WINE ICO Teaser - Hive's 1st ICO / !WINE Data digest #1

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Authored by @roger.remix

Get ready for the $WINE Pre-ICO!

.. starting in ..


Hi Hivers & $WINE lovers,

the launch of the WINE Pre-ICO is just around the corner and it looks like some of you filled your bags with lots of $HIVE before using it to leverage on $WINE ;) Amazing! HIVE UP peeps!!
Before we dive deeper & release the !wine paper v0.1 we wanted to share some interesting stats with you which we collected over the last days and weeks. We heard that Hive loves statistics even more than a delicious glass of !wine. Is that really true? :P

So here we go..

first of all we're beginning with the total amount of Hive wallets who received, hold &/ staked $WINE since the soft launch shortly after X-mas 2020.

As per time of writing we already passed beyond the 1800 wallet mark :)

total WINE wallets  edit.png

During the last 3 weeks the total amount of WINE wallets increased by a staggering 77.3%!
That's amazing to see! Also that we passed the 1000 mark in less than a month thanks to your amazing engagement. The big jump upwards from the 5th to the 6th week had to do with the fact that you really spread !WINE all around Hive and it started making waves. On the same page it led to the drastic decrease just the week after which we'll explain below.

As you can see we don't have data from the first weeks after launch since @roger.remix still gathers and prepares it manually till this day and we had to prioritize what's most relevant. That's also the reason why the cycles are 8 days instead of 7. But this is about to change once the new script will be implemented - which is the case once the Pre-ICO phase launches (on Saturday, 20th of February). Nevertheless it gives you a good overview of the project growth.

if you know a nice & simple way how to pull this data retrospectively and automated from the chain to fill out the gaps that'd be epic! If so, please let us know by pinging us :)

If you combine the above data with the one below - the total !WINE user growth in percentage - we get a clearer picture..

user growth   edit.png

WINE experienced an incredible amount of user growth (in terms of curators & rewarded authors) which would still continue to increase by two digits per week to this very day and beyond - if, yes if.. things were all just butterflies and unicorns :D

So why the drastic decrease from the 6th to the 7th week? What happened?

One of our users wasn't aware of the responsibility that comes along with giving out $WINE for free and accidently called the to serve a glass of !WINE to a scammer. He took the generous invitation a bit too well and gave himself a full intoxication. He started to "mine" $WINE with his army of sock accounts as long as there were no restrictions (apart from the 3x calls per day anyone could make until that day). So by taking that into account the usage growth would "only" be 30,93% :))

You can read more about our investigation & the measures we took in our 2nd post.

Once again a big shout-out to @hivewatchers who left a warning comment under his post and made it crystal clear that it was indeed a well-known scammer & he truly deserves to get investigated - and in turn blacklisted.

As mentioned in our previous post we had to act quickly and appropriately. So we took down the for some hours, added an updated blacklist, combined it with the one from @hivewatchers and changed the way the @wine.distributor mints & distributes the $WINE token. That'd mean that from that day onwards, the 6th of February, all Hive users could only order one WINE per day :/ - which in return resulted in a drastic decrease in !WINE usage as a logical result. But don't mind, soon you can make more !WINE calls again - up to 5 (!), depending on your staker level.

.. that leads us to the topic why it makes sense that $WINE has a price tag (recently 1.30 HIVE per WINE); and an entry barrier - which is 25 WINE staked to make 1 order per 24h once the new WINE ICO script (from Feb., 20th onwards) is in place. So far you can still MINE WINE for free with 0 stake - just write a comment with !wine !

WINE page break  glasses.png

We would have liked to see that the usage continued to grow as it did before, but obviously that's not the case for good reasons. It's good to have faced & solved this scenario before we go fully live with !WINE . It was a perfect test-run for what awaits us when dealing with these issues on a daily base and we're confident enough to say that we're prepared & ready to roll!

Thanks to @ali-h's amazing coding skills & extra shifts and @theguruasia's guidance & oversight we not only have an API blacklist, but also an easy-to-use user interface to add or remove people from the community moderated blacklists. Disputes are being handled in the #wine-quality channel. We also have a white- & greylist system for extra upvotes and $WINE rewards adjustments.

We're just a bit sorry for the hundreds of !WINE users who used the extended X-mas giveaway campaign as it's supposed to be. We would have liked to continue with the tripled $WINE rewards until the ICO starts. But it's more secure & valuable like this. We hope you'll understand and you continue being all hived up about !WINE :)) You truly deserve the decent amount of $WINE that you've earned through curation & engagement with other Hivers!
You've already shortened the first step over the entry barrier to the world where $WINE and honey flows significantly :D (no milk, we don't like milking ;)

We'd like to see all of you on board when we go fully live and launch the ICO!

So once again we want to remind you how important it is to keep Hive clean, be close to your beeloved Hivers and have an eagle eye (or owl eye ;) on quality, the originality of content and incentivize good actors & awesome content creators!

Team !WINE is here support you in that mission! That's why we have created $WINE and encourage you to become part of the community and help giving channels like #wine-quality on our CORE Discord server its purpose.

Together we can show the world how we can take care of one another & govern ourselves without the need of ruling entities! #makehivegreat #makehiveours

WINE page break.png

With that being said let's jump into some more stats..

staking wallets  edit.png

In week 4 we started out with a 100% of WINE stakers - 1011 of 1013 wallets
(- @null & @wine.distributor). As time goes by we'll see a slightly negative trend obviously - since everyone received staked $WINE if it hasn't been bought on the WINE market.
In week 5 we saw the first people unstaking, which makes sense if you want to "cash out a bit" or gather your precious WINE in 1 account if you have more. 1239 out of 1248 holders were stakers (excluding @null, @wine.distributor,, @wine-token &, which makes it 1239 out of 1243. So 4 unstakers so far. One week later we unexpectedly even see a tiny increase of total stakers, 1 more to 1739 of 1747 - or rather out of 1742. Last week the total amount of stakers were 1779 of 1796. So only 12 Hivers with no WINE stake effectively.

total WINE wallets  edit.pngstaking wallets  edit.png

WINE page break  glasses.png

To not hit you with too much data & diagrams at once we leave it like this for today and "only" add the growth in staking wallets & the staker to wallet ratio (both in percentage) for completion. Obviously we see pretty similar growth rates as with the total amount of wallets since WINE naturally comes served staked by the - which is one way to maintain a solid price support level - which recently sits at 0.27 HIVE - same as the Pre-ICO phase 1 launch price. Over time this data will have more meaning and significance to spot trends as it'll correlate less and less with new users joining.

staker growth   edit.png

user growth   edit.pngstaker growth   edit.png

Below you see the ratio between stakers & total amount of wallets

As you can see it looks incredibly healthy!; starting from 99.8% (all accounts - @null & @wine.distributor) because of the 4 week power down period. It continues being in a tremendously good shape and so far remained above 99% of holders staking their WINE. We even saw a little increase from week 5 to 6. Realistically we expect it to fall below the 90% region in some weeks from now though as people are realizing some of their profits or collecting WINE in a single account to reach the 1st staking level. We'll definitely do our best to keep you engaged, $WINE worthy & give enough incentives so that it ideally always remains above 75%. If you know what we're up to you do it anyway! :) .. psst... NFTs baby :P

staker ratio   edit.png

Sooo, enough for today. Next post will be about the amount of successful orders from the, the distributed $WINE rewards, the weekly $WINE reward pool, the circulating supply and so on. So stay tuned & follow the official @wine-token account if you haven't. Not only to get the latest updates, but also to grab some more free WINE in our giveaways around the ICO.

Like always you can earn some extra $WINE for your reblogs, tweets and shares!

We're already collecting all previous data & make an announcement soon once the tokens have been minted. The formula is simple, the more you share the more you gain!
Another reason to follow @wine-token & join our CORE Discord!

WINE  logo _ with text  banner.png

.. and remember the ICO on the 20th!.. ;)


If you made it until here you're truly a !WINE lover!
In the future we have more graphics and all that fancy stuff, so we can save some of our words and your time :D - until then bee patient, bee humble and bee hive! :P



P. S.: if you still don't know what !WINE is about go & check out our Introductory post & our recent article about the newest updates. Follow @wine-token to not miss the release of the !wine paper v0.1 !!

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All post rewards will be used to help build & grow the young, but powerful WINE community!


!wine and !beer. Hive is getting better and better. :-)

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