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RE: New feature added to @keys-defender: plagiarism detection

in #hivedev10 months ago

Sounds cool!

users trying to re-publish their previous posts in order to get more rewards.

Just to make sure I understand correctly: Is this about users re-publishing their own content? Then I wouldn't call it 'plagiarism'. Or is it about users re-publishing the posts of others?


It covers both:

  • Users re-publishing their own content because not satisfied with the payout or want to make more than they originally made [not cool]
  • Users posting plagiarized content and re-publishing it periodically in order to milk the system [critical]

For users re-publishing posts of others we already have @cheeta 👍

Would this falsely flag stream announcements post since they are generally always the same content?

Nope, only if they delete their old posts and republish them.

got it, thanks! :)

What about a user re-posting original content that she has written elsewhere, say in a blog ?

That’s already dealt with by @cheetah