AMA with the Turkish Huobi Telegram - My questions and answers + other thoughts from the event.

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I just finished an AMA with the Turkish Huobi community together with @theycallmedan that was hosted in their Telegram. The AMA was requested by them following the very successful AMA that Huobi Global had last week. Here, we were asked questions that their community had about HIVE following the listing on Huobi.

First of all, I was really happy going into the event, as I had already seen good engagement from people asking questions about HIVE and showing genuine interest on comments to their own Tweet on Twitter (see their Tweet here), as well as on my own Reweet here.

You can see their announcement below:
Fredrikaa AMA.jpg
The first announcement post going out with their Tweet. Another one with Dan followed shortly

It was also cool to see their interest from the admins in the Telegram organizing the AMA themselves in joining Hive. I hope you will all give a warm welcome to @akarsuirfan who is a "Huobi Knight" (moderator) in the Turkish Huobi Telegram who signed up just prior to the AMA to share a post about it here.

Transcript of my questions and answers

While the AMA was mostly done in Turkish, Dan and I gave our answers in English which were then translated. Here is a full record of all the questions in English that I was asked, and my replies to them:

Twitter question 1: In the old chain, main development company of the chain was sponsoring some of the dapps via delegations. Hive is a decentralized community and not backed by a company, but dapps and projects need HP delegations to grow. Do you think these projects have a hard time finding delegations?

My answer:

Both of us have dApps that used to have a delegation from Steemit. We both considered a new fork to be the best way forward despite knowing it would mean losing those.
It is my opinion that a business on Hive should not depend on having a delegation, and if so, that it should be an up-front investment that the business owners themselves make similar to how other normal businesses may have to acquire a facility or machinery to grow its production.
I believe that by having businesses need to buy HIVE rather than relying on a free delegation that then reduce the value of other stakeholder’s votes, we are instead creating more demand for the token. Also, if a dApp believe it adds great value to the ecosystem, or can provide added returns if it has a delegation, then community members can easily delegate to those dApps either to help them grow the ecosystem (and thus the value of their investment) or to get a share of their revenue in return. The delegation feature which allow any stakeholder to support projects they believe in without risking or giving away their funds is in my opinion one of the main strengths of Hive and a good reason to buy and hold the token.

Twitter qestion 2: Can we contribute to development of HIVE or the projects living on HIVE? If yes, who reviews the requests and decide about this?

My answer:

Yes! Many community members are already contributing actively to different Hive apps or Hive itself. There is plenty of demand for more people interested in helping with marketing, design, development, and otherwise growing the community.
Some of this gets done with proposals through the DHF (decentralized hive fund), while others make posts on the blockchain sharing their work that is then upvoted by users who liked the contribution. In both of those cases, it is anyone who holds HIVE tokens that decide if it gets funded or by how much (as Hive Power is used to allocate new rewards from inflation). There are also many dApps owners, including myself, who are happy to pay users in in HIVE or HBD for different forms of help. If so, just reach out! I'm sure many of the dapps on would be happy to hear from you.

We then got a tsunami of questions in Telegram once the mods opened the room for those there to ask. Please bear in mind that we had very limited time to not only pick the questions we wanted to answer, but also to then write those and have them translated.

Telegram question 1: Why Hive?

My answer:

I believe in Hive, because it offers a low-barrier gateway into blockchain for the masses and solves real world problems. Social media and blogging is something that the majority of the people on the web already participate in, so allowing people to get a crypto-wallet by signing up for a social media account can be a great strategy for growing a token economy.

I liked this relatively open question because it offered a chance to share what I believe is a very powerful winning strategy for Hive that many may not have thought about. I try to pick the questions that give me the best chance to share information about Hive, or a strong value proposition, that I believe can convince people.

Telegram question 2: I know HIVE is the main currency of the blockchain, but there is also HBD. Can you please explain what's HBD and what is the purpose of HBD in the ecosystem?

My answer:

HBD (Hive Backed Dollars), is a stable coin pegged to USD. Users on Hive receive HBD as rewards for posts and comments, developers and contributors receive it from the dev fund (DHF), and businesses, apps and individuals often price services they offer on-chain in HBD due to it being stable. It can either be traded on the market, or converted to 1 USD worth of HIVE tokens through a 3.5 conversion period based on average market prices of HIVE.
It tries to solve the problems of and people needing a more stable currency for their trade on chain.

Telegram question 3: Can you guys give us some information about Smart Media Tokens?

My answer:

SMTs will allow anyone to create their own crypto currency with features similar to HIVE without needing to be a developer. They can then set their preferred rules for inflation, token supply etc, and have their own ICO on HIVE to raise funds.
Smart Media Tokens are currently on the testnet but its exact release date is yet to be made. Following the HIVE hardfork, the community will have to decide how it will release SMTs. The good news is that our witness happens to have been the one doing the testing for Smart Media Tokens, so we are very familiar with the code. It is my opinion that we could have them ready before the end of the year, but this will be a community and stakeholder decision as to when exactly.

We then both got asked to describe what plans Hive has for 2020.

Dan's answer:

The plans for 2020 is to continue work on SMTs, scaling with Resource delegation to help with quicker easier onboarding, and to include more people in the decentralized hive fund to help build and grow the ecosystem.

Here I felt the need to add something given that the exact plans for 2020 are not yet decided and will have to follow community consensus.

I thus added my answer:

I'll add that there is a well of ideas that people have had for things we can do throughout our 4 year history. Many of us are excited to now be able to pursue many of those ideas we've had as a community. The exact priority for 2020 will have to be released one at a time following a community discussion.

I also thought that there are a lot more exciting things on the horizon beyond what was on the previous roadmap prior to the fork, and thus wanted to add how many of us are just as excited about revisiting old ideas:

In the end, we were asked to give a message to the Turkish community. I thought this was a good opportunity to encourage as many as possible to come and join Hive, and thus thought I would add some context of my own journey and positive experience that could serve as social proof:

Final message to the Turkish community.

My answer:

I hope to see many of you around on Hive! I myself joined because I was curious about crypto and because I wanted to write stories about my work in the space sector. To my surprise, I ended up making a lot of new friends there and even earned a good amount of money. Now I am building my own projects on it and feel like I'm part of a movement that I believe in.
I hope some of you will want to check it out, and I'll be happy to give any type of help that I can to those interested :)
Happy Ramadan 2020!

I am happy to hear from the Turkish Hive users present that the overall reception was very positive. It seems we will be joined by quite a few new signups from people present at the AMA, which is what I had also hoped for going in. The Huobi team also expressed interest in working more closely with Hive, so I would not be surprised to see more cool collaborations happening.

Also a BIG shoutout to @emrebeyler who also helped out a lot both before and during the AMA to curate questions for us to answer and also help with translations and communications, as well as after by providing free accounts to those interested.

I hope this can be the first of many similar activities that attempt to reach out to other crypto-communities and other interest groups where there is room for collaboration. We've started on an amazing journey that we ought to tell the world about!


To keep it all in one place, I thought I would also add @theycallmedan's questions and answers. So with his approval, I'm adding them here:

Q: Can you give us a little bit information about the development team? Do you have the skills and expertise to produce a project in high standards?

Hive is a decentralized, community-driven blockchain. There is no central point of authority. Hive is projected to remain a decentralized community effort with no sole official representation. With that said, Hivers are devs, investors, business owners, bloggers, artists, musicians, and everything in between. Hive is a diverse community with the talent pool to accomplish anything!
With the Decentralized Hive Fund, we as a community can afford to hire great talented developers, marketers, etc. full time, and there are developers doing work and being funded as we speak!

Q: HIVE is a decentralized platform and don't have any managers. But how decision making procedure works then? Who calls the shots about spending money, creating partnerships, etc.?

The funding on Hive is done in a decentralized way. Hive is a decentralized community and development efforts are organized through stake based voting and witness coordination (delegated proof of stake consensus). In that, the Decentralized Hive Fund (DHF) is used to finance core blockchain development and the community uses stake based votes for who it entrusts with specific tasks. Hive is also a social blockchain and you can post your efforts on the blockchain and receive rewards via stake based upvotes if the community likes your work.

Q: What does HIVE bring to blockchain world feature-wise?

Hive is feeless and has 3-second block times and your social username is your wallet address. The Hive blockchain can process 1,000 transactions per second and could scale easily to ten thousand TPS. 500tps is sufficient to run a large social media property. Hive also has easy JSON based APIs and layer one operations for dApps and social media; including posting, commenting, and voting. Hive offers a "plug and play" Web 3 experience.

Q: 20 March was an exceptional day for HIVE community. How was it like to lead the community at that time and what was the difficulties you had?

20th March was really the ending point in a way leading to our outcome. What leads up to March 20th was most important. Thousands of people were contributing and speaking out on forums, social media, and working together. The community rallied and fought back against a force trying to centralize us, leading to an epic voting battle. We were all leaders in our own way and it was something very special to be apart of.

Q: Quesiton 10: What are your 2020 plans?

The plans for 2020 is to continue work on SMTs, scaling with Resource delegation to help with quicker easier onboarding. Include more people in the decentralized hive fund to help build and grow the ecosystem.

Q: Do you have a last message to the Turkish community?

Yes! First off I want to say thanks again for having us. We have a Turkish community on Hive, we encourage you to sign up to Hive and become apart of the amazing decentralized community. Meet new friends, learn more about Web 3, and earn some HIVE for contributing your content, effort, and passion.

It was a pleasure to help you guys! Hope every community will adopt truly decentralized projects!
Note: Stay tuned for the Turkish details of AMA

Thank you for putting in the effort to help make this a success!

I'm sure there is a lot for our two communities to benefit from connecting and growing together.

And absolutely, we should make it a goal to see more people be empowered and have real ownership of the web they help co-create.

There were many Turkish users here (on Steemit) about two years ago. I hope we will gather on Hive again.

I know! I think it would be great if we could focus on building one strong community at a time. Hopefully, Turkish users will self-organize to have a wonderful community and attract more Hivers to the platform :)

Awesome work. Love seeing the momentum building on Hive

Thanks! Totally agree :) Let's share our passion with the world too, and not just in here!

Thanks @fredikaa, @theycallmedan and @emrebeyler for representing the Hive community to share about Hive to the cryptoworld. Really appreciate the things you all are doing to bring Hive to the masses.


If you don't mind me sharing it with the #teammalaysia community Facebook page.

How do you feel about this nature of this terrible shame/fomo tactic by Huobi during their recent Hive listing? I saw the Hive rocket ship replies and was massively disappointed by the blind eye. We have a responsibility to work with partners who exhibit ethical behavior, not mock and goad people into buying at all-time highs at the time like the chart was some sure bet. It was ridiculous.


I don't like Tweets like that myself and thought it was stupid too. But I've worked with enough large corps to know that it's not the higher-ups who manage those Twitter activities, but rather people they hire who are just told to do whatever gets attention one way or another. I'm pretty sure that if the core team at Huobi saw that Tweet that they would take it down, but it's not their priority.

What they did do, and which was certainly a decision made by the core team, was to add this warning to Hive inside the Huobi exchange after it had rocketed even more than in the Tweet above.

image 8.png

So that's more than enough to say that "they" (the actual Huobi team we've been in touch with, and not someone hired to Tweet) have the right morals that you're asking for. Should they also have kept a closer eye on their Twitter? Probably. But I doubt that Tweet had any effect at all other than PR.

A fine reply. Thank you.

Awesome, I am delighted to see your involvement on Hive!

It is great to see people out there getting exposure and PR.

What an excellent work. Hive is definitely going high.

Hello mister @fredrikaa glad to hear this good news from you, hopefully Hive and the Huobi market will work well, I also use the huobi market to buy and sell coins there, and in my opinion it's already good, and Good, I want to ask if HBD coins will be added to the Huobi market ,?

Good luck and success, greetings from me @tailah.bayu Aceh Indonesia
I love Hive

I would imagine that is a question better suited for Huobi. It is up to them what gets listed.

Perhaps you can put that question on their Twitter page.

I think if I ask about this on Twitter, it could be that they didn't care about me, they looked stupid. I've asked questions on Twitter at all there was no response, making me get bored to ask there lords ...

Excellent work

Really everybody loves to hear about Hive

I love the form hive marketing is taking. I initially was skeptical about how hive will be marketed but my fears are being put to rest now. More of this AMA will do a lot of goods for hive. Let's continue to reach out to other crypto communities.

Exelent work.

Boht shrarti ho gya ton

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The Huobi team also expressed interest in working more closely with Hive, so I would not be surprised to see more cool collaborations happening.

Hive deserves all the collaborations its getting now and those it will get in the future.