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RE: IAAC #35 - Marketing students

Agree that they are two separate fields and yet it wouldn't hurt to at least let the marketing students experience how some of the tools work. If the school has evaluation moments, that's where the students could ask for some design classes. They don't have to get to know the entirety, but at least how the tools work and get a feeling of it. And then, some things you don't get to learn in class and if you make sure you learn certain skills (out of a classroom), it'll only up your value in the job market.


Totally agree but the way it is now is that they know absolutely nothing about the tools. So when they start working there’s a huge gap

That's true everywhere. I've been hearing this in almost every field and especially how I also have a background in HR, I get to hear this more often.

That's why it's imperative that the job market also gets involved in the curriculum evaluation process. I've worked at an HBO institute and it's their policy to involve the workforce, but it's hard to get people involved as managers in most sectors have busy schedules.