Top 3 improvement ideas for communities || Communities Brainstorming Challenge by @guiltyparties

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Here are 3 of my personal ideas

Long term players make each other rich. Short term players make themselves rich.

  1. If you're creating a community on HIVE, you must focus on getting at least 100 core people to be part of your community. These first 100 people will be the foundation for everything that you build around community. Try to focus on building trust within the community and cultivate long term thinking.

  2. The community must have large HP (probably between 100k - 500k) to support everyone in the community.

  3. It would be good idea to build community around a single HIVE dapp, for example 3speak, leofinace, dapplr, spilinderlands, dbuzz etc

These ideas are from my personal experience building DtubeFamily777. If it wasn't for 70% lay over, I wouldn't have never left dtube to start seven77 STEEM Twitter movement.

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I think it is better to build communities around interests rather than dapps. I am not likely to go to one that is a mix of lots of topics. It should not just be about voting. It should be about engagement between people who share an interest even if they do not follow each other. Hive could be the new reddit.

Totally agree with

  1. Building communities around interests
  2. Engagement

And where does the 100 K come from? Natural Medicine has aimed to support heath bloggers on HIVE for so long now, but we dont have anywhere near that amount and im not rich enough to provide it. But we do unite over a common interes and try to provide support and engagement, even ghough we arent funded like bigger accounts. Oh, for a benefactor!

Good question.

Founder or the founding team needs find way to raise 100K from the members/HIVE Whales/Anyone outside HIVE or collaborate with particular dApps to form some kind of partnership.

I do understand Natural Medicine's contribution and and Ned let many communities down. Now we have the opportunity to do the basic things right.

If I were to add, my top improvement ideas would be making muting author feature works. Now, that feature is useless because people who have been muted still able to post in the community which hinders the process of moderating the place.

Are you talking about the muting accounts from your own account ?

For example, I've muted @cuddlekitten and I don't see any comments from this particular account with however the comments appears if I use @dapplr to view my account.

No, I am talking about muting accounts from community as a community moderator/admin.

Definitely I would welcome these changes :)

Thanks for your ideas on this.

Anything for our HIVE

That's pretty cool, though I would lower the minimum required HP for a community owner. The @skatehive community is doing very well, though it doesn't have 100 active members but it's doing great with about 55k HP. It would obviously do a lot better with more but I think 50k is the minimum needed to have a successful community.

Passionate People > HP

Our HIVE Network is lucky to have thriving Skating community.