Getting ready to tell the Value 4 Value story at HiveFest

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I'm putting together a few slides and mapping out what I want to say at @hivefest! I hope you've signed up, I think you have a few hours more for free sign up. Also go and vote for the HiveFest funding proposal (direct vote on PeakD here).

I'm slated to cover @v4vapp and possibly a second slot for @podping. They're both connected with Podcasting 2.0 but very different and I really need to separate the two ideas in peoples' minds.

The main story of my Value 4 Value piece is summed up by the slogan "Advertising is Censorship" and the answer, which is at the heart of Value 4 Value, is direct payments from audience to creators. That's the simple message. Any time you have to fund content with advertising, you give a content veto to the advertisers: we don't want this any more.

The inflation distribution system we have on Hive is another amazing experiment and very much part of the future but there is something even more direct about streaming micropayments in return for a listening/viewing experience you value.


So book your ticket, set yourself up with VR or log on via your desktop. I'm going to do my best to use my kids' Oculus headset even if the thing tends to make me sick, perhaps I'll take an antiemetic 30 mins before I have to present! I'm also looking forward to hearing everything else that's going on in our terrific pioneering community on Web 3.0.

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Hi Brian
This is an outstanding clarification and explaination of the evils of advertising.

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🤞🏻 Good luck with your presentation, Brian!
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