't HIVE been listed on Huobi to date?

Definitely going to be fun!

I'll be there! Excellent!

Will see if I can drop in on this, sounds pretty cool 😎


How can you guarantee that my funds will not be locked up for 13 weeks? Or locked up for any amount of time at all?

Awesome! Looking forward to be there!
It's wonderful to see how eager Huobi is to build bridges with Hive and use the values it can provide.

Good to see you as always fighting the good fight We'll be there for sure.


Who is Enrique?


No one named Enrique worked on the OP 🤷‍♀️

Enrique is the name of the guy who made this post. Cheers!

LOL I guess I got it all wrong. My bad. Must've found this post on Enrique's blog, that's where the confussion get's in. Thanks for making it clear honey, regards.

I already asked mine on Twitter and I have already joined the discord channel as well.

My Question

How will your governance be assured to the whole Community to prove true leadership among others and also the #steemhostiletakeover has a negative reputation here now how are we sure listing #hive will not be the other way round fighting the true decentralization at the long run

I posted a question on Twitter earlier and this is it

Judging by the number number if Dapps, as well as the rate of progress, development and marketing, how do you rate Hive's mainstream potential in the social media sphere?

Here's a simple question:

How can one go about getting more followers? I understand the classic "just make good content" and they will come "organically", but I've tried that method, and it just doesn't seem to work that well.

I never really did grasp Steemit all that well, but I'm excited at the transition that is taking place, and hope to succeed here, and continue to onboard newcomers. (I believe I brought at least 3 users to this platform last time).

Greetings Ciara!

IMO, it is a good news to see Huobi and HIVE collaboration, if I understand correctly, this means, Huobi now supports the true value of being a community as well.

Anyways, my QUESTION is:

I am from Pakistan, and for most of the Pakistanis it is quite difficult to buy/sell cryptocurrency/ies for the local money (Pakistani Rupees), so do Huobi has any plan to support HIVE buy/sell against Pakistani Rupees or Dollar through our Pakistani Bank Accounts.



What do you think hive stand to benefit from this or should I say what will will the importance be to the hive community?
How much more can the hive trust in this?

Do you view DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) as a "staking" system in the sense that token holders can stake tokens to "mine" rewards in some way?

Do you think it's proper and beneficial to the chain to reward voters for their votes?

As stated here Huobi offers a staking service to “earn” on POS coins.

On a Dpos blockchain like Hive that has some dangers of centralization and abuse as we have seen from what happened to Steem. Staking on Hive also comes with a whole host of benefits with the drawback of a longer power down period than most coins.

Do you have any short to medium term plans to allow staking of Dpos coins?

If you do allow staking of Dpos coins in the future will you be generating real individual wallets (accounts) for the end-users and be storing those coins in those actual wallets for them?

Do you send advertisement material to users of your platform regarding political affairs and thoughts/feelings Huobi has regarding forks blockchains have from time to time to sway customer opinions?

Joined telegram
When you will list hive token to your exchange?
And what will be the starting price of it?


If you had infinite time and money, what would be the first thing you'd change on the Hive blockchain?

Most of us would want to ask.about the role Huobi played on the previous chain, but I think it's smart to let that all on the past and start working on the common grounds we can find with important crypto institutions such as a Chinese exchange... IMO be side of the huge level of development the digital economy has on China, it should be a central targeted market for Hive. So this is my question:

  1. The Chinese market is a huge potential for users that are already familiar with a virtual economy, Hive offer a way to monetize social interaction, participation on games, anda unique new paradigm for the entertainment industry... Is it possible for Huobi to give the Chinese citizens the opportunity to discover the platform and grant them the chance to take the opportunity to develop their talents and monetize their activities on the platform.

I would like to ask about Hive listing on Huobi Global and what about our airdrop? The second thing is that why are the provisions for a user if he will be a victim of hack?

if in the future there is a possibility that #Hive will be listed in #Houbi?

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