🚀 JOINT ICO - "Steemit" for Online Publishers

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I am founder of JOINT VENTURES project.
We are building blockchain based apps for online publishers to create a new & fair content economy.

In this post i will explain some facts about current online advertising ecosystem.

The goal of advertisers has always been the same. They want to reach the right person, at the right place, at the right time, with the right ads. Which is a very easy task for companies like Facebook & Google. That's why they are getting more share from the online advertising budgets.

Çalışma Yüzeyi 1@2x.png

In the other end, independent publishers, bloggers, content creators does not have sophisticated targeting options for those marketers.

Çalışma Yüzeyi 1@2x.png

Independent publishers has to work with middlemen to maximize their ad sales but this costs a lot of commissions.

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Our first product will be a commenting solution for online publishers to increase engagement in their websites. The commenting interface will be monetized by native ads and the ad revenue will be shared between commenters and publishers with full transparency. Learn more: https://JointComments.com


Please take a look at our project and learn more about our roadmap. https://JointVentures.io



💰 Token symbol: JOINT

👌 ICO sale: 7th April

💲 Hard Cap = 12500 ETH (Minimum purchase: 0.1 ETH)

🔛 Join sale: https://JointVentures.io

💬 Official Telegram Channel https://t.me/jointventures

© Tokens available for sale: 100.000.000

💹 Token price: 1 ETH = 8000 JOINT (Bonus: 8000 OPS token)

👣 Token blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20 standard)

🌎 Country: Turkey🇹🇷

🔢 Accepted currencies: ETH

📃 Whitepaper: https://jointventures.io/wp.pdf


Project looks lovely and roadmap do have great pattern. Your work has an indication of satisfaction

I always believe in Turkey 🇹🇷 and the Turkish smart strong people. I believe this project will succeed, if not boom 💥
Hey .. let’s Make Turkey 🇹🇷 Great Again 👍🏼😍🤞

All the very best, may you get a positive feedback

I think it would be cool if steemit did something like this.

All the verry best, i will be carefull with that

Hocam bir de #tr etiketi altında bilgi verebilir misiniz. Çok olmasa da az da sayılmayacak kadar bir türkçe topluluğu var ;)

Good ideas wish you the best am intrested but already lost alot on lending platforms have one left hopefully can get my money back and invest in you

What’s this last platform?

This looks pretty interesting @almetarslan. I'm looking forward to learning more..

ahmet i follow you now..can u follow me too? tskler

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All the best

que tengas mucha suerte

Good post brother, i like it

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give me back bro. im am vote you and fllow. plz give me back 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍