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RE: Feedback from the February 1st Hive Power Up Day

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@traciyork , @hivebuzz has just told me that my HP has dropped so that I am no longer a Dolphin, but am now back to minnow status.
I do NOT understand this.
My HP is higher now than it was Monday on HPUD day, because I've claimed rewards since then, just a trickle but still, my HIVE POWER HAS NOT DROPPED, IT HAS INCREASED.

Being jerked around like this is NOT conducive to my being more willing to try and onboard folks, nor to participate in HPUD any longer.

Please advise


@jerrytsuseer, I took a quick peek and it looks like your account is powering down, which dropped your level down. If you didn't start that power down, then there's a bigger issue than the @hivebuzz notification, as it would seem to indicate your account has been compromised.

I have not started a power down

Where do you see evidence that I'm powering down @traciyork ?
It is not showing in my wallet

At this link -

And here is a screencap of the transaction that shows 77.072 HIVE was taken from your Hive Power and turned into liquid Hive, so you now have 107.072 HIVE in your wallet.

Screenshot_2021-02-04 Hiveworld ~ jerrytsuseer.png

If you powered that up now, you'd be returned to Dolphin status, but you'd also have to cancel the power down to prevent it from happening again.

I do not recall starting a power down, but there was one, so it is now cancelled.
If I change my keys now, and my account is compromised, won't whoever is doing this also see the change and the new keys?

Your account VESTS went below the 10Mvests requirement to be a dolphin. You can check it on your board.
Please make sure you are not powering down.

I AM NOT POWERING DOWN, I clicked on that "Your Board" link and all I see is YOUR page with a bunch of icons/badges I see no evidence that anything has dropped, nor do I have anyway to see what my VESTS are

You are powering down, Jerry, and it seems you (or someone else) started the process 7 days ago. I would suggest retracing your steps and figuring out how it happened, first and foremost.

I saw that there was a power down and replied to your other comment.
It has been cancelled.
I DID notice an increase in my HIVE this morning, other than the transfer from ionomy yesterday and it had me puzzled.
If someone else started a power down on my account, what would they have to gain by the funds going back into my wallet?

Turning your powered up/vested Hive into liquid Hive means they could transfer it to an exchange. It's part of the reason why powering down takes so long & is in installments, to prevent hackers from draining your entire account in one fell swoop.

2 minutes ago Transfer 107.072 HIVE POWER to jerrytsuseer


Please show me somewhere on this page that shows my VESTS, especially that they are dropping

VESTS are the blockchain recorded amount of Hive Power and are displayed in the banner below your level (minnow) badge.

And as @traciyork stated, you are indeed powering-down. Cancel it and secure your account if you didn't trigger it.