My Hive Introduction: A jack of all trades, will do everything for fam!

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Buckle up, everyone, as I’ll be explaining to you who I am that I’ve been trying to unveil for the past few years! Okay, let’s do it!

Hey! I’m Joselle or @sellennee

A young individual with a vision of leading the future industry and has a willingness to transform ‘experience’ into ‘expertise.’ (too scripted, right? It’s on my resume 😅)

Anyways, I’m not optimistic nor pessimistic. I rather say I’m realistic. I weigh my decision based on the probability of achieving them.


Like how philosophers started unveiling the mysteries of the world, let’s begin by asking Who am I?

A Goal-digger

I’m the goal-digger and breadwinner in my fam. I dance, write, read, draw, paint, and attend school while freelancing!

multi tasking.png

Illustration came from Freepik Free Vectors

Here are some of what I’ve created with my mighty hands:



Most of these are inspired by the pictures I saw on Pinterest. Then, I recreated them by drawing and painting. Let me know what you think about this!💙


It’s kinda hard for me to explain my whole life that I’ve been trying to understand for the past years, hehe. I’m kinda philosophical; I like talking to someone about the things that others might find bothering or creepy. But I’m more comfortable talking deeply with a stranger rather than my friends because I know they’ll be laughing at me, lol.

I love traveling, as long as it brings additional knowledge (and fun!). As you can see here, I’ve been to the National Museum of the Philippines! And I’m excited to share it with you!

Hmmm, so where should we head to? Ahh! Childhood! Careful! You might love who I am if you continue reading.😉

A Warrior!

Oh, Look! This is the cute Sellennee. Great smile, isn’t it? My sister always says that I look like a child star. Do I really look like one?

Well, I guess I was really charming. Oh! How I wish the charm’s still on my face.


I’m a miracle baby. Luckily, my name is not Miracle (I’ve no hate for it tho, just sounds too optimistic for me, hehe). During my mom’s 6th month of pregnancy, she had to be operated on because there was a 15 cm cyst on her left uterus while I was on the right side!

Ohhh, I’ve been a fighter since young!

A pressured paragon

Fast forward to my schooling. I’m an over-achiever. Well, let me correct that; I was massively pressured to be an achiever. I dance, write, read, draw, and paint. I can still vividly remember how my mom scolded me and threw all my school supplies away when I got a score of 16/30 on my English exam. Please take note that I was a Grade 1 then, lol. What a great way to ruin your child’s mental health, right? sighs

I was implicitly instructed to be a Top 1 every year since Grade 1. Sad, isn’t it? I was pressured to win every contest I joined. Be it Math Contests like Mathrathon (I guess it’s evident by the name) that I had to compute for 10, 20, and 30 seconds on a small paper! I was so young back then, lol. I have to win on every Quiz Bee, may it be Math, Science, English, History, or even in Journalism! I was also a part of the school dance group, lmao. I had so much on my plate, haha.

childhood .png

Gladly, my parents were somehow carefree now. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t hate them. I just wish they were a bit soft during my early years. But I’m all good now. My mom has been supportive ever since. She’s always there, from my quiz bees to pageants, or even bringing a pen to my school when I forgot it. I’m so thankful to both of my parents for their overwhelming support and patience ever since!


Be the voice, not an echo

I’ve mentioned that I’m into journalism, right? Since my 4th grade, I’ve been a campus journalist; a broadcaster, and an editorial writer. It became my passion. It made me engaged in political, economic, and historical talks.

Writing articles is my niche. I even wanted it to be my job! (being a broadcaster) But, as the eldest child and the soon-to-be breadwinner of my fam, I had to set aside my interest. 😔 I was told to pursue Accountancy for a better money-making job, as apparently, I have the responsibility to the college educations of my 2 younger siblings.

Since stepping my feet to college, I never tried joining a broadcasting club in my school because I can’t fathom the idea that I can never fulfill it as my professional job. But I still take a video of myself while doing the #teleprompterchallenge on TikTok, hehe.


Different school uniforms, different instructors, and different teammates, yet the same passion fires through me that time!

Caged to be molded

What should I do? I was caged, so I had to embrace the idea of being an accountant. And guess what? I am planning to pursue Law after passing the CPA Board Exam! I love the idea of being a lawyer. I dunno why, but studying my law subjects is easier for me than studying my accounting subjects, lol.

Accident is indeed the first building block of evolution. I accidentally love it, and I know it will mold me into someone that the kid @sellennee wanted to be!

I’m also thinking of pursuing a detective-ish job after taking Law. I guess I’m just too inspired by many Netflix series I watched, haha. But, who knows? I might still take it! I hope you’re still with me if that happens!

A Freelancer


And since I am responsible for my siblings’ educations, I also pursue freelancing this year! Then, I’ve been interested in financing lately. Or should I say, I should be financially literate, not for me, but for my family’s future?

That’s why I joined Hive! I’m so grateful to @purepinay. Thank you so much for introducing Hive to me!

It’s such a great platform to write, influence, share, earn, and learn about crypto! I can foresee that this platform will fulfill my first dream; to be a journalist. (well, kinda 💙) I promise to deliver a balance of opinionated and factual blogs!

As a freelancer, I manage social media accounts, do a voiceover, create/ write content, and I’m a virtual assistant!

I know that if you’ve reached here, you’re exhausted from understanding my story. I have too many hobbies and interests, but I do not have the luxury of time to turn them into expertise. Why would there only be 24 hours a day? Grrr.

I, myself, am astonished at how big I’ve become. And I know that years from now, I will look at my feet, and I will realize that I’m at my biggest destination.

Looking back, I had never foreseen that at 19, I’d be this mature. While everyone’s busy enjoying their college life, here I am, finding so many ways to earn and invest.

I like me. Despite the things that happened and the things that will happen.

I know that deep within me, I like this version of myself. An individual striving to be a better person not only for her family and community but also for herself.

If you’ve reached this part, let me know what I should do to improve my writing! Should I remove the “hehe?” Reminds me of the role of Ariana Grande in a Nickelodeon show, haha.

My quote of the day:
Tough life, but I’m tougher! Remember Newton’s 3rd Law? You gotta be pulled back to fly forward!

If you happen to have a discord server that suits me, let me in! Let’s connect! I wanna learn more. Have a great day, everyone!

me end.png

Disclaimer: All photos are edited with Photoshop 2018, Remini, and Canva.


Welcome sellennee!
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Oh my! Welcome Selle! Another creative blogger here on hive! 🥰 it's so nice that a lot of creative people are joining the team! 😊 so proud to have you on board! Welcome! 😊 can't wait to read your future post. Happy Hiving!

Thank you so much @sassycebuana! From the overwhelming support since the beginning to answering my queries any time of the day! Happy Hiving!💕

Welcome to Hive, Joselle! Am so happy you're finally here! The crew should also be here soon! 😘❤️

Yey! Thank you so much for introducing Hive to me @purepinay! I was amazed at how hands-on you are, from my queries to onboarding💕 Excited for the whole crew to be here! Wanna bring my friends here, too!

I can't wait to see them in Hive! 😊

I love how you crafted well your first intro. I love the effort that you really out in it. Am sure your mom would be very proud too!

Welcome @sellennee!! ❤️

Thank you so much, @gerel 💕 Looking forward to more success for Ph Hivers!

Hello Dear! Welcome to hive 🤍

Super nice naman nang introduction mo. Feels like am reading a book.

Ingat and Welcome to hive again 💖💖💖untitled.gif

Ahhh! That's one of my dreams; to publish a book. 😄 Thank you for the compliment and warm welcome @itsmiessyonpeakd 💕

Welcome to Hive girl. 😊😍

Thank youuuu! Ahh... the overwhelming support from our community really flatters me 💕

Awee, sure no problem. Hope to see you during meet up. 😊

Very well made na intro! Welcome to the Hive Family!!! We hope to see you soon and get a chance to hang-out and know better. Enjoy your experience here. ❤️❤️❤️

Yeyy! Thank you sa compliment. Wanna virtually meet the whole team soon!💙 Will surely do everything here to feel the most out of it!

Can't wait! Stay safe!❤️❤️❤️

Welcome to hive 🥂🍾


Hello @sellennee This is @macchiata from the @OCD team. We saw that you already posted your first post here in Hive! Congratulations and welcome! And that is one of a kind introduction.

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Wow! Thank you so much for the kind assistance to me as a newbie! I will surely check all these out! 💙

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Hello! Will surely check this out! Thank you so much! 💕

Welcome :)

Yey! Thank you so much! 💙

I like the term goal-digger. That's clever! I wouldn't worry about the hehe... just shows you're alive. Besides, the most famous hehe, more like eehee, was Michael Jackson and did alright for himself... lol welcome to Hive. I suggest reading some of my past content on business and finances, based on what you've said above regarding finances and being the head of the house over your siblings... welcome!

Oh my! I really appreciate your feedback, and you, reading everything! Will surely read your posts! Good thing people like you have created several tips to guide us into the financing and business world where we can be our own bosses! 💙

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Hello and welcome to hive blockchain social media Joselle @sellennee, I wish you all the best for you future career as a lawyer. Its nice to know you and have a great day ahead :)

Oh wow! Thank you for this encouragement! Been longing for this lately, hehe. 💕

you are welcome :)

Welcome sellennee! If you love travel check out @travelfeed / :)

Oh! Will check it out! Thank you for welcoming me! 💙

Welcome to Hive!

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Welcome to Hive Joselle. It's nice to meet you here. What a great and detailed introduction post. I love your writing style so much. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you

Hi, @dora381! Thank you so much! I love your blogs too! Have a great day 💕