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RE: 📈HiveTips and the 30%💻

in #hivetips9 months ago

Using top social media to expose the benefits of the hive are the best tools for growth, not competing with them. it would be fantastic to make a report of how many users arrive by that means


Not entirely sure how to track that, but my curiosity has definitely been prodded to find a way.

What occurs to me at the moment is to measure the conversion of new users using their registration ID, as a reference you use this data for two scenarios:

  1. Obtain the data to analyze the conversations of people registered with the X social network promotion link.

  2. With the ID of the new user, you will be able to track if you become an active user or not, this in order to help you in case of doubts, with this you complete the conversion cycle. The ideal would be to guide you and have the best entry experience.

It's just an idea :)

But attributing it directly to HiveTips would be the trick. Maybe referral links? IDK what the route is on that.