New Features available: Referral Support, Notification-Bot & API

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Quick Recap

This week we introduced an Open Standard for a HIVE Account Referral System which was an very abstract post suited for developer who may make use of the system in their dApp.

Today I love to give you an overview on all the good stuff which has been implemented on @hiveonboard over the last week in order to fully support this system.

Referral Support

Right now, fully supports the open standard mentioned above and it's available for everyone who wan't to bring in new people to HIVE!

A few people already make use of these new features and it's working very well so far.

1. Create your personal referral link


Here you go, take the link and spread the word about HIVE. Take it to social media or pass it to a friend.

2. Referred person creates an account

In this case @hivepeople shares the link on Twitter and an interested user is going to create an account. As you can see, the referrer is already visible before the account is even created. In order to continue the new user has to agree to the terms of service, which includes the information on the referral program.

3. You and the referred person will be notified
When a new account was created using the referral link, @hiveonboard will send out a memo to you and the referred person. We want to create a connection between both of you. Let's take a look at the memos.

  • Memo to the new account:

  • Memo to the referrer account:

4. Support the new user and earn beneficiary rewards
As suggested in the memo, it would be awesome if the new user would get some help from the referrer. When creating an account on @hiveonboard, we'll suggest the following settings for reward sharing to HIVE front-ends:

  • 3% for the referrer (you)
  • 1% for the creator (currently only @tipu)
  • 1% for the provider (@hiveonboard)

We already explained in detail in this post that the open standard is still brand new and have to be accepted and integrated into HIVE dApps. And even with dApp support there is a possibility that these settings will be changed by the user, so @hiveonboard cannot guarantee these rewards yet, but it's a start.

Referral Notification Bot

Like described in the previous section in step 3, @hiveonboard is running a bot which is parsing the HIVE blockchain on account creation events which make use of open standard for referrals.

This means, notification will be sent even if the new user wasn't created on If any other account creation service will make use of the referral system, those memo notifications will create a relationship between the new user and the referral as well.

Public API with Referral Information for dApp developer

Last but not least, @hiveonboard now offers a public API with referral information to make dApp integration even easier.

Link to Documentation

Imagine you want to render a list of accounts who got referred by the user currently signed in?
Yes you can! Just request this information right from the API like this:

I can't wait to see what dApps will create when adapting the referral system!

Other Improvements

More Learn Content


Thanks to @stellabelle and @thepeakstudio three info-graphics where added to the Learn section to help new users getting started with HIVE. If you haven't seen them yet, you really have to check them out!

Privacy Improvements

As you may know @hiveonboard uses phone verification to prevent bad actors creating hundreds of spam accounts. In order to achieve this a SHA256 hash is generated from the phone number and stored in our database. This way, no phone number can ever be exposed and users privacy is guaranteed.


Asking for Feedback & Suggestions

As always I'am happy to hear your feedback and suggestions how to make @hiveonboard even better.

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This is @roomservice and when you like my work, I would be glad to be your witness: Vote Here


Hope the infographics help new users to learn more about hive

Who's making infographics?

This is awesome! And yes, it is already working. Thank you for this! Now, time to bring awareness to this.😃

You and the marketing community are doing a great job on social media! 👍👍👍

Thanks! Hive will get the Brave ads, it's just a matter of time....and a lot of testing. and a lot of patience, and also determination.

my friend Ruben mentioned what you did, sharing your hackathon rewards, so that was awesome news to hear!

This is amazing and I can't wait to start using the referral system. Just this past week, I onboarded more than 5 friends through hiveonbaord. So right from this moment, I will be using the referral system to sign up my friends.
Thank you so much for this service @hiveonboard, @hivepeople, @roomservice

awesome, great job!

In order to achieve this a SHA256 hash is generated from the phone number and stored in our database. This way, no phone number can ever be exposed and users privacy is guaranteed.

Should take about 2min to generate and lookup the hash from every possible phone numbers hashes.

Haha - that was the first thing I was thinking :D

I love your project and I think I'm going to use it for my postcard-webstamp-qr-code project.

Have a great day!

Love your creativity! Let me know how it worked out 😀

looking forward to what you create!

Amazing!!! Thank you very much for everything!! Look at me now.. Before 3 weeeks I had no clue about HIVE but now I’m writing articles how cool is HIVE!!!!! I’m in love with the idea of this cryptocurrency :)) Greetings from Bulgaria!

I like the new feature of referral support as it will encourage the referrer to take care of the referral and nurture them to grow on the HIVE blockchain. Voted you as a witness! Upvoted!

Thank you very much!!!

Very interesting and nice information.. I love use hive 😍❣️

I was always support of this . I am confused as regards the reward system and the signed in people i invited.. could i get a proper breakdown

Alright, I'll give it another try 😀
Let's assume you referred a dude, who is start posting content on HIVE. He makes a selfie and get's upvotes. After 7 days the post rewards will be payed out, where you would automatically receive a 3% of those rewards.

Remember that those new accounts start with 0 HIVE POWER, so it would be a good idea to delegate a tiny amount of HP, so the referred user has a smooth starting experience.

Right know there is no HIVE interface (like, or which supports the rewards sharing - but I'am pretty confident that this will change anytime soon.

So i can refer people if i follow the directives on this post from now on?

Yeah totally! All you have to do is share your referral link to people who wanna join HIVE:

I like bearshares referral program ;) You can generate account within 30 seconds, no need of phone/email verification..
we have a ton of premine, to facilitate everyone who wishes to create accounts..
it is a tough job for a spammer even to generate an account. posting a shit post .. and earning 70$ for it :p is much more worse than, creating 100 accounts and earn 1$

Thank you guys for all your hard work! This is really exciting stuff and I'm sure it will have a huge impact on Hive mass adoption in the future. You are pioneers of the future of Hive! :D

How can I earn money through esteem ?

Ура! Ура! Ура! )))

Awesome, this is great :)

I am really impressed with this new features on hive. But connection of accounts or user account does it relates to recovery account. Maybe there referred has his or her referral as a recovery account.

Right now, the recovery account has nothing to do with the referrer. But it's totally possible that the new account sets his referrer for recovery at anytime.

3% for the referrer (you)
1% for the creator (currently only @tipu)
1% for the provider (@hiveonboard)

Hello, good job for making all of this effort. Just quick question, Is there an expiration date for the beneficiaries or it will be a lifetime bonus?

The goal of the open standard for referrals is that those beneficiaries will be default settings when the referred user starts creating posts on HIVE.

It's up to the new account to decide how long those settings will stay active. In our draft we don't want to force anything, that's why I think it's important to build a connection between the referrer and the new user and create a WIN/WIN situation.

This is brilliant!

Going to implement it into my training platform right away.

Quick question, I've been working with onboarding people for years now and the process is not easy for many.

The account keys is the biggest stumbling block. But thinking they will even get into more confusion with the 'set beneficiary'. I'm assuming there is no way to do this automatically for them right? Or does Hiveonboard take care of it at account set up?

I'm assuming there is no way to do this automatically for them right? Or does Hiveonboard take care of it at account set up?

All of the stuff is happening behind the scenes, so nobody has to mess around with those technical details. @hiveonboard takes care of it for the account creation. The goal for this design is, to make it easy for people to use it!

If the referred user later becomes more experienced those settings could be changed like the user profile. We have be a little bit patient until the first HIVE interfaces will support this features.

Wow, that is brilliant. Awesome stuff!

That's interesting, thanks!

I think, we need some kind of banner that would pop up on twitter with the link would make it better visible. Also a copy button to copy the referral link, would be a better approach. I have posted like this :


Wow, this is awesome. Finally, my wish has came true. Awesome @tipu

Nice to see, getting new features! Pumped 😍😍

Since I just registered using your service, I'm sure I will use this program to invite new people.

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Cool, you guys make hive next level.

Excellent initiative @hiveonboard.

Referrals on social platforms help give you greater incentive and strength (as long as they are serious and responsible and not just a business).


Would it be possible for my account to auto delegate 10HP when a new account is created using my referral code?
Rather than a memo and manually doing those extra steps. With RC delegation someday it would take a lot less toll on the creators account so it would be great to see it automated in the future for accounts to sign up new people and auto delegate rc for the first while for them to get started.

I love the idea behind it and it's something that we have been sorely lacking for a long time. A good landing page will also be essential for new users with a few tutorial videos as to what is needed at the stat and what is on HIVE as well as there is a big learning curve.

It's great progress so far and looking forward to seeing the apps building on it going forward.

Right now, I don't have a solution in place.

There is a plan for an interface, where you can access a list of your referrals and see their activity, available resources etc. Still need some more time until it's ready.

So bare with me :)

Awesome! We'll start using this in our articles, and we'll send some HP to get new users started!

Greetings @roomservice, great work with the @hiveonboard service! I would like to explore adding the service to a website I have in development. Are you available at all on discord? 👊

Yeah sure! -> roomservice#8215

I'm really looking for this and also funding my referral link so you shared useful very important information thanks