2 Weeks until HiveFest5! Win 3,333 HIVE, Pre-Pump III Warm up, new names!

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So far, almost 400 people registered to attend the five year HiveFest anniversary for free, which can be attended through Desktop 2D apps for Mac & Windows next to the immersive VR Headset experience. On the HiveFe.st website you can see all names so far added to the speaker line-up. It will be a packed 4 hour program.

Some lol'ings🤣 : last week's Blackfriday sale of HiveFest 5 merchandise rendered me in a loss :P. Not only did I permanently lower all prices of the t-shirts, hoodies, scarfs and socks, I also added a BlackFriday additional discount. Exactly that discount is the difference I'm paying myself now to the manufacturer 😀. (Failed my math exam I guess).

Don't feel bad for me tho, I'm happy some of you got the swag at a reduced price level and concluding from my mailbox I saw already many items shipped to your destination!

Since last monday I've removed the extra black friday discount, but rest assured the prices stay at newly lowered (break-even) price point, so you pay exactly what I pay to the manufacturer to create and dropship your HiveFest swag. Check out the swag on merch.hivefe.st

HiveFest Program Glossary:

Friday 18 December: Plenary Event with presentations. 5PM UTC start, warming up 1 hour in advance.
Saturday 19 December: Explorer Event with Art gallery (including some presentations), games, AltspaceVR epic world tours. 5PM UTC start, warming up 1 hour in advance.

Check out the speaker line-up on HiveFe.st


Pre-Pump III (last one!) - this Sunday 6 December - 8PM UTC

Last week the Pre-Pump II event (raw footage here) was pretty well attended with about 45 people and almost 75% in VR. I use these pre-pumps to test VR gear, test side-app / 3d models enhancing the whole event experience (photobooth, chat connection, background music, videostreams). It was not so much fun due to a bug I could not talk for the first 20 minutes, causing me to reboot my VR headset and re-enter.

This week I've asked AltspaceVR / Microsoft to upgrade the upcoming PrePump III event features to mimic HiveFest's event settings so that the last things can be tested. The way AltspaceVR works is that once an event reaches a certain amount of people, copies of the event will be spawned. This way the experience stays manageable and enjoyable by all, as too many avatars in one room would be too much realtime rendering, overloading the experience.

But with last week's updates to AltspaceVR's software, upon entering an event room you can pick which copy you want to be teleporting to. The interface will show you in which "copy" your friends are so you can opt to join them too.

Come and show off your avatar in Pre-Pump III. RSVP here on AltspaceVR. It is mainly an informal hangout, but still attracts quite some folks who want to test their VR gear or app setup. If anyone wants to go on stage to present or perform, reach out via [email protected]

AltspaceVR setup? Last chance to win part of that 3,333 HIVE

As announced 5 days ago, anyone who has setup AltspaceVR, and created & shared their attendeecard here (and on social media preferably) is eligible to join the 3,333 HIVE prize-pot contest.

It's not only handy and fun to setup and test AltspaceVR in advance instead of discovering everything during HiveFest itself (we can't provide much support during the event itself)... Now you have a good reason to already setup and show off your custom avatar on your own HiveFest Attendee Card.

In order to join the contest, submit yours in the section linked here before December 7th, following these guidelines.

Here is my HiveFe.st Attendee Card: @roelandp is going to HiveFest5

Update your AltspaceVR software!

Last week the AltspaceVR team updated their software with bugfixes and convenient new features for event organisers. This means you will need to run the latest update of the software. On most VR Headsets and Windows PCs upgrading will be done automatically, however just check you are in the 4.81 / 4.82 version. If you are on Mac, you will need to update manually. Learn here how to get started on AltspaceVR and where to get the free software.

Free registration for HiveFest 5 closes Monday December 7th

Register your HiveFest attendance here

Wear HiveFest gear IRL

That's it for today, wishing you a great weekend, see you maybe sunday at the Pre-Pump III.

100% Beneficiary set to @hivefest


As an Australian, 5pm UTC sees me waking up early as it starts at 3:30am haha! So I should get up at 2:30am and make a strong coffee, get online and prepare.

Good to know the actual time as it means I am up early Saturday and then can head out to my partner's place like I do on weekends and won't have to modify it to go later or come home etc to attend. The 2nd day I can't make though, but getting in for the big one!

Finally got my avat ready need to get out of that apartment i in now 😂 move a around a little and see how things work

Looking forward to meeting more Hive peeps at Hivefest! I think it will be a great way to network further on Hive. I went and bought an oculus 2 and everything!

Awesome awesome!

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So dashed cool all this your doing!!! ... I loved the whale splash as well, which you get for 1 HIVE, read that in your blog long ago.

I have a calendar event set and alarm set for this Sunday

I think 400 people is already a great milestone and there is still some time left for advertising.

LG Michael


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Keep up the good work!

Is there anyway I can view this from my iPad or iPhone ? It’s all I have ... could it also be live streamed from YouTube ?
You will get 1,000 Subscribers on your Channel if you do this....

Yes HiveFest will be livestreamed at the following locations:

Source: https://hivefest.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/80000109626-how-to-get-started-on-altspacevr

Not sure I understand your Youtube subscribers thingy correctly but this brand new channel needs some, so I can make a vanity url. thx!

Great news. Subscribed on YouTube.

Aww I'm going to miss this pre-pump event, got no computer until my new one is built.

On the live stream footage I get up close and personal to one of the cameras at 59 minute in haha perfect, just what I wanted to happen.

Awesomeee, can not wait!

This should also be in Hive VR community (so many HIVE ppl will get VR now) https://hive.blog/created/hive-191891

Also it was very complicated finding this post again (luckily I re blogged it)

oh thats unfortunate. It's promoted heavily on Peakd and maybe trending... Also mailed to 1200 subscribers... If you have suggestions on how to enhance visibility more, let me know!

I saw, very good reach on the post!! The suggestion would be cross-posting, from one community to another (maybe it already is like that?) We are only 2 ppl in the Hive VR group lol, but I hope it will grow

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Hi, @roelandp, not sure if @whalefountain is an account controlled by you, but in any case @whalefountain had sent the Hivetorch to @pharesim. But that user seems too busy being witness to react on such community projects. Can you maybe ask him to pass on the Torch, to keep it alive? It would be really a shame and a bad sign, if the Torch stucks after almost 200 transfers with a high-ranked witness, wouldn´t it?


Yes I already asked, it will continue don't worry. It travelled fast recently right :) @pharesim is number 1 fan of the whalefountain actually who even made an IRL trip to the beast!

Awesome awesome

I already shared my HiveFest avatar card here. Much fun!

La verdad es exelente lo que esplayaste en esta publicacion, saludos.

I see it is set for the 19th as well now, I may be able to jump on if that's the case! Working on the 18th, possibly the 19th too but we will see...

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Can’t wait for HIVEFest!!!

Great work!

This will be amazing as always. Liked and shared for visibility.

That's good. Just subscribed to the YT channel.

this will be my first hivefest im excited

I wish you success and profit !!!

I just registered but I wished that they would have been a mobile application for the AltspaceVR. Not everyone has access to a system.

Looking forward to it. I remember seeing you and a few others at the pre meeting the other day. Anywho I was just curious about the whalebadge. I fed it 4 times. It went off twice but not the other 2. Probably should have waited longer. Anywho was wondering about the badge for it. Thanks. Pumped about Hive Fest.