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Again, a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to this month's #HivePUD, either through powering up, posting, offering prizes, or spreading the word. We had 52 people who posted and powered up just for this initiative, and another 55 for @victoriabsb's new Venezuelan #HPUD initiative. After counting on my fingers & toes, I figured out that means...

...for a total of 34,826.506 Hive Power from 107 Hivians POWERED UP ON JULY 1st!

I think it's safe to say, @streetstyle will be pleased with the results upon his return! 😊

OFFICIAL winners list for July 1st.

This is actually a second version of @abh12345's awesomesauce chart that I originally posted in the UNOFFICIAL WINNERS LIST post. There had been some question about the percentages, so Asher kindly provided this additional one that shows the numbers in a different way, but still in keeping with how @streetstyle originally determined the winners (and without anyone's placement changing). The list below only shows those who qualify for prizes, while the complete unofficial list has been edited in to the aforementioned unofficial post, for those who might want to check their percentage of HP Growth, but didn't make the winners list below. Thanks again for all your amazing help, @abh12345!

Official Winners List

PlaceAccountHive Powered UpStarting Hive Power% HP Growth



PLEASE NOTE - 3 of the below prizes are pending Sponsor approval, since the sponsor changed it up a little and this is my first time posting them. 😊 I'll remplace the ⛔ with a ✔️ once they've been double checked by @sn0n. All the other prizes are confirmed!


1st Place -

500 HIVE Power Delegation for 3 weeks - Sponsor @giftgiver / @rishi556
500 HIVE Power Delegation for 3 weeks - Sponsor @sn0n
500 HIVE Power Delegation for 3 Weeks - Sponsor @davedickeyyall
5 HIVE Basic Income units/levels Gift Sponsor @improv
5 HIVE Basic Income units/levels Gift Sponsor @sgt-dan


2nd Place -

250 HIVE Power Delegation for 3 Weeks - Sponsor = @bethvalverde
100 HIVE Power Delegation for 3 weeks - Sponsor @hextech
100 HIVE Power Delegation for 3 weeks - Sponsor @sn0n ✔️
5 HIVE Basic Income units/levels Gift Sponsor @improv
5 HIVE Basic Income units/levels Gift Sponsor @sgt-dan


3rd Place -

50 HIVE Power Delegation for 3 weeks - Sponsor @sn0n ✔️
5 HIVE Basic Income units/levels Gift Sponsor @improv
5 HIVE Basic Income units/levels Gift Sponsor @sgt-dan


4th-17th Place Each -

25 HIVE Power Delegation for 3 weeks - Sponsor @sn0n ✔️


4th-20th Place Each -

5 HIVE Basic Income units/levels - Gift Sponsor @improv
5 HIVE Basic Income units/levels Gift Sponsor @sgt-dan



1400 HIVE Power Delegation (amount & how it's split TBD after winner's list is announced) for 3 weeks - Sponsor @edicted



  • All eligible HivePUD Prize participants who qualify will be entered into a giveaway of 10 HIVE (1 lucky winner) - Sponsored by @traciyork
  • Winner of @traciyork's prize will receive 100 HIVE POWER 3 WEEK DELEGATION by @jeanlucsr
  • All eligible HivePUD Prize participants who qualify will be entered into a giveaway of 10 HIVE POWER (1 lucky winner) - Sponsored by @livinguktaiwan
  • Winner of @livinguktaiwan's prize will receive 100 HIVE POWER 3 WEEK DELEGATION by @jeanlucsr



  • All eligible HivePUD Prize participants who qualify will be entered into a giveaway of 50 HIVE (1 lucky winner) - Sponsored by @sn0n
  • All eligible RedFish Rally HivePUD Prize participants who qualify will be entered into a giveaway of 50 HIVE POWER 3 WEEK DELEGATION (1 lucky winner) - Sponsored by @fionasfavourites


Special RedFish Rally prize for July -


Up to 10 qualifying RedFish Rally participants will EACH receive 100 HIVE Power Delegation for 3 Weeks - Sponsor = @traciyork

RedFish Delegations for July

For my special July RedFish Rally prize, @brittandjosie from @theterminal kindly provided the following list of participants who met the RedFish criteria -


You will all be receiving 100 HIVE Power Delegation for 3 Weeks from me! Also, this seems a good spot to announce the winner of @fionasfavourites 50 Hive Power Delegation for 3 Weeks giveaway, so here's the screenshot of the entries...

Fiona's RedFish drawing  participants.jpg

And the winner is...

Fiona's RedFish drawing  winner.jpg

Congratulations, @dumouevarist ! This post is also Fiona's notification of who won, so I'm sure she'll be along soon to award your prize.

Drawings for prizes from @traciyork, @livinguktaiwan, @jeanlucsr, and @sn0n

Once again, here is the screenshot of all the entries...

My drawings  participants.jpg

And the winners are...

My drawings  winners.jpg

@olivia08 - you're the winner of my drawing for 10 HIVE! I'll be sending it along shortly!

@htwegyi - you're the winner of @livinguktaiwan's drawing for 10 HIVE POWER!

Additionally @olivia08 and @htwegyi, you're both the winners of @jeanlucsr's giveaway of 100 HIVE POWER 3 WEEK DELEGATION

And for the final drawing, @pingcess you're the winner of @sn0n's drawing for 50 HIVE!

Congratulations to all of you! This post is the notification for the above sponsors, so I'm sure they'll be sending them out soon!

Five for #HivePUD

Okay, so for this month I removed the requirement for a pre #HivePUD post, because I had this addition in mind, but didn't have the time to implement it for July. I'm going to do a separate post about it shortly (it was supposed to be right after I published this one, but putting this together ended up taking me MUCH longer than I'd anticipated... 😂 ), but the general idea of it is...

Every month after I (or @streetstyle after he returns) post the #HivePUD winners announcement, I'll do a, "Five for #HivePUD" post for the month. You can take part even if you don't qualify for PUD prizes, and even if you don't power up! This is more about getting the word out about Power Up Day, both here and on Twitter.

There are 5 opportunities to earn entries into the drawings (hence the Five for #HivePUD name 😊)

  • Write a Hive post about powering up (minimum 250 original words) = 1 entry
  • Tweet about powering up (must use #Hive and #HivePUD) = up to 4 entries

For a total of 5 possible entries!

The number of winners will depend on the total number of prizes. So far, I have 3 confirmed prizes, which are -

100 HIVE POWER 3 WEEK DELEGATION - Sponsor @nathanmars
100 HIVE POWER 3 WEEK DELEGATION - Sponsor @traciyork
100 HIVE POWER 3 WEEK DELEGATION - Sponsor @traciyork

If you're interested in sponsoring a prize, please shout out and I'll add you to the list. For more details, keep your eyes peeled for the official announcement post in the next day or so.


Again, thank you to everyone for making this #HivePUD event such a wicked awesomesauce success! The #Hive community ROCKS!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Yay! :D

Thanks for the update. I'll send those hive and delegations out tonight.

thank you :D

Excellent, @sn0n - does that mean I did the math correctly with those 3 delegations? 😂 If not, shout out whenever and I'll fix it asap. Thanks again for your sponsorship!

I think it might be 25 over, but if it is I'll cover it, no big. But other then that looks good to me

Dang - I remember you said probably to the 16th spot, but I counted a bunch of times on my fingers and toes and I kept coming up with the 17th being the last 25. Thanks for covering regardless, and double thanks for sponsoring!

37 Participants!!
That's awesome.

Thank you for hosting @traciyork!

Congrats to all the winners 🎉 and thanks to everyone for participating!

Delegation has been sent to @olivia08 and @htwegyi (100 HP until July 28th)


Thank you @jeanlucsr for the delegation and for helping @traciyork in her initiative.
You are both awesome! Let's hive on.

Thank you for your support.

And now that I've had about 5 seconds of sleep a bit of a rest, I'm back to with my prize dispersal announcement thingy. 😊

I've sent my 10 Hive giveaway prize to @olivia08...

10 Hive Giveaway winner for July.jpg

And the delegations for special July RedFish Rally prize have been sent to...


RedFish Delegations for July.jpg

Congratulations, everyone! I really enjoyed being able to support so many RedFish this month! I'm also looking forward to finding other awesome initiatives on the blockchain to support for August's #HivePUD like this - I'm thinking it will be a cool way to spread the delegation love around!

Grateful, I hope the initiative comes back every month. Greetings.

Im so happy for winning this time. I will be powering up again ang again.

Amazing!!! Thank you💙

I know its a bit late but i saw the terminal didnt get the delegation for place 13.... @traciyork

@theterminal, I just checked @sn0n's wallet and it looks like he delegated it to you 21 days ago, so...

Screenshot_2020-07-27  sn0n.png

Loads of homework going on there with all them fingers and toes out, wow congrats to the winners!

All I know is joining in does the platform good, makes a bumper fun day supporting bloggers joining in sharing to other platforms.

Buzzing around enjoying Hive and all those helping pollinate!

So glad to be in the list this time and congrats to the winners :)


I did not expect that delegation from HP, thank you very much for taking me into account @brittandjosie @traciyork❤️.



Well, all done. The TOP 20 HIVE Power Uppers should now see an additional 5 HBI Units in their wallets now. If I missed anyone, please let me know. You may see the transactions in my wallet here.

Amazing. Congratulations to all the winners, participants and the organizers. ;)

Thank you very much therefore, thanks to the sponsors for giving us the opportunity to grow. I'm very grateful.

This is SUCH an epic post and well done for organising it all Traci! You've smashed it and congratulations to all the winners of the additional prizes (let's face it, we're all winners for powering up)!

Nice one Traci and congrats to the winners!

Thank you very much for sharing this post. Congratulations to all the winners.

Thank you very much to the sponsors. I'm grateful for your support.


Special Thank for Prizes
Congratulations to all Winners

Awesome! A million thanks @traciyork. Keep up this initiative. Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you so much to all the sponsors. Let's hive on! I could not believe that I will have that 10 hives and delegation.
@streetstyle will be happy on his/her return one day.

Congratulations to all the winners. @dumouevarist I will sort your delegation in a bit.

Congratulations, too, to @traciyork on an epic job, very well done. See everyone for the August #HivePUD and sooner. Gotta get my head around the "Five for #HivePUD" 🤣 I usually leave things to the last minute. I am that organized 🤣🤣

Appearing on HIVE, finally, my internet was bad for several days, coming and going. Thank you for your delegation's support.

You are most welcome and good luck!

Awesome challenge! Do more!🤩🤩🤩

WOW, lots of winners and prizes all around. Congratulations to all the winners and participants who helped make this July HPUD a success.

Thanks so much to you @traciyork and @abh12345 for your effort and work on this initiative. Awesome job. I'm so happy our Redfish were winners.

Also, I won #18 place in HPUD, so thanks so much to @improv and @sgt-dan sponsoring my 5 Hive each. I'll cherish it and use it wisely.

Look forward to HPUD in August.

Thank you very much.
Because of this award.
HPUD Team Success!

Congratulations to the winners.

Thanks a million for doing this dear.

What an awesome job Traci!!! So many entries this month. Let's keep it going!!!

And as usual thanks for doing the draw. Congrats to @htwegyi, I have powered up 10 HP to you.

@tipu curate

Thank you!Have fun!

Woww!!!! Amazing :))) Thank you soo much !!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Hey @traciyork, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 13 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

I'll get my rewards sent out tonight/tomorrow depending on how timing goes.

Coolness, @rishi556 - I'm going to do the! Thanks again for sponsoring!

Delegated from hextech, waiting on a delegation to come back and I'll get the 1st place winner's reward out there in 2ish days.