A successful meetup and its commemorative badge

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As you may have already read in @arcange's recent post regarding multilingualism on Hive, the Spanish-speaking community is the most active language community outside of English.

Este post está traducido al español - aquí

They are not only active at posting as they organized a two-day virtual Hive MeetUP for the Hispanic community on March 20 and 21.

A top-notch organization

The event was organized by @ilazramusic, @enrique89, @VictoriaBSB and @eddiespino, and its quality was really impressive.

We enjoyed numerous short but so interesting presentations from renowned speakers, but also from the Hispanic community, among them:

@blocktrades, @cervantes, @mcfarhat (@actifit), @gerber (@dcitygame), @good-karma (@ecency), @jarvie (@peakd), @guiltyparties, @ocd, @starkerz (@threespeak), @arcange, @crimsonclad, @nathanmars, @bluemist, @marybellrg, @avellana, @fuerza-hispana, @hivemexico, @hispapro, @hivemotor, @eddiespino, @enrique89, @hivemotor, @jonyoudyer, @clayboyn, @juliakpondsford, @eturnex, @hashkings, @qwoyn, @academialibertad, @fermionico, @Ylich

All presentations were translated both in Spanish or English, an amazing translation work done by @ilazramusic, @enrique89 and sometimes the speakers themselves.

The number of participants was also incredible. It was not uncommon to see nearly a hundred people logged in at the same time on the discord channel.

The participation in the text chat was intensive, but always respectful, friendly and very welcoming.

All complemented by magnificent musical interludes performed by @eugelys.

A perfect example of a successful meetup that other linguistic communities can learn from. We are challenging them.

PS: We apologize if we forgot to mention some people who actively participated in the event. There were so many of you that we will no doubt have missed some names.

All attendees deserve their commemorative badge

We were contacted by @victoriabsb who had the brilliant idea to ask us to create a commemorative badge.

All participants to the Spanish Hive meetup will receive it. The badge will be displayed in your personal tab on your board.

PS: If you were present during the event and by mistake you did not receive your badge, do not hesitate to contact the organizers to inform them (they are the one managing the list).

See you at the next meetup

We have heard that there may be other editions of this meetup.
Be sure to join us there next time!

The Hivebuzz Team


the pretties badge of them all!!! thank you so so much!!

Thank you for organizing such an amazing event and triggering our attention @victoriabsb

We regret not being included in the list of speakers, we were represented at the event by our founder @fermionico.

Likewise, the Literatos community represented by @Ylich, was also part of the speakers.

However, we strongly believe in the work we do and this it goes beyond any recognition, because who matters is #Hive our beloved blockchain.


Pedimos disculpas por esta omisión. Había tantos oradores y no todos están incluidos en el programa. La publicación ha sido corregida.

Greetings friend that good it was excellent a success and tremendous presentation, congratulations to all.

Thanks for your lovely comment @cetb2008, we wish you the best 😊

@hivebuzz The King thanks thee for your continual recognition for Hive and those within! Such due diligence requires a break and some !WINE....

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You're welcome @kingneptune, thanks for your feedback 😊 CHEERS!

Este evento, es una clara demostración del progreso de la plataforma HIVE. Felicitaciones para todos los que hacemos vida en esta hermosa comunidad hispana. aliriera

¡Mil gracias por esta excelente respuesta @aliriera! Nos toca mucho 😊

What good news, I love that they made this great badge, thank you very much!
I could only be a few hours in the discord call, but I did not get the badge, did I have a minimum time to obtain it?


Thank you @carlagonz, for your lovely comment 😊🌹

Amigos de @hivebuzz, y @arcange. Agradezco el haberme otorgado esta hermosa medalla, por haber estado presente en el #HiveMeetUp "2021" ,el cual resultó todo un éxito. Espero con esta, comenzar mi colección. Cariños para todos.


De nada @numa26, es merecido 😊🌹 Bonita tarde!

Thank you for making this possible, we are grateful.

Thanks for your comment @enrique89 😊
As already said, this was a great event!

Thanks for mentioning Ecency. 🙏 Learn more about Ecency, don't miss our amazing updates.
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Gracias me encanta @hivebuzz y @arcange


Muchas gracias por otorgarme está hermosa insignia, es símbolo del esfuerzo, dedicación y Amor que dedicamos a la plataforma para crecer juntos como una gran familia de corazón ♥ ♥️ ♥️

Desde nuestra comunidad @poeticuniverse https://peakd.com/c/hive-138388/created, agradecemos el excelente trabajo, organización y esfuerzo que pusieron todos los presentes para llevar a cabo dicho evento 🙏🙏🙏

Gracias, gracias, gracias por seguir impulsando y haciendo que la rueda siga girando en #hive #HiveMeetUp #hivebday

Un fuerte abrazo y besote en la distancia pero no en el olvido 😘 😘 😘

Hi! I was there! but I don't know how much activity was necessary to receive the badge.
I didn´t see the badge

Check your board. You got your badge.

Oh! Thank you!
I saw now opening other windows
Excuse me!!