@deragedvisions is sending me off hive

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The challenges I keep facing on hive didn't encourage me to move on at all, so I better just give up before I have tension or rising of Blood pressure everyday

I made this post in case you find me not posting anymore, and I know even if I'm flagged to minus zero (-0) no post is gone on blockchain

For the past three (3) months now hivewatchers keeps commenting on my posts, I know I made mistake and trying to right the wrong I keep posting an apology post everyday not knowing apology post is just once

On the 29th of September I made the same apology post and instead of me posting to my blog, I made the post on OCD community which add more to the tough times by bringing up this user @derangedvisions

@derangedvisions mute me from posting to the ocd community but it doesn't mean anything to me because I never even recieve upvote from them before, not only that he downvoted my posts that is not even concern him cos the posts are posted on different communities.

I tried explain to this user about the mistakes but he don't even want to listen, he keeps downvoting my posts everyday which didn't even give me courage to post anymore

I contacted hivewatchers on discord on 30th of September and they gave me guide on how to make the apology post and this Is what made me did more apology posts, I still explained to this so called user @derangedvisions he still don't want to listen. I guess he's a superior to the @hive community and @hivewatchers #hivewatcher

Hive is my only source I told him, I begged him life would be hard for me and my young ones I feed if I didn't have HBD to sell. This user didn't listen to this, he downvoted my posts and still invited some to join him yesterday

You can see my replies to his comments on my posts

I lost upvote from a very good brother @hiro-hive all because of the downvote @derangedvisions keep doing. @hiro-hive said he can't continue wasting voting power and he's godanm right

I talked to some hive bloggers to help me talk to @derangedvisions but they said that's how he do and he never listen anyone

@derangedvisions is the reason why I would leave the hive community, I just need you people to know this cos I can't continue making post and someone keep killing it


Warning! This user is on our black list, likely as a known plagiarist, spammer or ID thief. Please be cautious with this post!
If you believe this is an error, please chat with us in the #appeals channel in our discord.

Hey @derangedvisions I have been reading and following @opeyemioguns since the days of steem.

He is a real and genuine person who takes the time to read posts and comment on them.

He shares a lot about life as it is in his world. I have enjoyed pictures of him and friends, and also pictures of his office.

I have read about his carpools, and even pictures of weddings.

Whatever he did to invoke the wrath and punishment that he is receiving is worth talking over with him. It would be a great personal loss if he was ran off of hive.

If you really have been reading and following @opeyemioguns, you would have noticed that he was spamming the same apology post almost 60 times. Maybe you should have commented on one of those posts and guided him correctly because when I tried to explain that he was continuing the spam and copy/paste posting that got him in trouble with Hivewatchers in the first place, he didn't listen to me and continued it.

No only the link to the post hivewatchers commented on is the one I used to add, and hivewatchers said its 60 posts I must make, are you the hivewatchers?

the writings are not words for words and that's not what they call warning, warning is by words but you keep downvoting my posts even the ones that are not apology posts . And for your information I'm out of the blacklist cos I've completed my 60 posts, you can check hivewatchers reply to your comment under my post you downvoted

Maybe I should have, but I didn't.

I am commenting now.

This is a real person who uses HIVE as a real world user.

How do we proceed from here?

If he doesn’t spam shit posts like he has been, he should be fine. But he seems too dumb to comprehend he was literally spamming the same post 2-3 times a day.

No I post an apology post just once in a day.
watch what you say, I'm not dumb!
The only day I posted twice was on 30th of September when I contacted hivewatchers on discord and they gave me another guide on how to make the apology post so I have to report again







This is just a small portion of the spam that you have been posting. I started flagging your posts because they are exactly the same thing.

This is an apology post I am asked to make by hivewatchers because of the wrong I did
[They both did well (https://hive.blog/hive-108514/@opeyemioguns/they-both-did-well) is the post hivewatchers commented on
I posted a post two times which is against the hive community rule
I am sorry to the hive community

You were added to the Hivewatchers blacklist for posting the same thing twice, but then you thought that it was ok to post the same apology about 60 times?? Then when you get flagged for spamming your apology 60 times, you start to cry about it.

Those posts only contain the link to the post hivewatchers commented on, it is not words to words!

I'm sorry about your experience bro. I think it's largely due to misunderstandings and nothing really personal. We are all gatekeepers of this blockchain. I've been here for up to 3 years now and never for once have I ahd issues with hive watcher or downvoting. You brought this upon yourself initially and I think patience and positive communication is what is needed to see it through. Are you really going to leave because of one person? How about tens of others that read your posts and support you? Please talk this through with derangedvision man to man or whatever. He's only trying to do his bits for the chain in the overall interests of everyone.

If you can read my posts,you would see I'm not a spammer and no one is above mistake, my local mobile network caused this shit for Me which made me made posted twice and hivewatchers put me to the blacklist and instructed me to post 60 apology posts which I did and that's what derangedvision term as spam till extend he started downvoting my posts instead of guiding me if it's mistake. What an heartless behavior

I said I would leave because I see no reason why I would be posting and someone would keep downvoting post I think I would gain something from

I joined steemit January 2018, almost three years now and I've never experience this attitude from any user

I understand you. However, positive communication solves everything. Instead of flaring up due to downvote, why don't you seek solution? It will be a great disservice to your readers and supporters to quit because of one person. Write an open letter to deranged vision, devoid of emotion or insult. Explain yourself and let him know why things are the way they are. Who told you that you cant get a bigger stake than him in the nearest future? Don't limit yourself and run away because of a few downvote

Try and read my replies to the comments derangedvision made on my posts and see how much I begged him and gave him reasons but he refused to listen. He said "Nah"

Are you on discord? Please message me

With gentleshaid?

@opeyemioguns#1623 is my discord username