Three more weeks until Hivefest - NFTShowroom, Names & RSVP now!

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It has been a while since you heard from me. Working in the background towards HiveFest 6 in the metaverse. Let's hope it's the last one solely in VR for some while, right?

I've actually attended an IRL festival the other day in a neighbouring city. Was great! Some first face2face events start popping up again. Seriously hoping this winter the fricking viral load stays under control and science summoned this drama back into the cave. Maybe future HiveFest's should have a double whammy: One live and one virtual edition 2 weeks after one other. But... first things first... HiveFest 6!


First names have been announced:

@theycallmedan, @crimsonclad, @blocktrades, @howo, @yabapmatt, @starkerz, @therealwolf, @poezio, @stoodkev, @arcange, @good-karma. @jarvie . Talks about SPKNetwork, Core development, NFT-showroom, interfaces like Ecency, Peakd, the one and only Splinterlands and more. New names soon, the schedule is filling up nicely with help from @guiltyparties!

NFTShowroom is calling for artists:

NFT Showroom is once again creating a VR gallery for Hivefest to showcase some of the beautiful art that gets tokenized on their platform so they put out a call for artists recently: If you are an artist and on their platform (you should!) apply now to join here!


RSVP now on AltspaceVR and claim your HiveFest ticket

Official event deeplinks have been created on AltspaceVR and while we have over 300 folks registered through you should definitely also login AltspaceVR and RSVP for the following two events:

Register for free at!

Want to join in on 12 + 13 November? Here is what you should do right now:

  1. Register for here
  2. Put on your goggles/desktop and install AltspaceVR
  3. Follow @hivefest on Hive & Twitter
  4. Join the Telegram group
  5. Setup your AltspaceVR account (read more) - Tip: use your Hive name as username for recognisability
  6. Customise your AltspaceVR avatar for originality and recognition

See you in the metaverse for HiveFest 2021!

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Already got my tickets reserved and really looking forward to "seeing" you there. The lineup is impressive already. Here's hoping to a real-life in-person HiveFest 7!

Awesome! I just got a new VR headset for this and reserved my spot. I can't wait until we can all get together for in person Hive Fest! I miss you all!

Hi please can you direct me to a link where I can find these altspace compatible Vr headsets. Thanks.

Sure. Here you go

Lol yeah right. Did

I shall 'see' you there. Looking forward to it.

Very much looking forward to it.

Thanks a million for doing this for 6 years in a row.

Screenshot 2021-10-22 at 21.09.22.png

hey Roland whats the deadline for rsvp? can we do it later on after we get the oculus?

I would like to attend unfortunately I have not bought the glasses and I think I will not have them for the date, however I would like to be able to be informed of the events through the publications of the participants, good luck to all and my wishes is that you have a great time ...

you can join without the goggles if you want to. I did last year, while it might not be as cool, I was able to hear and engage just fine.

Your choice! I just downloaded the AltspaceVR app and attended.

See you all there! I am super excited and cant wait what will they announce on the event!

Last year was awesome and i bet this year will be even better. Looking forward to seeing some folks in the metaverse and there are always some great updates and sneak peeks of things to come. The future of HIVE is looking bright.

I need to get my NFT Showroom art whipped up ASAP! Thanks for the reminder and thanks for all your hard work in making it possible to bring us all together in the interwebs.

Yes, yes don't wait too long with this!

Thanks for the support! I am finishing it up just now! See you at HiveFest!

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This is very interesting, just ❤️ keep on the good job.

What is VR, and how did these 2 little images pay out $700 USD?

VR means virtual reality. This post is informing people when the yearly HiveFest, which was previously Steemfest, is and information on presentations. The post rewards were also set to the @hivefest account, which helps to keep the cost down as much as possible for those that are planning on being in attendance.

Great names on the stage and I hope other tribe representatives will join. Add some art and gaming NFTs on top of that and the space is becoming appealing for anyone!

Oh so nice! Oh to bad that AltspaceVR is still not available for open source operating systems.

I am looking forward to all your streams into the wild. @tipu curate !invest_vote

I use Ubuntu and I can run it fine via steam with proton.

Well, nice. Then it's probably worth another try! What is proton? !invest_vote

proton is a tool that will help you run games/softwares on steam that are exclusively for windows. The performance will still depend on your distribution and your pc specs. There was a problem reported with the graphic card as well if you use AMD.

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Awesome. See you there too

super excited to join hivefest... last year i was all set to go but unfortunately not attended due to some urgency.. but this time definitely join this fantastic events... thankyou for another opportunity to learn more about hive future....

is it just me or hivefest sounds way better than steemfest? Nice to see roelandp still organizing it.

I made my request to @nftshowroom a few days ago. I am very curious to see all the other artists as well, it is always a pleasure to be able to see all this art, it is a very creative period.

Super excited. This would be the first time I use my oculus for a live event, and also my first #hivefest. I'm mostly hyped up wait for all the #splinterlands content tho. Lets get it!!😆😆

This is really one of the top best event no one should ever miss. There's also high possibility that this event will also help to develop the hive community which can directly impact the value or price of Hive in the nearest future.

I'll try as much as possible to also get my ticket for hive fest via AltspaceVR.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💕❤️

It was surprisingly awesome last year. Can't wait. I'll go check out ALTSpace to see what's new.

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It would be great if there were another way to participate in and attend the conference. I tried it last year and that virtual thing just doesn't work for me.

Wow, hard to believe that we are heading into year six! I haven't been able to attend any of the in person ones, but I did do the virtual one a bit last year. I hope that one day I can get to an in person HiveFest. I am actually attending my first business conference for the first time in a long time this week. It is going to be weird getting out in public again! Almost like things are back to normal!

Awesome! I'm very glad because maybe I can show some Nft art that I make for @nftshowroom and the @hivefest :) lml

Omg couples of days ago me and my colleagues just talked about how Google, Facebook are shifting their ways towards metaverse and here I am reading on Hive about it. I am so excited. I would love to join the HiveFest even though I dont't have the fancy goggles. Are there anyone joining it without goggles and can you pls guide me how it works?

Thank you @roelandp and the team for organising it.

I will be joining without googles! I think the easy way so far is downloading ALT VR via STEAM.

Thank you :) I already signed up for the event and got the instruction from the email. Will download the app this weekend. Hope to see you there :)

Wow this community never ceases to impress me the more I deep dive into this space the more I know I don't know and have yet to learn. Thank you guys for taking such iniatives in moving this industry as a whole. I've been a gaming for a LARGE majority of my life probably well over 50k+ dedicated hours and really like to see and be a part of this movement towards a much more evolved ecosystem for all.

I haven't yet registered but will do so now. (Update I now just did all the steps <3 See you there)

"If you always do what you've always done, You'll always get what you've always got"

For anyone on the fence about whether or not to register or attend what is the worst that can happen? It is a free event I empower you to work outside your comfort zone as this is a very unknown territory for me, but with it brings a unique sense of anticipation and excitement to see how things play out.

Dear @roelando we are from the Philippines. And our #hivecommunity is now growing. We have 70 active members and counting. It is possible that you can be our partner just to motivate our community?

Thank you so much

I love that they are doing these activities in spite of....incredible the will they have and I congratulate them for that.

yep, looking forward to it.