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RE: 2 Weeks until HiveFest5! Win 3,333 HIVE, Pre-Pump III Warm up, new names!

in #hivefest8 months ago

Hi, @roelandp, not sure if @whalefountain is an account controlled by you, but in any case @whalefountain had sent the Hivetorch to @pharesim. But that user seems too busy being witness to react on such community projects. Can you maybe ask him to pass on the Torch, to keep it alive? It would be really a shame and a bad sign, if the Torch stucks after almost 200 transfers with a high-ranked witness, wouldn´t it?


Yes I already asked, it will continue don't worry. It travelled fast recently right :) @pharesim is number 1 fan of the whalefountain actually who even made an IRL trip to the beast!