Friday 13th is Smiley for me!

in #hivegaming6 months ago (edited)

Hey everyone, it has been a busy week for me with so much going on and today was no exception!

I decided to purchase my first plot of land in Splinterlands! (More on that soon!)

I also enjoyed opening some Rising Star packs for the new Halloween Promo Card and got lucky winning a Smileys Death Horn on my first mission!
My packs were very lucky too with many nice pulls and back to back Epics for the first time!




And I have been streaming every day on Twitch along with working on FootBrawls. (New Update coming tomorrow including a special Halloween Card!)

We also have our Saturday Night Hive show coming up in a few hours!

I will make a fully updated post after my stream, but just wanted to let you know I am still alive and look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for some Battle of the Bands!

And of course we will open some more packs to giveaway to the winners!

Thanks everyone and see you all soon!

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