New feature added to @keys-defender: plagiarism detection

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Announcement: starting from today @keys-defender will automatically detects suspicious activity of users trying to re-publish their previous posts in order to get more rewards.

Every time a suspicious edit of an old post is detected inside a newly published block, this bot now publishes a message in a private channel of my discord server.

After the suspicious post is shared with the witnesses and the hive defenders community that are in the private discord channel, they investigate the possible plagiarism and act accordingly..

Watch out Hive abusers, a new defense mechanism has been released! 😎

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Thanks! =]

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It covers both:

  • Users re-publishing their own content because not satisfied with the payout or want to make more than they originally made [not cool]
  • Users posting plagiarized content and re-publishing it periodically in order to milk the system [critical]

For users re-publishing posts of others we already have @cheeta 👍

Would this falsely flag stream announcements post since they are generally always the same content?

Nope, only if they delete their old posts and republish them.


What about a user re-posting original content that she has written elsewhere, say in a blog ?

That’s already dealt with by @cheetah

Thats amazing!

This will prove to be useful for curators.

I thought users don't earn anything after 7 days. And on the other hand, all reposts are forbidden or only certain users? How is the decision made?

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