Hive Power Up Day and new TDC Tunes Track Day!

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For my previous update on my Hive and Hive finances and progress check out:

December Hive Power Up Day (#HivePUD) is here and It's also new TDC Tunes music day! My new track Forest Spirit is out NOW as part of Escapism 3, once again on OAKHI Records.

NB: once again, being over 8,000 HP means I'm no longer eligible for the main Power Up Day prizes. I'm still taking part by powering up 100 Hive though!

More about HiveBuzz badges, Hive Power Up Day and Hive Power Up Month here:

And if you want to take part in Hive Power Up Day there are some nice prizes up for grabs - check out the detail courtesy of the awesome @traciyork -

New TDC Tunes Track out today!

Let's get my new track playing and then get into the details of my Hive activities and finances...

Play Forest Spirit by TDC Tunes

Cover Artwork by OAKHI Records

My Hive Activities

I've been super busy working on music projects and doing gigs in London for the last couple of months - and my Hive posting frequency has dropped off a bit. I've still been posting and commenting, just not quite as much.

Conversely, I've actually increased my effort that's gone into my @risingstargame playing - and made a concerted effort to get back into the top 100 - having dropped to around the 350 mark. The rankings aren't that important in terms of earnings (or fun) really - I guess it's just something I wanted to do as the community has been so good to me.

Hive Holdings

Ok here's where I'm at compared to my most recent updates in the last few months:

9 Dec 218 Feb 2201 Jul 2201 Aug 2201 Sep 2201 Oct 2201 Dec 22
Hive Power56196556864193539643989910,265
BRO<500<5001402 ($3579)11427 ($6060)1453 ($4716)1394 ($5898)1415 ($4193)
DEFI00~500~50019788 ($1066)20023 ($965.19)20668 ($775)
SIM??900k ($183)930k ($308)1 mil ($204)1 mil ($187)1 mil ($129)
BXT??90 ($159)96 ($263)130 ($143)130 ($150)130 ($140)
Utopis???413 ($96)445 ($107)424 ($34)424 ($27)
Starbits1 mil1 mil1mil ($92)1mil ($60)1.37 mil ($52)1.5 mil ($58)1.17 mil ($14)
Workerbee??50 ($66)50 ($72)50 ($30)50 ($58)50 ($46)
Earnings (p/w)2???18.4310.4614.8515.7


  1. The numbers in brackets are the dollar equivalent according to LeoDex at the time I recorded that figure. This could make some interesting future comparisons of the FIAT value of my holdings in those tokens.

  2. An estimate of weekly earnings that make me liquid Hive (i.e. pay-outs from BRO, INCOME, BXT, UTOPIS and SIM)

Progress against goals for 2022

  • Increase my Hive Power to 10,000HP

Smashed it sometime last month and I'm going strong at 10,265 after todays power up!

  • Increase my followers to 250

I passed this in September and am now on 318!

  • Weekly earnings of 100 Hive

I've stopped trying to track all the various ways I'm earning on Hive early in the year and in particular I'm not trying to track income in 2nd layer tokens. However, if I just look at the easy(er) to track things here are some estimates at weekly earnings from the last month:

  • liquid Hive from dividends: 15.7 p/w
  • HP growth p/w (excluding my HIVE PUD power up): 35

We can see that my 'Hive Income' was around 50 Hive per week. This is not bad considering my posting has dropped off quite a bit - I've had a few months where it has topped the goal of 100 Hive if I make a concerted effort with posting and engaging.

Hive London Meetup and Thanks

Whilst you are here - if you are London based, don't forget there is a Hive meetup coming on the 15th December at Café 1001 in London from 4pm. And for those up for it I am playing a gig at the same venue from 8pm! More info here:

Thanks for reading, Happy Hive Power Up Day - and have a wonderful day Hive!

Check out my original electronic music via:
❤️ Thank you! ❤️


Dear @tdctunes,
Your support for the current HiveSQL proposal (#138) is much appreciated but the proposal will expire soon!
May I ask you to review and support the new proposal so HiveSQL can stay free to use for the community?
You can support the new proposal (#247) on Peakd, Ecency, /
or using HiveSigner.

Thank you!

Always! Done!

Thank you for your support @tdctunes, really appreciate it! 👍
Without imposing and as we are in a renewal period for proposals, if you could take a look at the HiveBuzz Proposal Renewal as well 😁

DONE - never imposing - will always support!

Nearly doubling your HP in a year is great. It's a bit harder for me to do that, but I'll keep adding to it. It's been a fun year with Hivefest as a highlight.

See you in a fortnight!


Thanks Steve - as we both know it's about keeping it up!

10K HP is no small feat! I may add that track into the background music rotation for my library D&D game.

Thanks so much! My other tracks on OAKHI Records are a similar chill vibe for background music if you like it... currently they are all top of my Spotify profile as they are getting the most plays :)

nice stuff, gonna go and listen to your new track now!

Happy Hive PUD @tdctunes 💪🐝

Thank you!

Congratulations! You are doing awesome - that is huge progress with the HP!! Soon, you will surpass me ha ha. Great to see it!

I am super happy for you & your awesome track. Been playing it a lot & I think it's one of your best ones yet! Good luck with your gigs & keep being awesome!

Sending !WINE !LUV & !PIZZA (no tea yet :( ) 🧡 ✨🍷

Thank you - gonna get my leap frogging game on (again!)

lmao! Yes me too and I will leap frog with the best of them! ;) untitled.gif

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You got some nice stuff, but so many cables in there, wow!

I do love cables!



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once again, being over 8,000 HP means I'm no longer eligible for the main Power Up Day prizes. I'm still taking part by powering up 100 Hive though!

Oh, I am sorry about that. But it's great that you are committed to powering up regardless and you are building your account. Congratulations on how far you've come. 👏🎉🙌

Oh it's all good - the prizes are to encourage people with smaller accounts so it's a sign I've grown! I like taking part - it's a day we come together as a community.

Have a great day!


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