Florida Virtual School/Homeschool Meet-up at Heartland Fall Festival...Great Ideas, Many Games I Have Never Seen at a Festival! Fun Stuff!

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The tables and tables, crates, baskets and wheelbarrels of pumpkins really created a festival mood upon arrival!!

I thought this oversized checkers gave was a great idea! And easy to copy!

This back drop for throwing the three different types of balls was also pretty nifty! My boys enjoyed a few throws on all three games.

Here is a toddler lasso game!

Corrugated slide, tire swing and spider web play area was also pretty neat!

Giant Jenga game!

Kiss the pig contest for the teachers of course!

Apple/potato guns! This baby blew apart the apples. Very powerful model as there was nothing left of the apple once it hit the target!

Arms and legs where flying everywhere in this! Like the barrel in the fun house! Great easy way to do this one! Very different and ingenious as was the human foosball below!

The foosball would be hilarious with a big group of players! The boys had fun playing together but did feel it would have been a blast with more friends. This was one of my favorites for imagination as I had never seen any game like it before.

This was a super cute idea also...We all of course had to measure ourselves to check growth and shrinkage! Our son is very tall of his age.

And the family portrait to end! I hope this may have given you a fun idea for a game for your festival or to tuck away for use sometime in the garden!

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Happy Day


Those are some pretty fun looking games. I have played the giant jenga one and that is a ton of fun but some of these others, I want to try them. Thanks for sharing these, looked like a fun day.

wow, this looks like a lot of fun Melissa !

Thank you for stopping by...it was fun and they were not too crowded as we went early in the day! Good Times!

That looks like a super fun day.

One thing I wondered... Was there a net between the apple/potato gun and the cars parked behind the targets 😊

yes, a net behind the wall of plywood! I had to ask my husband, like you he studied it....the apples could hit out the car windows and did! LOL Men are such men, too funny. Pretty cool your wife spins ..by the way!

Beware of the flying apples 😊

Yes my wife is very into all sorts of fibre and fabric crafts. I've been trying to persuade her to have a steemit blog to post about all the things she makes. But I haven't succeeded yet...

Looks like everyone had a blast. Lots of neat ideas here for me to build for my grandkids, they would love the slide.

Thank you for coming by...yes ...I thought that there were some fun things to share ...ty

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