Guo Taiming recruits villains. His political life ends before he begins. "Guo Jiajun" is defeated and only ONE elected!

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Guo Jiajun was defeated and only elected as a non divisional legislative committee

According to the votes of the presidential and legislative elections in 2020, only four political parties, including the Democratic Progressive Party, the Kuomintang, the Taiwan people’s party and the power of the times, have won more than 5% of the seats. This also represents the pro Democratic Party, which Gou pledged. Not only does not have one seat, but also loses the presidential election tickets in 2024

For song Xiaoren, who has been running for five times, any negative political evaluation can’t be overemphasized

It’s funny that, as the richest man, he even bets on Song Xiaoren, coupled with the farce in the primary election, I’m afraid that no normal voter will choose such a political figure

After the defeat of the KMT presidential candidates in the primary election, Gou Taiming, founder of Taiwan’s Hon Hai group, announced his withdrawal from the presidential election, but on the other hand, Guo actively promoted the children of the Standing Committee to cooperate with the Taiwan people’s party Ke Wenzhe and the people’s party Song Chuyu to build his own “Guo family army”.

Guo Jiajun was defeated in the legislative election. Li Jinying (the 10th constituency of Xinbei City, Tucheng and Three Gorges), a candidate of regional legislative committee supported by Gou, was defeated. Gao Hong’an, a consultant of the Yongling foundation, who won 11.2203% of the political votes, was the only elected Guo Jiajun. The DPP only obtained 3.6647% of the party’s political votes, which is equal to that of the nominated non divisional list. Xuanzhi, vice chairman of liandian honorary board, Liu Yutong, executive director of Yongling foundation, and Cai Qinyu, deputy executive director of Yongling foundation were all defeated.

Even if Gou spends another four years, at best depending on the strength of money, to attack the presidential election tickets in 2024, he will hardly become an effective competitor in the presidential election in 2024

Gou’s political life ended before he started, and his only future is to set up a think tank (thug group) to speak for himself.

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