Broken Proposal UI

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@howo how bout you get off your ass and fix the UI for the proposal system. I can't find old approved proposals and I want to highlight how it's being exploited by previous proposals approved and zero accountability. No one checked to see what happened to the money and where it went!


Proposals are deleted once they expired, we do that to save memory and prevent the chain from being unmanageable.

If you want to see old proposals, I'd suggest checking out hiveSQL if you know sql, or just use the wayback machine:

thanks for the comment and sorry for putting you on blast! Someone should look at any/all approved proposals and do an audit. My guess is the majority of funds allocated are abused because there is no process for accountability. For example, @lordbutterfly got an approved proposal twice and nothing came of it and no one is holding him to his promise. There is nothing transparent about where the money is going and the extra funds being sent back to the fund

What the fuck are you talking about dude? 😂

Literally everyone knows where the money went and what was done was all covered in dozens of updates. It was all stated clearly onchain and ive even shared bank receipts with people.
In this second proposal they also know exactly who received the money by name.
I doxxed myself in order to be transparent and used my name to even be able to complete these proposals.


See, I circled them for you.

So fuck you for calling me a criminal. Dipshit.

Did I call you a criminal? I think you're putting words in my mouth. And what's with the insults and profanity, not very professional sir. My point is your proposals are unchecked. I'd like to do a full audit of your marketing proposal and the net cost it meant for the fund, devaluing hive. I think there should be a hold on all proposals until there is a system of checks and balances, that's how the real world operates. Instead, it's a charity fund for promises for the ones who are closest with mainly the witnesses. Each one of your projects are managed by your kindness of updating users. You could yourself implement a better system, have you considered tracking it all on a spreadsheet or in a single place... you know kind of like a balance sheet? I know you value hive and want it to do well. But, in my opinion there's no check on potential greed.

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