Going Home Finally

in #home4 years ago

It feels like a lifetime when I last saw my home. Though it has only been 9 months, because of coronavirus, those 9 months felt like nine years. However, I am going back home tonight finally.


I took this picture at the New Delhi Railway Station while we were entering. This is only the second time, I am traveling on a train. This is just an update, I will be writing a whole post about it in the coming days but I will be busy for a few days as I will be quarantined in an institution until the COVID-19 test results come out.

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Wishing you a safe journey.

Have a safe Journey. It's good that at the occasion of Eid ul Firtar you will be at your home. @syedumair wish you happy blessed and peaceful Eid greetings. Eid Mubarak in advance:)

Good luck!

That was 23 days ago 😀

I realized late, either way I hope you are very well. :-P

Thanks :)