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Many people claim our country was not founded on Christian principles yet it is set forth in statute and proclamation by George Washington, James Madison, John Adams and Abraham Lincoln. It is recorded in history which many, would like to ignore or say does not exist. Are there better men to follow the example of in history? They loved, supported, worshiped, and gave thanksgiving to their maker, I hope you do as well.
Here is a continuation of part 1’s list to support this claim:
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Under the second President of the United States, John Adams, the country almost went to war with France. As a result of these political tensions, John Adams proclaimed a day of fasting and prayer for May 9th, 1798.

Part of that proclamation stated, “As the safety and prosperity of nations ultimately and essentially depend on the protection and blessing of Almighty God, and the national acknowledgment of this truth is not only an indispensable duty which the people owe to Him, but a duty whose natural influence is favorable to the promotion of that morality and piety, without which social happiness can be enjoyed...and as the Untied States of America are, at present, placed in a hazardous and afflictive situation, by the unfriendly disposition, conduct, and demands of a Foreign Power(i.e. France) ...Under these considerations it has appeared to me that the duty of imploring the mercy and benediction of Heaven on our country, demands, at this time, a special attention from its inhabitants.”
Appendix no. 7, Volume 11, U.S. Statues at Large

The proclamation goes on to state the above date for the prayer and fasting, as well as, abstention from “worldly activity” on that day and petitioned the Lord to deliver our country from all “danger” in accordance with our “earnest supplication.”

Fasts of this nature are discussed throughout the Bible, as well as, explicitly in the Book of Jasher.

The 4th President of the United States, James Madison, proclaimed a fast during war with Britain . This was urged by the two houses of the National Legislature by joint resolution and in response, James Madison set aside January 12, 1815 for this day of supplication.

As discussed in Shaping History by Derek Prince, “The outcome of this national day of fasting and prayer presents a historical fulfillment of God’s promise given in Isaiah: “And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.” (Isaiah 65:24)

“Four days before the day set by Madison, the last battle of this war was fought at New Orleans, resulting in a victory for the United States. Peace followed shortly afterwards. As a result, the two houses of Congress requested Madison to proclaim a day of public thanksgiving. The day that he appointed was the second Thursday of April, 1815.” This proclamation reads in part, a day on which the people of every religious denomination, may, in their solemn assemblies, unite their hearts and their voices in a free will offering to their heavenly Benefactor, or their homage of thanksgiving, and of their songs of praise.”
Appendix no. 16, Volume 11, U.S. Statutes at Large

There are similar fasts and days of thanksgiving set forth by President Lincoln, approximately 60 years later. The first in September, 1861, regarding the Civil War and the prayer and fasting for unity and peace, specifically using the words “all heads of families.” Appendix no. 8, Volume 12, U.S. Statues At Large

~The next on April 30th 1863, Appendix no. 19, Volume 12 U.S. Statutes At Large

~And Another by President Lincoln on first Thursday in August 1864. Appendix no. 17, Volume 13 U.S. Statues At Large

President Lincoln is noted by historians to have never belonged to any religious denomination. Which reminds me of George Washington’s conviction to never belong to any political party. Both of these facts, I personally, find very interesting.

Our current government representatives could never decide on such a proclamation, unfortunately most of their own greed/political aims and non-Christian lobby are what they represent. To do what is for the greater good and continued blessings for the United States of America seems to escape them. Having every knee bow, proclaiming our shortcomings and humbly asking for forgiveness to Adonai, the Lord of Lord and King of Kings will probably never happen again in history. Our voice will become smaller and smaller, as it is supposed to be, until the return of Yeshua, Jesus Christ, our Savior, and then a marriage feast will be the greatest joy ever experienced on earth!

It is a happy time however, as it is appointed as such by God, as he is our rock and our fortress, the God in whom we trust.
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~Derik Prince, _Shaping History-Through prayer and Fasting_Whitaker House Publishing 1975 & 2002

~U.S. Statutes of the United States of America At Large

And once again I would like to remind: The invitation from Jesus is always open. Be on your knees for Jesus as the darkness has many, be a part of God’s remnant, we all sin and fall short, but there is always room at the cross for one more, so claim your inheritance! God is Love, the way the truth and the life everlasting, abide with him. Remember many other very famous, strong men and women do and have.

Love, peace and prosperity,


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