Pioneers in the Game of Hive Collectibles: Punks on Hive

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What are Punks on Hive? How are they Different from Other Blockchain Collectables?

Punks on Hive is a new project built on the Hive decentralized blockchain that has made it possible for its fans to mint collectable NFTs. This allows them to collect and trade these digital creatures, known as punks. One feature that is great right off the bat is to set your Punk as your profile avatar. Mine is below.

I have a collection of only ten that I minted on the third day of the Hive Fest and shortly after I got mine they all sold out, to the utter shock of the developer @themarkymark,and @punksonhive who was hoping to get some sleep instead of hand holding his servers so they don't melt down and crash into a heap.

Jaylin Frazier - Programmer

What Makes Punks on Hive so Unique Amongst the Competition?

These Punks live on Hive, which is a blockchain and the sport, if you like, revolves around the collecting of virtual items which are referred to as Crypto Collectibles or NTFs. Players can buy, sell, and trade their virtual items with other players in the marketplace.

All Hive punks follow these rules. Every item is uniquely generated using smart contract technology. This means that no two items will ever be alike and no one will ever have a perfect collection. So you can bet there's a lot of excitement around these collectibles, and Punks on Hive is quickly becoming one of the most popular hive projects out there.

What are some Cool Features that We Want To See

Turn this into a game with a unique twist to the typical blockchain games by introducing an "operating system" for punks.

In Punks on Hive, call the operating system Hive OS and let it enable players to give their punks certain skills or abilities, such as being able to breathe fire or being able to fly. Make These skills traits of each punk and make them shape the game play experience of this new game. Make it different from other blockchain games.

The way this game might work is that it’s a player-versus-player combat based title with some strategy elements added in just for fun!

The Future of Blockchain & Gaming Looks Bright!

Blockchain and gaming have a very close relationship. Blockchain can create novel forms of gameplay and increase player engagement. Player who invests money into the game will own their assets and not the game company.

The future of blockchain and gaming looks bright as they continue to grow in popularity. Blockchain will continue to change the way we play games, as it will allow us to create new ways to enjoy games and earn rewards we couldn’t even imagine before.


I managed to buy 3 really cheap ones. I hope that they have a whole heap of use cases for them and we can use them in other games, for example.

Awesome, they work as your avatar is the first use case.

This became a very popular project right away. Glad for the people who were able to get some of them. It will be fun to see where they go with the project.

Agree, crypto punks are a thing on all blockchains, and hive punks will be the same.

I didn't realize that other blockchains had their own versions. Or I heard it and forgot. Yes, it should continue to be really popular.😀

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Good Morning and Thank you, @youarealive! Enjoy your day.😀

Made in Canva

-- @lisamgentile1961

I agree the future of blockchain gaming is very bright. No is the time for people to jump onboard, and 3 to 5 years from now we will appear to have amassed a fortune in NFTs over night, but we will know the truth lol

How many punks did you get?

I missed that opportunity. Thanks for asking.
I started following you 😃


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