Cheap HIVE is Great for HP and Games

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That dip below $0.10 was too good - I had to get some HIVE!

The power up was enough to show on @penguinpablo's reporting


Some was kept back for games, but most of it was powered up

Rising Star (@risingstargame) has been introducing new cards fairly regularly, but I need to save up STARBITS for when the next legendary drops. I'm also trying to get to 1 million permanent fans - it will happen

Crypto Brewmaster (@cryptobrewmaster) transacting in HBD makes a lot of sense, and I make that conversion on the internal market when needed. Many new features in this game. If you haven't checked it out for a while, it's time to look again

dCity (@dcitygame) is humming along nicely, mostly thanks to @rishi556. With the recent economic changes, there's a feeling that third edition will be coming soon

The open beta for Holybread (@holybread) isn't asking for HIVE yet, but I'm sure it will. They've recently announced "Season 0". I imagine spending will occur with Season 1

Hive doesn't even "feel like a crypto" to me anymore. It's utility is far beyond anything else I've held, and every HIVE I own has a purpose other than speculation

Y'all have good


These days, I buy HIVE to supplement gaming.

Thanks for the mention!
We need more users as you mate! Keep that HIVE in Power! We are @cryptobrewmaster Powering Up all the liquid HBD getting from the resources sales!

Quite a nice amount fox. On your way to 50k. Not much to manage for dCity, for now its going to be just buying garbage dumps.

50k soooo big

Very nice amount :)

You gave up waiting for Huobi to open their wallet?

Yep, but I bought at $0.099 and sold it at $0.114. Sent some USDT off to cry over while I watch the pump and used the rest to buy HIVE elsewhere

Thanks for the Holybread shout out.

8000 HIVE, I'm looking over my shoulder now... 😀

Yep, I'm right behind you!

Uhhhh... I'm on my way anyhow 😁

Well.. I can't catch you in RS, nobody can!

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Hive is amazing!