Only 7 Days till Hivefest: New names, programme changes, RSVP's on AltspaceVR now open!

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The week started with the ashes of the last pre-pump test events which saw at its peak 55 concurrent attendees and had about 130 unique users during the course of the 90 minute test event. All machines kept on running fine, so pretty confident in the backend side of things.

HiveFest 2020 currently has 592 registrations. That's an absolute record, but hey... it was free to register and you don't need to hop on a plane or book hotels or buy actual event tickets! It will be really cool to see all of you show up in AltspaceVR with your own custom avatar!

If you haven't done so, now is the time to download AltspaceVR, setup your custom avatar and know those controls and navigation! Follow this guide to get you all setup for HiveFest!


Now open: RSVP for HiveFest on AltspaceVR so you don't miss out!

How many of you will actually attend in AltspaceVR? A big question. For logistics' sake I urge you to RSVP in AltspaceVR for HiveFest right now. For this you will need your AltspaceVR account already setup through their apps for Windows, Mac or VR.

HiveFest is also coming to a livestreaming platform near you

If you can't make it "in (VR) person" because of hardware or system requirements, chances are you can still join in the HiveFest livestream, broadcasted to the following spots:

Changes in Programme Glossary:

The initial setup for HiveFest was to have 1 day of plenary presentations and 1 day of "exploring AltspaceVR". This has now been shifted somewhat because of the nature of the AltspaceVR experience and the amount of speakers for HiveFest. Instead HiveFest has both Friday 18 December and Saturday 19 December with the same setup enabling all features at the same time: Presentations & Exploring. Both days start at 5PM UTC with plenary presentations, but the main Lobby is open 1 hour prior to that.

Official HiveFest Worlds on AltspaceVR

AltspaceVR is a collection of worlds. Each world is an experience on its own with its unique design and rules. I did a recent (databased / api) count and noticed over 360,000 unique worlds (!). HiveFest on AltspaceVR will consist of 4 worlds between which you can easily travel through the Teleport Map, by clicking on your destination of choice:


1. HiveFest Lobby (campfire, chat, lolz, livestream)
This is your starting hub. RSVP for HiveFest on AltspaceVR and this is where you enter. Pick up your interactive badge and start the ride. The HiveFest Lobby is the place for:

  • Meeting, chatting and having fun with fellow attendees
  • Following a livestream of the presentation room
  • Play some hoops or have fun with hidden interactionables
  • Use the HiveFest Teleport map to visit the other worlds
  • Explore AltspaceVR through a curated list of worlds in "Portal Hub".

2. HiveFest Mainstage (presentations, discussions, on-topic)
Through the HiveFest Lobby's Portal Map or the dedicated blue portal near the livestream screen you can enter the HiveFest Mainstage. Note this venue is "On Air"-livestreamed during presentation times and here you can follow the presentations from up close. (Check all names on If available you can use the "🤚 Raise Hand" feature to ask questions and interact with the people on stage. In this world we encourage you to keep chats between fellow attendees to a low. If you want to have conversations invite your conversation party to go to the Lobby together.

3. NFT Showroom Gallery (awe at art)
40 artworks from the Hive based NFT Showroom Gallery have been selected and are on display in the High Rise art gallery. Hop in and explore them all. All artworks are for sale in the NFT Showroom website by looking up the artist's gallery. Here you can also play a game of chess or some piano.

4. Photobooth Island (remember december)
Grab some fellow Hivers and teleport to Photobooth Island for some fun pictures. Our dedicated photographer will tirelessly keep on clicking, don't you worry! All pictures will be published in the HiveFest Pics Telegram group

Winners HiveFest Attendee Card contest:

Past week saw the end of the Attendee Card contest (make your own here). With a bit of delay I'm happy to announce the following 10 winners of the 3,333 HIVE HiveFest Attendee Card contest. You each just received 333.3 HIVE on your wallet! Happy Hiving!

@bil.prag, @definethedollar, @elizacheng, @hellene8, @juanmiguelsalas, @m31, @r00sj3, @rmach, @soyrosa and @steevc.

Full disclosure: How these winners were picked:

  1. Pulling in all comments on the competition thread:
    curl -s --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0", "method":"condenser_api.get_content_replies", "params":["roelandp", "re-roelandp-qkkehy"], "id":1}' -o comments.json
  2. Converting that json result to CSV and importing to spreadsheet for ease of handling
  3. Sort by date to remove all entries after the deadline
  4. Remove some irrelevant comments (ie poshbot)
  5. 80+ eligible contestants
  6. Sort alphabetically
  7. Draw random number 10 times
  8. Lookup winner rows

That's it for this week.

Here is your todo list for this weekend:

Have a nice weekend, and see you next week!
all proceeds of this post go to @hivefest benificiary



What a surprise!!! Thanks @roelandp and congrats to all other winners!!!

Congrats. I'll see you there. It's the next best thing to actually meeting up.

Yup, I will hop in and stay as long as my eyes can stay open, coz HiveFest starts at midnight my time.

I can't blame Roeland for scheduling at European time. At least there will be no jet lag getting there. People in other areas could still meet up in VR to chat at convenient times.

Not complaining... 😉

Yes the rooms stay open from start on friday for about 36 hours !

Wow, I won a prize! Thanks for that. Having been to the 'pumps' I'm excited for Hivefest. I actually got my shirt today. I hope lots of people will show up as it will be great to chat with them.

Hive five!

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Woot! Thanks so much! 😁
Can’t wait to see everyone there!


And just a side note, this is a very nicely formatted post design-wise.

Wh00p! I won! Thanks a lot Roeland - I'm excited for HiveFest and RSVP'ed just now :-) Really curious about the NFT art exhibit as well! :D

Oh my goodness! Thank you! Been a while since I've won anything xD I am so happy this event did not skip this year and it has brightened my day to attend the pump up events and meeting so many wonderful people again. In virtual, but still. Also absolutely no regrets to getting my goggles, it is so fun and has opened up my world just a little which is nice especially now with all the restrictions that are part of our lives.

Thank you so much again Roeland! For everything. Hivefest is just awesome! Cheers to many more years to come!

I’m late for joining the pump event but I'm very excited about next week!

See you there guys.

I will be present at the hive fest events, I am very excited I have already become familiar and I have made some new friends in altspace VR whom I have invited to join hive, thanks for the information I was just researching how to make that card.

Congratulations to the winners!!!

I'm a lucky winner myself! what a huge surprise! ♥️

oh wow thanks for the price :D Never thought I would win that one! Congrats everyone and see you next week!

I'm trying how to figure out the tech XD sorry I'm so illiterate for these things, need to ask @hedac as my desktop computer for work is clean of EVERYTHING except for basic work software, but I'll try

OMG I won! :D

See you all on Friday!

Looking forward to it!

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Thanks for this. The livestreaming links were what I've been wondering about and looking for. The VR meetup seems great, and I have no doubt that'll be the thing going forward, but we're not all tech-ready to that point just yet.

Please let me re-iterate that AltspaceVR is available for:

  • Windows
  • Macintosh
  • VR headsets

So maybe you can join in!

For us who dont have time to be there. Will the talks be uploaded to 3speak?

several of the streaming destinations offer recording, so the events will be stored. Will make sure to split & crop them to individual recordings.

Amazing. Thanks!

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Hey mate, the RSVP thing, when I go to AltspaceVR it says I'm subscribed for HiveFest so I assume I've RSVP'd at some stage already? Sorry, this might be a dumb question but I'm a pretty analogue dude so...

If that is on this page:

And it says "interested" already selected,
then you are good to go!

See you next week!

Oh cool, looks like I'm gtg then. Sorry, I'm just trying to get around all of this. I'm really not so stupid in real life. :)

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Hey Roeland! Ken here, just fyi, I tried to open HiveWallet today and it just sits at the initial splash screen and never loads the uiux. Maybe a node connection issue or something.. Just fyi. Love your work man, and best of luck at HiveFest! Prost, ken

The teleport map looks great!
Got the to-do list done except the last point. There's no "buy now" or "add to cart" button when I click in the merch. Just wondering if there's a geofence for Australia?

Looking forward to seeing you all next week!

Got the to-do list done except the last point. There's no "buy now" or "add to cart" button when I click in the merch. Just wondering if there's a geofence for Australia?

Oh it could be they don't ship there :(

Thanks, Roeland!

I was late for halving. I can't wait for live stream of event.

I'm so happy to know that there is some people who is really lovely and sweet to meet, even in onlive live! 😍

it was a crazy few days for me. i almost missed that i won. Did not really expect it. Thanks :D

hi i have a problem with the secret memo in my wallet, say is invalid, then what i can do? please help @roelandp