Save the date! HiveFest⁷ 2022 - 15-18 September - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Yes, yes, taking the leap again. It is happening! After 2 years in the virtual reality HiveFest finally returns back to life / live. Going back offline baby!

HiveFest⁷ 2022: close encounters, is happening from Thursday 15 September until Sunday 18 September. The sweet smell of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe, is where it is all at this year. Save the date and start looking into ways of transportation!

HiveFest 2022 - close encounters - 15-18 September, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A new date, way closer to summer, which should skip any potential covid restrictions! Past weeks I have been planning and visiting potential locations and this is coming along nicely, albeit Amsterdam is quiet busy in September due to many events taking place with exactly the same mindset: enjoying the last bits of summer and catching up with old acquaintances After all it has been a while since Sangsom Sundays in Bangkok :)

The website has been updated, and will be updated continuously as hotel deals will be locked in. 97 days until we meet again!

For now I'm asking you:

  • Save the dates! Download an ics calendar file on website!
  • Want to join in and present on stage? Mail to [email protected]
  • Start looking into transportation. A separate post on travel hacks will follow. (Spoiler: When flying, a stop-over drastically reduces costs these days!)
  • Subscribe the HiveFest newsletter on

Expect the following infos out soon:

  • Ticket prices (working on sponsorship deals, to lower the costs as always)
  • Hotel partnerships (but you are free to book anything, obviously)
  • Speakers (fancy?)

HiveFest⁷, Amsterdam - close encounters

Block the dates: 15-18 September 2022, tell your friends, HiveFest is back offline!


That's it for now,

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kind regards,

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Maybe time to end my 6 year tolerance break :p

since you're so close too!!! me prolly ngmi this time whaaa

I'm way closer to Bangkok atm ;D

cool! Sawadee crop! Thai food is my fave! 😋

Start walking now! :-)

I would if I didn't broke my foot a while back hehehe

Maybe... ;)

About time :-)

I expect you there!

Looking forward to meeting you in person ❤️

Can't wait~ I'll see you all there, bring your hugs and your SangSom 🖤🖤🖤🖤

So nice you are going 😊 i really hope to make it 🙏🏻

we'll make doubly sure to hug if you do!

To doubly hug <3

SangSom? I didn't know you were from Thailand!

I might not be, but I've certainly imbibed enough to be granted honourary citizenship~

SangSom O.o

it's become synonymous with good times on Hive 😂

 last year (edited) 

LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOO, Booking tickets now :D

Awesome! Can't wait to meet again!!! Lets GOOOOOOOOOOO
(kinda Homegame for me this time.)
Need kinda Khaosan Road for Birthday Celebration? :P

Do you man to extend your stay in Europe?

One more reason for me to come 😁

Ill be there. 🙂

What an honor ... all the way from Croatia 🙏🏻☀️

I'll definitiely be there! Can't wait to meet again all the familiar faces!

Let's bring back that KoChang Gang to the Streets of Amsterdam <3 Can't wait to See ya!

Yeah man, see ya!

Looks into transportation: ah, found a half hour train ride to Amsterdam, guess I’ll be there! :D

You have no excuse not to be there!!

I really don't! :D

Yay! I will be there too. We will all get to meet in person. Although you and Pauline do have cute avatars. :)

I'm so so happy to finally meet you! <3

I'm jealous!!!

I understand! I was jealous when it was in Bangkok and I couldn't attend!

Finally I guess we will meet in person :D

We definitely will @priyanarc! <3

:D :D Great... See you soon dear...

@soyrosa je mag meerijden als je wilt

Ahhh gezellig! Ladies on the Road! :D

Net zoals naar Duitsland 🇩🇪 misschien moeten we ook maar langs Den Haag dan FOR OLD TIME SAKE 😉

Den Haag? Help me ff herinneren?


He’s in HvH! But maybe we can convince @pundito to join HiveFest in A’dam :D

HiveFest in Amsterdam: The Reboot!

Can't wait to meet you all IRL

Definitely ^^


During a Pandemic, will your game exist of promoting or discouraging hugs? :P

That's something we will have to think about...

Promoting hugs!

I'm going to be there. seems like a real pleasure to meet people.

Yes!! These few years have been pretty shit, but the chain is much better than it was two/three years ago. Look forward to it!!

So excited to meet you in person!!

That was swiftly done, hopefully I will be there!

plenty time to prepare and also hoping visa fairy would bless me to go 😄

Would be so awesome to finally meet you in person!

Yes! hopefully the visa fairy granted mine 🤣

Man, I feel like I need to rally @lovejoy and @roadscape for this one.

Do not tease us Europeans like this!!

Oh man, we’re going to party like it’s 2016! 😊 Here’s a montage from six years ago.

Never thought I’ll be back to another Fest, and this time it’s back to the origin! I’m excited

I’m exited too! I hope we can make it.

I’m not really anymore part of the community but I think as an OG it’s always possible to come back

It would be great to see more OGs there. It looks like you joined around the same time as I did. Hope you’ve been well!

Why not MEXICO ??? .... I try get out from Europa , you make them all come here :)))
When new winter starts ... they can start this game more that all is closed :)))

Are you joining Koit??

In europa I must think, I not trust this quiet summer here 🤔

So hoping I can make this! Another epic piece to the hive journey to be had!!

Drive, Fly or Eurostar, decisions decisions 🤯 planning my trip already.
My last irl hivefest was in Lisbon! 🤯🤯😂👍

maybe the uk connection can join forces?

This is amazing news!

@roelandp, @katerinaramm(1/1) sent you LUV. wallet | market | tools | discord | community | daily

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Yes! I am coming! And planning to bring my family too!

Also just sent you an offer by email to play a live electronic music set at the festival - hope we can work something out.

Looking forward to it - I was at the virtual reality one last year but this will be my first meatspace Hive Fest!

Awesome news for me, because I will actually be in Amsterdam at that time.
See you there!


@roelandp, @rarej(1/3) sent you LUV. wallet | market | tools | discord | community | daily

⚠ The LUV command will soon require a limited number of other "!" commands accompany it. Details here.

See you there! ^^ Aaaaa! So exciting! So many hugs to catch up on!

would love to come to my first Hive Fest 🌟 !

Great news. Hope I can make this time

Great to hear from hivefest again.

It's really amazing seeing that the date has been fixed. I'm very positive it's going to be a great one we've never seen before.

Good luck to you all who will be attending.

That's a great news for HIVE! @roelandp!! Too bad I am not ready yet for international travel 😔 but will try to participate online as always.

By the way, not working? I transferred 1 HIVE for celebrating this great news but it seems not happening... no GIF either.

Would be cool to take participants to see whale fountain. But is it far from the venue?

Yay so excited. Thanks for all the work to put this together. I have been saving up for years waiting for the next in person meeting! I am excited it is in Amsterdam!

I live near Rotterdan. Hope to visit HiveFest!

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Already planned a 23 day roadtrip in the US at that time 😔. But great to see it back in action!

a bummer, but also great to hear about your plans!

Too bad I will miss you! It has been a long time since the last time we met!

Ok, I hope you will stream something 😭

they even talk about doing vr! that would be interesting to see

laten we hopen dat schiphol de extra hive drukte aan kan :)

En geen Corona maar jij bent er bij toch ? @stresskiller

nog geen besluit genomen of ik er wel of niet heen ga eerlijjk gezegd , het netwerken kan leuk zijn maar er speelln ook andere dingen voor mij rond die datum :)

Oh, that's a great thing going to happen. Sad, I wouldn't be able to afford the transportation from Africa 😔

Glad To Know Hive Fest Is Back In Action, Sadly Won't Be Able To Make It, Any Chance There'd Be A Live Telecast Or The Same On Altspace VR?

I surely would love to be there! 🙌🏼✨

Urgh....If Canada lifts these stupid travel restrictions, I'll be there

Crossing fingers the world gets back to normal!

What restrictions are still active? I feel like the world pretty much opened but, but not so much for you it seems?

Great to have it back in the real again.
Can't wait to meet real Hiveans in person again. Its been almost 4 years (since Krakow).

I was a real newbie back then.

Krakow was my first and last IRL Fest as well! :D Good to see you again in A'dam!

I am definitely trying my best to be there, I haven't treated myself too much in the last few years.

See ya´ll there!


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I have regretted of not going to the last "real-life" Hive Fest in Bangkok... I will try to not repeat that mistake this time! See you in Amsterdam!

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Dates are saved. I will move a planned trip to Congo to attend HF6! It will be my first HF. Yeah! :)

Well, that is very nice. :)

Count me in old (young) friend!

Amsterdam , Dangerous place ..too much red lights district ( which was not a reference to show by the way 😆 ) and drug dealers everywhere , i call it the Europeen Las vegas , i might come though , i will be in Paris so not too far , nice museums to visit and if you give the list of who comes , that would be nice to see who i could meet from Hive 💚


I regret being in a place so far away. It sounds very exciting, although the language would not help me much because he speaks Spanish and it has been a limitation for me in terms of interacting with many amazing people that I have come across on Hive. But I am very excited because it looks like it will be an event in style, so I have no choice but to follow them from afar 😎😉

(Quoting "Torchwood", fyi ;) )

OHOH magnifico, que emoción ver tanto trabajo y seguro el ver la cara de tantos amigos de la casa. Que todo les salga genial

Awesome News! Nice to see that it takes place again in Europe. You have my agreement to participate in the event! Only one big question I have... Do I have to start bowling training now? I am a bit rusty ;)

Anyway - I'm really happy that the HiveFest will take place and I'm even more happy to see a part of the great community again. So much time has passed since Bangkok.

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