HIVEURL updates! New campaign manager, campaign filtering, chronological display of URL's

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Special thanks to @flaws for this great design!

New advanced Campaign features, dashboard updates, campaign filtering

It's been a busy few days coding, here are new update release notes for!

New Additional Side Menu features

New campaign features are available. On the side menu bar a new icon with a folder is now available, this navigation link will bring you to the updated campaigns section.


In the updated campaigns section you now add your campaigns and name them accordingly.


After adding a new campaign, you will be redirected back to the main dashboard screen(which can always be accessed in the side menu at all times).

When you click on the campaign from the dashboard screen only the links associated with that campaign will be filtered. This makes is very simple to display all your short HIVE URL's or just by each campaign.


When you're back on the main dashboard screen, you will notice a new dropdown feature. This has the feature to filter by "Display all" or by clicking the down arrow your campaigns will now available.

New default date filtering

Lastly, there is a new default chronological filtering.

All short links are now filtered by created at date first, your HIVE URL's will always be displayed in chronological order for easy access.

Hive on.



Nice! I so glad date ordering is finally in!

Cool new features added to HIVEURL and step by step it gets things going. Chronological sorting it also make it easier to use.

any plans to add an option call to action to the links?

eg. on site visit


"Sign Up for a Free HIVE Account" > button links to my / referral sign-up

for example

@ash I checked the link but not seeing that type of display, can you confirm the link was right. Currently the main delivery items is 1. Referrer info(origin click information), 2. Custom Links. Would like to hear more about your idea 👍

there are link shorteners with build-in call to action. so if you visit a shortened url, there will be a small button popup (see picture) that offers you to create a free hive account in our case.

here's an example of a shortener with call-to-action

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Awesome, What would also be cool is if we can build link trees :)