Youths and Crime - Reasons and Solutions

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Welcome to the new week, Trust you all had a great weekend. This week topic is one with lot of concern and needs lot of attention and tackling.

It's no news the moral state of the world has taken a bad turn especially has it concerns the youths. The crime rates coming from the youths have been on the increase due to desire to get rich quick.


Cybercrimes, armed robbery, cultism amongst other crimes are been perpetuated in the society by the youths. In certain neighborhood, it is so bad that people in those areas are always restless due to the lack of peace and safety.

Reason why youth engage in crimes

1. Bad parenting: The parent plays a major path in what their child becomes. Bad parenting leads to the rise of reckless and rascals we see in the society. Parents must to do proper job in ensuring the friends their wards keep and how they behave.

2. Peer pressure: Due to the need to feel among or act superior, certain youths are forced to join bad associations. The need to get rich quick causes boys to mingle with bad influences they called friends which then turns them astray.

3. Bad government: Certain youths are forced to delved inti certain vices due to failure from the government to provide jobs and improve the economic conditions. I am in way endorse why people do this bad things but the government playing their part well will greatly reduce what we see in the society


Solution to the increase crime rates among the youths

First of, parents should ensure who their wards mingle with and churn every habit than points towards crime or making ends meet through fraudulent means.

Secondly, the government should ensure their parts are played by improving the economic conditions by providing more jobs and opportunities for the youths. Also strict measures should be placed on people set to causing chaos and violence.

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