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RE: Information on Secondary Airdrop Proposals: Community Voting Begins Now

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I thought this was to be determined on a case-by-case basis? By lumping people together, we are throwing babies out with the bathwater. That makes not airdropping anything at all a foregone conclusion by my estimation.


there's absolutely no reason that it can't be done that way, for the few (or many people) who may need it. But making them have to step up first in this discussion and create that dialogue for themselves isn't a great option either. As I said elsewhere,

it would not make sense for the main account to "pick and choose" people based on emotions, who it knows, or who it likes, since it's a decentralized group that's making a baseline for the community to start at. The main lists are indications of who did way, as evidenced on the blockchain.

It's up to us as a community now to vote for what we feel is right, and to help separate out the real users from the shitty ones. I wouldn't want that dictated to the community- this basically says "here's the info- vote as you see fit, or throw more options into the ring." I personally feel like that's the way we make sure that the community can support those who should be embraced and supported, even with mistakes. It's been a crazy time and it's too easy to write each other off, but giving in to those who've harmed you isn't right either~ if there isn't some starting point, how do get anything done at all?

Appreciate the clarification. It makes sense that this is a referendum on whether they should have been excluded in the first place.

That can still be done. And I would encourage individuals excluded to make a proposal.

This one is imo there to give the community a say in whether or not the exclusion of these accounts should have been done in the first place. That way, the hard decision witnesses/core devs who shaped the Hive HF is ultimately made by the community.

Yes this!!
If any users of that are on this exclusion list need any help let us know and we can perhaps help champion your cause.

I mean technically we don't know of any users of our site that are on the exclusion list... but if they are out there using the site already it speaks volumes to where their heart is at so contact us.

I am user and I am on the exclusion list. How can i reach you. I need ur hand on this

I'm on the exclusion list, and I don't understand why?

This is kind of difficult for this one reason: The witnesses own most of the Hive tokens. They steer decisions here.

Thanks for the clarification. If asked I will direct people to create their own proposal.

I think it has to be case by case as otherwise this wont work.

There should be a list of those, like @steemchiller, that voted for both the sock puppets and legitimate witnesses in an effort to keep the peace and build bridges.
This was naive but mostly done with good intentions and I feel that an injustice was done to some.

The current options do not have the level of specificity.

That makes not airdropping anything at all a foregone conclusion by my estimation.

Actually I see it the other ways around because:

“That it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer, is a Maxim that has been long and generally approved.”Benjamin Franklin

And looking at the current vote most users see it the same way.

I totally disagree. I would rather the community decided together the correct accounts to receive the airdrop than give 100 who didn't deserve it. Sorry to say but you are too soft in your thought process and being politically correct which does not work in the real world. Just my opinion as people need to be tough as look as what has happened on Steem since. How many people have had their accounts frozen?

There is a fine line between being tough on wrongdoer and being unjust. If you punish the innocent you are on the wrong side of that line.

It is not mutually exclusive, individuals can create their own proposal that can be voted by the community.