Host a roundtable session at HiveFest? And what to do on Sunday of HiveFest?

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A mere 3 weeks till HiveFest! Program is kinda full, but should you still want a presentation slot, let's see how we can cram you in! Venues have been pre-payed, catering is in the finesse phase, printed matters have been ordered. It is looking good from here, but still kindly asking you to book your HiveFest ticket so we can have catering in correct order, as staff shortages in the hospitality industry need forecasted planning.

Roundtable sessions at HiveFest

Floating round tables in canal of Amsterdam' in style of Vincent van Gogh

HiveFest conference day 2 offers you to host a roundtable session to truly go in-depth with some fellow attendees on a topic of your choice.

During these 45-60 minutes sessions you can share your knowledge, experience, and best practices with peers while building upon each others' expertise. Learn from each other and deepen your skills.

To apply for hosting a roundtable session on Conference Day 2 please sign up via the following form:

You will then be included on the HiveFest program for the RoundTable Sessions.

Sunday Funday: DIY Explore Amsterdam with fellow Hivers!

Zaanse Schans by Nathalia Morales

On Sunday we meet in the evening hours for closing dinner and closing drinks. But what to do during daytime?

You already enjoyed some boating on the canals of Amsterdam, so you don't need to hop on a boat again.

How about:

  • Visiting Zaandam's Zaanse Schans: a bit cheesy but really cool to see a line-up of working dutch windmills. Only 10 minutes by train.

  • Go out of town and head for the beach. You can reach with 20 minutes of train riding the Zandvoort train station. Here is the beach of north sea and it is also home to the dutch F1 Grand Prix track in the dunes.

  • Head into the museum district and visit the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh museum and Stedelijk museum?

  • Do as the dutch and hop on a bike and go on a bike tour. Many topics to choose from:

  • If it is your thing, can be fun, visit the former Heineken breweries in the city centre and learn all about the world renowned brand.

  • Go for a morning walk in the vondelpark.

  • Try a local brew in Brouwerij 't IJ near the windmill across the friday evening Mooie Boules venue.

  • Explore boutique shops in the 7 Straatjes district

  • Visit the "Anne Frank House"

But there are many other options available, just checkout this selection:

In any case, find some fellow hivers and huddle up together. We meet again around 17:00 for closing drinks and dinner and final drinks :)

In other news: Win free tickets:

= = = = = = = = = = =

Only 23 days until HiveFest!
Get your ticket at!

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The Hive community is in mourning. Farewell @erikasue!

Visiting "Zaandam's Zaanse Schans"

OMFG, are you trying to stray us? Not sure we will be able to ask the locals how to get there. After the first 2 evening drink and 2 conference days, just being able to say it correctly would require the whole Sunday. 😅

I had to laugh so hard at the video about the part 420/69

So glad I'm finally joining in. Thanks for the tourist tips! ;) Cheers! !BEER

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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

The Hive community is in mourning. Farewell @erikasue!

Wow! Only 23 days!!!

I Will certainly be a spectacular and unforgettable event.

I wish I could participate in th event atleast once 😁🤣 but I doubt i will ever be able to make it to there 😂

Not long now! Some good ideas there - plenty of things to do. Sure to be a blast!

It is going to be amazing

Wow... It's so close already

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Just booked the flight! 😎

For some stupid reason my brain thought the sunday was no program anymore and so the closing diner would be on Saturday. Assumption is the mother of all fck ups it turns out again.

Zaanse schans is actually a really good idea as a suggestion, even as a dutchy I havent been there before. Stupid right! Just a couple of more weeks!

Karin heb jij alles al geregeld? En welk hotel
Heb je genomen ?

Geregeld is een groot woord haha

Ik kom op vrijdagochtend en slaap in het Volkshotel. Alles daartussen is open en verder te regelen!

Hi @roelandp when will the times the speakers are presenting be out? I am planning my time in Amsterdam and this info would help a lot. Thanks.

I’m looking forward to reading all about it via the people I follow!