Hello Again Hive! It's me, Sassy Cebuana✨

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First, I'd like to thank @acidyo @ocd @guiltyparties for being patient with me in recovering my account for the last six (6) days but to no avail. To all my hive friends who tried helping me out @glecerioberto @patsitivity @asasiklause @explorewithsasha and my siblings @jongcl @eeventuree @morenatravels who have been there for me as I shared my heavy heart with them. Thank you, I am forever grateful.


Yes, I just lost my hive account @sassycebuana that was more than a year old with more than 1000 Hive power, 300 plus followers and 2607 posts. It really is painful, up until now, it still hurts that much but I need to move forward and accept it already.

Why did it happen? I was careless during my last post When to Let go that during the copy pasting of my footer I accidentally copied my active key and post it on my post. Yes, too careless enough that all my hard work had completely vanished. Just after I quickly erased and removed it from my post 30-40mins after I was logged out to all my dapp (peakd, ecency and liketu). It won't allow me to upvote anyone and when I tried logging back in it says "you have no posting authority". I panicked, my hands trembled, I suddenly felt a pang on my chest. My tears is about to burst as I've tried logging in again but only to disappoint myself. It's such a cliché at such perfect timing about letting go that I'd lose my hive account just like that.


That account have been a great help to me and my daughter. It's been helping me a lot with our financial needs especially to my daughter's education. I have stopped blogging at my previous platform as well where I've earned through my paid ads because I have hive already. Hive for me is more than my home. I have made several friends who's been nothing but a blessing. Hive is a blessing for both of us, me and my daughter.


Hive brings me to different places. I can save up and travel because of hive. The thought of not being able to share my adventure and losing something that I have been relying on breaks my heart. I was hopeful that I can get the account back when I tried reaching out to acid and OCD since ocdwitness was my recovery account but it won't let me. It gives me an error that owner authority wasn't changed for the past 30 days but won't let me log in using my master key. I have sleepless nights because of it.

Up until now, I still can't believe that it happened. How heartless can a person be, changing my keys just so I won't be able log in. To that someone, I pray and hope that it made you happy. I am taking it as a sign to keep on standing everytime I fall. You may be able to snatch it from me but you won't be able to stole my personality as Sassy Cebuana. I will still continue sharing my experience and adventures here on Hive. Thank you @acidyo for giving me this second chance to blog again. I wouldn't know how to recover without your help.


From this day forward, I only hope nothing but the best for everyone on this platform. You are so blessed to be able to share your journey and earn at the same time. I hope to see everyone around and I can't wait to meet my hive friends this Thursday here in Cebu. It's been a while since the last time we have gathered together.

If you don't know me yet here's an intro post about me that I made a year ago.




This is a reminder not to post anything when you are exhausted and sleepy. People bound to commit mistakes and there are a lot of eyes lurking around waiting for an opportunity to attack. I've learned my lesson the hard way 😥


ug si kinsa man gani ang nag hack dai. mobalik rajud na niya a thousand fold. dili ra gihapon na sya mo progress. hahaha. di ra maguo mahibaw an raman na in time. not now pa lang.

Haay ako nalang Jud na e lift up ni Lord dae. Hinaot nga malipayoj Siya.


e ampo lang nato sya dai. hehe

omgeee kir, atakas ga hack sah. taga cebu ra d.i tsk tsk. sorry sya kay nasakpan na sya nako kinsa sya. ka luoy pd nimo girl oi insecure man kay ka.



@morenatravels halaaa omg napa trace diay nimo sa imong kaila te?????!!! kinsa dawwwww? chikaaaaaaaaaaaa

yes dai, kay naluoy man ko ni akir. luya kaayo pirmi. atleast now we know na ☺️☺️☺️

huhu lagi grabiha bitaw :(( te ingna ko laturs kinsa hap! ayaw lang i chat kay basin ma hack nya LOL 😅

i have connections that they don't have 🤣

WAO lahi rajud ang pwer sa CEO ug sa Mass Com oi sana all

Dili jud ka nila ma wrong te ka powerful biya ka

Welcome back momshie, labaaan. 😘💕

Thank you Sash 🥹

See you soon momshie, labaan lang jud. Whoever hacks your account will pay for it in another way.

Yes Sashee laban Lang gyud ta ani 🥹

Welcome back, it was an unfortunate experience indeed but happy you are all okay now. Moving forward.

Thank you Yza ☺️ Yes indeed, i just have to move forward .

Welcome back Ricabells 🧡🧡🧡

Thanks Miessy! See you tomorrow! :)

How heartless can a person be, changing my keys just so I won't be able log in. To that someone, I pray and hope that it made you happy.

TRUE 💔😭 💔😭 💔😭 💔😭 💔😭

To whoever has hacked your account we can only hope that he/she was happy. There's good & bad karma and whatever you do it will always find a way back to you. So definitely good luck to that person.

WELCOME BAAAACCCK again te! We missed your Sassy posts for the past six days😢😢😢

Let's just move forward dae. Sakit pamalandongon but instead of giving up, I need to pursue my passion which is blogging and you know that! ^_^

huhu. move forward lang gyud ta te labaaannn!!! stronger the second time around😍

That’s the spirit! ☺️ laban lang jud dai!
We weren't built to break. 💪🏻 we’re stronger than they thought!

Aja! Keep on going Lang gyud ta dnhing dapita dae. 🥹

😢😢😢 Imagine the account which you have built for a year. I can feel the pain.

To the hacker, you are not really happy taking away others' hard work unless you are that wicked. If you still have a heart, do what's right.

It's nerve wracking 😥😭 I'm still glad though that atleast I can still see and read my work there. I would just pray for that person. Na Sana, naging masaya sya. People who doesn't have a conscience won't prosper, mananaig pa rin ang kabutihan. Thank you for the symphaty Ian🥹

That's true. How about the transactions on your wallet? Is the hard-earned Hive still there? Or already transferred to exchanges?

It is still there. I guess the one who hacked it has another plan since all my earnings are still there. It is either the hacker hates me and would love to see me go under. 😥😔

Do you have anyone in mind probably behind the hacking? At least to be careful. He may have another intentions so beware.

It was heartbreaking when I first heard about it from GB. But I know you'll get through this @sassy.cebuana; show them how strong you are and that you are unstoppable! I'll catch up with you guys soon! Busy lang gyud sa office karon hehe

Thank you Pat 🥹 see you soonest!

ohhh, this is painful @sassy.cebuana. I know how you work so hard for the past year with your first account. I've been with your journey in Hive since Day 1 of our orientation and you work hard on this platform. Keep moving, I know you're a strong woman and definitely, you will overcome this incident.

Thank you intoy 😭 I've been crying the past few days and up until now pero wala nakoi mahimo but to move forward. Your words mean a lot . Salamat. ,💓

So happy to see this post memsh!❤️ Medyo teary-eyed ko ha you have been my inspiration jd why I keep on blogging then when I found out what happen to your account wa ko kasabot sa akng nafeel. I'm so happy jd memsh you're back ❤️ Everything will be Ok so don't be sad anymore ha.. I love you memsh! ❤️❤️❤️

😥 thank you memsh

Oh dear! This is so hurtful,
I’m so sorry 😢 💔
Please don’t lose faith, you can always begin again.
Welcome back. Sending you love. ❤️

Aww Thank you 🥹 I will bounce back. I just have to have faith.

Naa nas Siquijor ang fullname sa hacker memshie. D na maguol kay magabaan radaw sia or padak on ang tyan 😂

😭 😥 haaay ang Ginoo da gyuy mag igo niya.

Hey welcome with this new I'd i hope you will surely move on this and more success with this I'd ♥️🌹

Thank you 😥

Actually this has happened to me also someone commented in my post and I had clicked on that link so all my progress got lost.

The days without seeing your liketu past was very unusual to me and this answered why. Huhu so sorry for what happened Ms. Rica 😔 I thought ma recover pajod to nimo. But don't worry, we are all here to support you now that you're back. This means, MOOOREEEE blessings will come!! Fighting!! 💪❤️

Awww thank you Jen 🥹 it means a lot. As in, mura lagi kog boang the last 7 days, d ko mahimutang. Na part Naman gud nako sa akong routine, nya kalit Lang bah. Sakit Jud kaau, sakit pa sa gibuwagan ug uyab. Pero need to move forward and thankful kaau ko Kay dghan Ra gyud nagmahal. Uy, you get well soon! Sayang kaau magkita unta ta tomorrow. Laban Lang gyud ta Jen! :)

Yes Ms. Rica, laban lang jod ta. Magkita ra lage ta og di ta mangabota hahaha. Amping ta kanunay. 😄🤗😘

Yay! 🤗
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Sa kadaghan nisulti nmo dri ug LABAN pwd na jd ka masundalo. Hahahah

Sa kanang mga nisulti move-on and moving forward, mura jd di ka gbuwagan. Sakit pa sa gbuwagan!

Haaaaaiii, I already said what I want to say sa PM. Be the Sassiest! See you tom!

Awww thank you so much Klause! 💓 I am more than blessed having you guys around. See you tomorrow!

Oh my! Kapait man ani sis. ABI na ko ang master key ang naa control Tanan to change the password. Pwede Ra diay active key magamit to change password. Sayanga sis SA old account apil ang value.
Ako gecheck nag power down man. Oh my! Naglipay ang nakahack sis. Pero ang gaba dili mana magsaba.
Laban Lang sis. Maayo KY same Name Ra pud gamit mo.

😭 lagi makaguol pero WA na koi mahimo. Nahitabo naman. Sige Lang padaun Lang gyud ta sa life ani. Thanks for following again. Kitakits nya pohon, will let you know Ra nya regarding sa Christmas dinner plan. :)

Lage move forward na Lang. Moabot Ra na daghan blessings.
Basin nanginahanglan maayo ang nakagunit na SA imo account sis. Tabang na Lang to. Human hilak ug human kaguol, smile na Lang. 😁
Wow! Naa upcoming Christmas dinner? Na excite niya ko. 😍 Magkita Kita na pud ta pohon pohon. 🙏

Hehe yes shikika, will let you know if ma finalize na. I hope you can join us too. 💕☺️

I will surely join sis. 😀
Thank you in advance SA invitation. Hehehe