Winners of the Hive People Meme Contest

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Thanks to all who entered the Hive Vs. Steem meme contest. There were a lot of great ones, and it was difficult to pick the winners. A big thanks to @theycallmedan who gave an extra 100 $HIVE to the first place winner! There were so many good entries, so 4 Honorable Mentions were added, with each one winning 10 $HIVE.

200 $HIVE First Place: @juanc964

75 $HIVE Second Place: @doze

50 $HIVE Third Place Tie:

10 $HIVE Each 4 Honorable Mentions:



Check out the Gif that contains the entries:

Thanks to the entire HIVE community for their great participation!

If you're one of the winners, you must have a Hive account to receive your rewards. You will be contacted via Twitter if you submitted memes on Twitter.

Make sure and follow @hivepeople on Twitter to spread the word about Hive and keep updated:

Congratulations and Hive on,
Hive People Team


Congratulations for all winners, may be i would be a participant but unfortunately miss the track, best of luck!

Thank you ... what an emotion, I can't believe : )

start believing! Your meme was hilarious....very original too

Thank you so much! 😁
I'm honored for this mention!
Congratulations to all that have participated and a special congrats to @juanc964 😁

We are Hive!

you're welcome!

@tipu curate

Thanks you very much and congratulations to all winners :D

thanks for your big participation!