Roeland talks about HiveFest on Episode 3 of Show Me The Crypto

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The amazing @roelandp joined Ulf and I on Episode 3 of Show Me The Crypto.

In our interview with Roeland, we chat about:

  • His background and how he was first introduced to the crypto space
  • His take on the Steem/Hive hardfork earlier this this year
  • How he ended up organizing the inaugural SteemFest
  • What we can expect at the first-ever VR HiveFest

Let me know what you think of this episode!

(Show Me The Crypto is also a podcast, if you're more of an audio person:


Supercool, thx for the conversation, was great fun!

It was great chatting to you, Roeland! Thanks for all you do for the Hive Community :)

I kept listening the whole interview because I want to inform myself about Hive and liked to listen to Roeland telling his experiences. I live in Amsterdam so that created a bond as well.

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It's great to see you are attending HiveFest⁵ in Altspace VR.

Have fun!

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It's today! Do not miss the opening of HiveFest⁵

He looks and sounds a bit like Jurgen Klopp.

Haha you think? Jurgen is a hero in my books :)