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RE: 📈HiveTips and the 30%💻

in #hivetips11 months ago

Stunning vision. That's a great goal. I wish you all the luck

I am a very small fish who just started using Hive about a month and a half ago, and I am totally addicted to the blockchain. I'd love to see this turn into reality for you. :)



It will! We have already integrated HiveTips on Twitter! Read this post here for more information :)

Nice. One of my buddies who uses your toy is tipping me on a tweet I tagged him in to point out how it works. Noice! :) Any new tech like this is always fascinating. Decentralized tipping is brilliant.

Yeah, just to show me a proof of concept on how it worked, he sent me a 1 hive tip using the tipping feature. Boom.
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