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RE: Hivewatchers DHF Proposal

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so, what about the spaminator marked it on my friend's account. how to avoid flagging and marking again. My friend is not a cheat, not a plagiarism and he only uses the same picture but the picture numbers are different. please explain, if that prohibition is written on the whitepaper hive or bluepaper hive, I will accept that.



if it is not listed on the bluepaper or white paper hive, then this project is illegal and damages the account in the hive, and whether this only applies to accounts that have low hive power, is really unfair, even though we moved to hive, because hive is not centralized, even at Steemit we have emptied our assets.

You have no clue what you are talking about

why did you ban proxy appeals? Has it been approved by the community that you do? Is that transparent?