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Social Media

Before I even started writing this today, I opened up some social media feeds. It wasn't discord, it wasn't
Facebook, and it wasn't even Hive. It was Twitter. The first thing I did was watch a video. Let all that sink in for a few moments while I throw this healthy stat at you - over 150 million people use Twitter on a daily basis. I'm one of them. You'd be surprised how many times I have come over to a Hive blog post from a Twitter link!

#hivetips And The Twitter Push

HiveTips has been designed, in its first phase, to tap in to that 150 million plus people. Twitter is the 6th most visited website on the internet - not just social media venues - but all websites combined. Imagine for a second, if we can get just 1% of those daily users to notice us (Hive) on Twitter. That's a million and a half new users visiting your blogs, commenting on your pictures and stories and helping to secure Hive to be the utmost in any blockchain ecosystem. One percent. Just from Twitter. And finally, leading into phase 2 of #hivetips, a very interesting stat is that over 2 billion videos are watched on Twitter - each and every day.

stats and images taken from HootSuite

Phase 2 - YouTube

If you look at that chart up there, you'll notice that YouTube is the 2nd most visited website on our planet.
With over 2 billion users per month and 1.25 billion hours of video watched each day, you can understand why we are targeting YouTube next. On average, people will visit 6.5 pages while there and 70% of that is based on the algorithm they use to recommend videos to its audience. Wouldn't it be cool if you could tip a creator's video you liked with Hive and entice them to become part of our fabulous community?

So lets say, for example, we manage to pull in .2% of Twitter users in a day to watch some videos about Hive on YouTube. That's 300,000 people in a day watching an average minimum of 6 videos, 4 of which will be related to the one they came to watch in the first place. How many new users do you think will be attracted to our social site after they have the information they need? I'm guessing it would be a pretty high percentage. A few more interesting numbers you might consider are that YouTube videos are the world's 3rd most searched items on Google, YouTube is actually the 2nd most used search engine behind Google, and - 30% OF THE WORLD'S ENTIRE POPULATION USES YOUTUBE.

stats and images taken from HootSuite

Phase 3 - Gmail

I'm sure you may be scratching your head on this one and asking yourselves, what in the world are you planning with Gmail and furthermore - why?
Aren't emails more of a personal means of communication versus a social media outlet? Your assumption would be correct, but it is acually the most long-standing form of social media in existence. With over 28 million people migrating from old webmail services like Lycos, Outlook and even YahooMail, to Gmail on a daily basis - they have secured the top spot in the past year with over a billion and a half active users.

Gmail currently supports 105 different languages and is consistently adding more to the list. The most important stat I want to put in to your brain involves the potential investor friend you may have. Let's say you sent him or her an email with a 1000 Hive tip. They would probably wonder, what the heck is Hive? After doing some research or following some links you may have given them, they decide they want to claim those Hive tokens. Better yet, they decide they want to buy a hundred thousand Hive tokens and start helping people because they see the massive potential contained within our cryptospace. A whopping 86% of business professionals use Gmail over any other form of communication when it comes to their business practices.

stats and images taken from Broadband Search, WordStream and Email Analytics.


HiveTips is literally aiming at 30% of the earth's population. Think of them as the biggest, brightest, most beautiful flower and we are the honey bee destined to pollinate it. Here at FullAlt, we believe HiveTips is going to be one of the most influential ways of opening people's eyes across the internet to what Hive is all about. All of these people are already socially adept with various media outlets, we just have to get them to see the delicious nectar that awaits them over here!

I mean, let's face it, people love being rewarded. I personally have 3 different gas cards that give me a few pennies off at various fuel stations. I have 4 different ones for the supermarkets and grocery outlets in my city. Virtually everywhere you go now, people are incentivized for their participation. The sad part is, the vast majority of those, can only be redeemed at the retailer that issued it. We all know Hive can be traded for whatever currency you choose. By targeting that 30%, we are one step closer to our mission of:

"Tokenizing the web."




You Go!!!!

Great post and I am so proud of all of you for working so hard to help all of us!

Thank you kindly sis, hoping this opens some eyes as to what we are actually doing with FullAlt :D

it should. Numbers are numbers after all and proof to back up those numbers.

And you made it through with all those numbers up there!


I was proud I even READ it too LOL

You must be a great writer

I truly believe in my heart of hearts, that 'tipping' is going to become a new income stream for so many people.

Love seeing this guys...Just a huge move for Hive and I look forward to tipping creators on all these platforms you guys are tackling. Awesome stuff!

Thanks brother! Watching your podcast there on Twitter now and you made a huge point about the engagements and comments. When the split happened, there was a dramatic reduction and I don't think people have quite gotten back to the level it used to be.

Yeah it was rough...But I think the future is very bright. And things like Hive Tips...Helps big time! Shows people outside of Hive, how awesome the community is here!

Most def man, that is the goal :D

Stunning vision. That's a great goal. I wish you all the luck

I am a very small fish who just started using Hive about a month and a half ago, and I am totally addicted to the blockchain. I'd love to see this turn into reality for you. :)


It will! We have already integrated HiveTips on Twitter! Read this post here for more information :)

Nice. One of my buddies who uses your toy is tipping me on a tweet I tagged him in to point out how it works. Noice! :) Any new tech like this is always fascinating. Decentralized tipping is brilliant.

Yeah, just to show me a proof of concept on how it worked, he sent me a 1 hive tip using the tipping feature. Boom.
20200605 11_27_22Window.png

I always did my part! I always promote the HIVE on TWITTER and FACEBOOK! And every week I have a new recruit and they enjoy using HIVE, not because of earning but because they enjoy writing to express their feeling and sharing their ideas and about their life during pandemic!

Excellent! Hive is one of the few places people can come and freely express themselves!

If even even half of that happens. the effect on the hive would be incredible. I believe it is coming but it may take a while. given a choice of making yourself income or making income for someone else, I have to believe most people would choose to make income for themselves.

One of the beauties of Hive is that is extremely hard to do the latter you speak of without helping anyone else first :)

Using top social media to expose the benefits of the hive are the best tools for growth, not competing with them. it would be fantastic to make a report of how many users arrive by that means

Not entirely sure how to track that, but my curiosity has definitely been prodded to find a way.

What occurs to me at the moment is to measure the conversion of new users using their registration ID, as a reference you use this data for two scenarios:

  1. Obtain the data to analyze the conversations of people registered with the X social network promotion link.

  2. With the ID of the new user, you will be able to track if you become an active user or not, this in order to help you in case of doubts, with this you complete the conversion cycle. The ideal would be to guide you and have the best entry experience.

It's just an idea :)

But attributing it directly to HiveTips would be the trick. Maybe referral links? IDK what the route is on that.

Pretty neat stuff, I would suggest reddit tips as well, even though I don't use it, I can see how a hive tip would be much more coveted than gold or whatever they use there.

Don't they have Brick and Moon now? Not that it is a disqualification, and I don't know the owners of the platform, so maybe it is possibility.

No idea, but always good to have options when tipping.

You have no idea what youre talking about but you still chime in?

Wtf is wrong with you?

Sorry sir, it won't happen again.

I am actively reaching out to people on twitter, facebook and youtube to join us on the hive. I also have been on boarding my friends in this community. The project I am working with my friends called @goodguys intends to keep people here with comedy (read more here: Changing Minds with Laughter).

Your efforts to grow the community of the HIVE inspired me to double-down my efforts. Also, I like to say I am pleasantly surprised by the gmail statistic you posted. This is a great opportunity! It makes me think I can create an email signature that includes a link/reference to the HIVE community. Great stuff!

Superb! Happy to see more people trying to actively grow the userbase here. And good idea on the signature ;)

But how we will onramp all this millions of people? You need to use hive token to create accoint, RC to be exact. There not enough RCs to accomodate so much people here ((